To Be or Not to a Guild (Fairy Tail RP- Private)

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  1. Zakuro's takeover magic was really handy. She could not only use takeover magic to change into different things completely, but she could use it, incompletely, to her advantage too. Her ears that she had gained from her magic helped her overhear a conversation another was having about, supposedly, a job that no guild wanted any part of. Apparently, this job was very difficult and very dangerous so no guilds wanted to risk sending anyone for fear of losing any guild members. This was the perfect job for an independent mage like herself. Listening closer she waited for them to say where the client for this job could be contacted.

    "I hear that this guy, who apparently runs a small tavern on the outskirts of Magnolia is the one who asked for this task to be accomplished..."
    "Why would anyone ask something of someone that could be, possibly, lifethreatening?"
    "I heard it was because his daughter was involved in it somehow..."

    Zakuro had heard enough. She slipped the money for her water onto the bar table and left without another word. She transformed into a hawk, quickly making her way to the small tavern. She had to get ahold of this man and find out the details of the job. This one was too good to pass up. She quickly arrived at a small building just outside of Magnolia. She landed and proceeded to make her way to the small building.
  2. The little tavern had a look about it that reminded many an outsider of a grinning dragon. Dirty yellow light flowed, almost freely, through the cracked windows like water winding its ways through a rocky stream. From the outside it was almost possible to believe there was nobody else left on the planet. To the left and the right, streets were deserted for almost as far as you could see. If you squinted, and had eyes that focused well in the dark, you could see someone off to the distance, trying to sneak out of frame as to avoid disturbing the finality of the scene.

    The sound of footsteps echoed through the streets as if noise itself knew the tavern wasn't somewhere you'd wanted to be around. They were heavy thudding sounds made by steel toed boots that were filled up to the brim, and over by a rather average looking man. He was dressed in dark grey pants, and buttoned up brown duster. His skin was pale like the frosting on bits of wheaty cereal. One eye, the one on the left was purple and the other one was red. Then there was his hair which was just a shade lighter than his skin; it was hard to tell where his flesh ended and hair began.

    The young man stopped at the door, and for a moment hesitated. It wasn't the safest of jobs; dozen or so smaller, safer jobs, would end up with the same financial gain. Home sweet home, and a cup of hot chocolate. These were the thoughts the young man, Jynmi to his friends, the albino to everyone else, was thinking when he stepped in. "Oh." He mumbled, looking around at the dozen or so angry little bat like eyes glaring at him. Exiting wasn't even an option, at least not one he was able to remember existed before he told everyone hi and took a seat at the corner of his room. If nothing else, at least it was the best place to scout for the target.

    "I'll have a virgin bloody mary" he mumbled to the waitress that took his order.
  3. Zakuro stepped into the quaint little tavern, as dirty as it was, she didn't mind it. She was used to dirt and the dust of the trail, mainly being a wanderer. She never spent more than a day in one place. Just the way she was. Eyeing the tavern and it's visitors, she was none to pleased with the crowd, however. They didn't look too friendly, which was odd because Magnolia was, supposedly a happy place. Especially since this is where the Fairy Tail guild was housed. She shrugged it off, taking a seat at the bar. She took a seat next to pale man who kinda looked out of place. The bar maid approached Zakuro. She had better go virgin on her drink if she was to get this job, it would look bad for her to be drunk. She took her long black hair and moved it to the side, looking up at the barmaid with her dark purple eyes.

    "I'll have a virgin Pina Colada please..." the barmaid nodded, setting the drink for the man in front of him and walking off lazily to fix her drink. She looked over to the man. He wasn't half bad looking either. His light colored hair was what set him apart however. She had never seen a man like him around these parts. And she had been around this block a couple of times. She tapped the man on the shoulder.

    "Excuse me sir, I'm just wondering if you know of the man that owns this tavern? I have some business with him..."
  4. The bar maid was quick with the drink and with a gentle smile put it down in front of the young man, and told him to enjoy. He was tired, and took it graciously, deciding to ignore the feeling that it was a command more than a well wishing. "Thank you kindly." He nodded and took a sip. The taste wasn't too pleasant, but he was expecting that. Someday he'd have to make sure to learn the name of more drinks so he wouldn't have to keep ordering the same damn thing over and over again.

    Jynmi nearly jumped out of his seat when the young woman's fingers touched him on the shoulder. He didn't know how he managed to keep his skeleton from leaping out of his skin, arms flailing, and running out the door screaming bloody murder, but he managed, and was proud of it. There was still the certainty he'd look frazzled if he responded right away so he took a moment, for compuser's sake, and drank a long, slow, swallow of his virgin bloody mary. He kept the cup to his lips, a few seconds after his last pull, before putting it down, and turning to the young lady who addressed him.

    "Hmm?" He mumbled, loud and clear enough for her to hear, which made it a failure, as far as mumbles went. "Your looking for the owner?" A sudden tenses crept up his shirt, and grabbed hold of his heart, squeezing it like you squeezed a lemon that wouldn't give up the last of its bitter juices. "Odd. I didn't think anyone else would be looking for him." He fought off a wince he wanted to take, with a sword, for saying the last part out loud. "I mean." He blinked and took another sip of his drink. "No. I don't. Sorry."
  5. Zakuro smirked. The man's looks were attractive, so she couldn't help but tease the guy a little. She placed her hand on his shoulder and leaned in in order to whisper to him.

    "You wouldn't know where to find him, by chance, now would you? I am a mage seeking to take on his request that he put out and I would love to finetune the details of the mission..."

    However, her fun wouldn't last. The barmaid set the drink in front of the young dark haired girl and gave him a look that said "take your flirting somewhere else...". Zakuro glared at the woman. Taking a drink of the pina colada, she handed it to him.

    "You should give it a taste. They are really fantastic...While you do that..." she stood up, facing the now hostile patrons who looked like they wanted to take a piece out of them.

    "You're mages huh? Let's see what your capable of!" Zakuro's smirk didn't leave her face.

    "Gladly! Be my guest! But I am not going easy on you!" Unleashing her dark magic, she started grabbing the patrons and pinning them down with her magic, however, her magic could only extend to where there was shadow. The patrons standing in the sunlight were easily able to get her. She braced herself as she waited for the patrons on the other side to take her down.

    ((Out of character: This is a test from the client to see if they are worthy for the quest. Just so you don't get confused on what's happening.))
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