To bring a Character to Life

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Jack Shade

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So, perusing through my old character sheets I found myself wondering how some of these delightful fellows would react to finding themselves knee deep in our reality. Would they cry? Break down? Shoot me to death for all the suffering I caused them in game? I started to build a list of who I would like to meet IRL and those who I wouldn't mind never seeing this side of reality...ever (For myriads of reasons)

So y'all

If you could bring one of your characters to this world, our reality, which one would you like to bring? Would you do it to save them from the world they are in? Would you do it just to be around them or psychotically imprison them in your basement? How would they react, you think, to our world with all its laws and reality and stuff?


And while I'm on the subject...who WOULDN'T you want to see hereabouts...and why?
I would like to bring my character Lance Silver to life. Reason one, because he always seems to know the right things to do. He is like the dude that has all the right answers to all the tough questions. Also because he could tell me about what it's like to travel in space through other solar systems and such. However, I wouldn't want him to have to stay here, since last I left him he had such a nice RP life.

I don't play too many straight up psycho characters. I guess one that i would NOT want to meet would be this guy Hal I played once, as the creepy villain in a horror RP. He was stalking all these people at a cabin in Colorado, real nut job. He wore a burlap sack for a shirt and used to eat little rabbits alive! If he did somehow make it into real life I would want him locked up as soon as possible.
Juan Michael Astar is the kind of guy you want as a friend, he's a successful young lawyer, polite, charismatic, but he's a bit of a workaholic so unless his counterpart is in the reality as well he can spiral down into a bit of a downer of a do-gooder. Dependacy relationships are bad but I works for those two. Heaven help if one dies tragically early. Yikes.

I think most my characters wouldn't adjust to this mundane reality with ease. Especially all the magic users!
I'd wanna being Soulless to life. He's cuddly and cuddly and cuddly and we can just sit and cuddle forever. It may take some time for him to get used to normal life but, hey, he's a pretty adaptable kid, I think.

You mean the blood manipulating kid who kills people sometimes?
I'd bring to life an old character of mine, Sinc the demon hedgehog. A half hedgehog half demon warrior that carries a blade similar to Could Strife's and has saved the world more than he can count. He'd be awesome to help bring justice to all those bad people in the world, and his wisdom would definitely help our reality now.
Taras Novikov, because I feel like he really needs a hug. I don't think I could be friends with him, though, he's a little too bitter and hard to get to know for my tastes. I do think that he would be interesting to have around, and I'd like to help him get his life as normal as it could possibly be - because unfortunately for the guy, his life isn't normal.

I'd really also like to meet my character Quinn, a good spirited necromancer. I think he and I would actually get along though.




*looks at his list of recent serial killers, assassins, necromancers and temperamental hairtrigged characters*

To me, it's motivation. Why did my character choose the path he did up to the start of the game/story, and why does he continue on his present course?
Mr. Cat-Emperor, I think you misread OP.

I'd like to have Kestrel irl. She's pretty much a bamf, and after dealing with the grey areas that are oft missing in fantasy stories, I think she'd be a pretty 3d human being.