To Beard or Not to Beard!

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Do you Like Beards?

  1. Love 'Em!

  2. They're okay I guess.

  3. It depends.

  4. No, not really.

  5. I hate beards. DX

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  1. I recently learned the following word- pogonophile. It basically means someone who loves beards.

    So, guys, what are your opinions? Aye or nay? Do you like the fuzz or would rather have smooth skin?

    What about you gals? What're your opinions on the matter?

    Note, I'm being conventional and assuming beards are for guys. You can totally be unconventional in your posts, however!
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  2. I think that it depends, in part, on the person and the beard.

    Some men can grow fluffy, luxurious beards. I think that those beards look nice, of course.

    Some men just don't have the genes for it and they end up with scrub. This is less to my liking.

    Some men are very meticulous with personal hygiene and comb, oil, etc. their beards. Hygienic beards are, in my opinion, nice beards.

    Some men do not have the time, energy, desire, etc. to do any of this and give beards a bad (messy) name. I'm not saying that they're only good if they look like you walked out of a salon commercial but I have encountered beards with a smell... all their own.

    Also, my face skin approves more of beardless, but that's not a huge deal to me.
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  3. I don't mind them. Some guys look good with a beard so as long as they keep it together like what Kitti mentioned above.
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  4. In regards to others?
    Some people make it work better than others, but most of the time it looks fine.
    Then again, I'm not that picky with fashion in general.
    And often when I am I tend to prefer the lazy/casual look compared to what most people find nice.

    In regards to having one myself?
    Majority of the time I have a beard, if for nothing more than I can't be bothered to shave it most of the time.
    However, if I'm ever trying to look nice I prefer the day or two old beard, fresh shave just feels too naked, much after that it loses it's charm.
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  5. I can't grow a beard, but if I was a guy I'd totally be rocking a ZZ top beard. I'd grow that shit down to my knees, which is weird since I hate growing my hair past my shoulders. o.O

    I hate when my husband grows a beard though, especially when his hair starts getting all long. He looks like Wolfman Jack with a beard and long hair. It's freaky.....

    As for others, I don't mind them. As long as I don't have to hug the person.
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  6. Beards are love, beards are life.

    But genes.

    ( ;__; )
  7. I used to really hate beards. I thought they were ugly and they were a pretty big turn-off for me. Actually, the same goes for facial hair in general.

    But then... *sigh*...


    NOW, I USED TO NOT LIKE THEIR BEARDS, EITHER. I thought they looked better without them, so I tried to ignore their hairy stages.

    But then, I guess they just sort of... grew on me...?? And now I've started to not really mind beards in general, I guess because I now see that it can work sometimes...?

    I still think they look ugly half the time, though. I guess it depends on who you are.

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  8. Beards are the best. I would have one if not for my job's dress code saying the only facial hair allowed is a mustache. The solo mustache look varies from gruff uncle to sex offender depending on the face and what level of growth you can manage, and unfortunately I fall on the latter side so I just shave it all for work.
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  9. I grow a full, "proper" beard over fall and winter and shave it when the weather gets hot. Then I keep it fluffy but fairly short. Because fuck heat.
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  10. ALSO!! FUN STORY!!

    So, as some of you already know, I'm a big fan of Trigun. And, well, there's this one episode where the main character, Vash, starts growing out a beard. And, I was watching through the series with a friend at the time, and both of us just hated that beard. I honestly can't think of too many instances of animated beards bothering me that much, but, in this particular case, neither of us could stand it, and we thought that this previously adorable character had just been made so ugly. I'm pretty sure we both actually started applauding when he actually shaved it off at the end of the episode. o_o
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  11. Animated beards are a hit and miss with me, so I get what you're saying. Some are good, some just look way too weird. ^_^'
  12. A beard doesn't make the man, but it is a symbol of a man, especially a well groomed beard.
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  13. I keep mine as stubble the same length as my undercut. Technically, I'm not supposed to have one with my job but it's short enough to fit a respirator. I always was in positions where I wasn't allowed to grow facial hair so now I am making up for lost time. Nicely trimmed is the way to go, I'd hate having something that's too long.
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  14. How is this even a question you have to ask people

    Like c'mon people

    You're goddamn welcome
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  15. Beards are the shit. I love @Qwertronix 's beard. He doesn't really trim it though, so once it gets too long he just shaves it all (and looks like a kid) but then I get to enjoy 2-3 months of it growing back full force.

    I swear this guy has magical genes of beautiful silky hair, and manly ginger beard. Love it.
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  16. I trim my beard in order to look like a movie villain.

    It's still not gotten old.
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  17. I can grow a beard. Except I have to grow it really fucking weird. I have to shave everything but my chin like 3-4 times because my chin hair takes so long to grow in for some damn reason.

    So most of the time I just stay clean shaven.
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  18. I'm actually kind of surprised but also inwardly pleased at the results.

    I've always liked beards on guys ^_^' I grew up around them and thought they looked pretty darn cool! No one else really liked them, however, at least the people I knew. Grumpy Uncle mustache was fine, but no way to the good ol' beard.
  19. One of my dads used to have a Flanders mustache when I was really young and it's legitimately the strangest thing to look back at; that's all I could think about when I read this so I'm saying it!

    On beards specifically though, I have some... specific opinions, I guess?

    I feel like having some well-kept facial hair is a super-attractive thing - the folk I follow on instagram are basically all dudes who have that look; for example, this guy with the eyes:
    , along with the occasional, slightly less hella-maintained deal: [​IMG]

    When it gets beyond about that last picture, unless it's a super specific style of long hair plus long beard equals majestic lion, I just start feeling like it looks like prep for a Gandalf cosplay. Which, you know, nothing wrong with Gandalf, but I'm not into that as a look at all.
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  20. I challenge you with a Mustache.

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