To Be In Love

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  1. "No. No, no. I told him to have it ready by Monday? Why won't it be ready by Thursday then? I swear to god. I'm so sick of this bullshit! You know damn well that the boss will have my neck for this if it isn't done on time. Alright. Alright. Good. Thank-you. I'm home now, so I'll talk to you Monday. Thanks again, Cameron. Kick his ass for me. Hah. Alright. Thank-you. Goodnight."
    Yes, Thorn was one of those people. Talking on his cellphone while driving. He knew it was unsafe. That didn't keep him from doing it. The 29 year old male pulled into his garage and parked the car. He had been at an emergency business meeting that night and had to leave home. Unfortunately, that meant having to leave his baby girl. Luckily, he had been able to find his babysitter for the night.
    For being so young, he had been pretty successful in his work life. But then again, he had no choice. To raise a baby, he had to bring in some sort of money to keep himself and his child alive. He would do anything for her.
    Thorn stepped out of his car and locked it with a push of a button. It beeped and he shoved the keys into his coat pocket. He walked to the door and sighed, opening it. Walking in, he peered around. The house was quite. Freya must have been in bed. Jeez. This babysitter was amazing. "I'm home!" He called softly.
  2. Tori was watching TV in the living room, right near the door. "Oh!" she looked to Thorn and got up quickly, walking to him. "Welcome back," she spoke quietly, being careful not to wake baby Freya. "Freya just fell asleep not a half hour ago," she whispered, smiling kindly to him. This (most likely) wasn't the first time she had babysat for Thorn. He was one of her first client's and was happy to take care of Freya. She also sympathized Thorn with his tight work schedule. Surely, Tori would not be able to do hold down a job that was remotely close to Thorn's. "How was the meeting?"
  3. Thorn grinned at the sight of Tori. "Thank you so much. You are beyond amazing." He said quietly to her.
    "The meeting..." He hesitated. "Was fine... I would have rather not gone all together... But What can you do?" He sighed gently.
    Putting his briefcase down near the door, Thorn shrugged his jacket off. "Did you eat something? Can I cook you up something to eat?" He asked, hanging his jacket up and slipping his shoes off.
    This wasn't the first time that Tori babysat for Thorn. And it certainly wasn't going to be the last. She did an amazing job with Freya and Freya loved her to pieces.
  4. Tori blushed modestly and rubbed the back of her neck with a nervous chuckle. "O-Oh, thank you, heheh.~" She looked back up at him and then gave a bit of a sad face, sympathizing with him for being forced to go to a meeting. "Oh dear..."

    Upon his next question, she blinked. "O-Oh? You don't have to go through all that, you just got home," she said, waving her hands. She didn't want to put the burden of cooking on him.
  5. Thorn laughed. "I have to make something for myself anyways... I wouldn't be too hard to make something for you as well. Come on." He smiled soflty at her, placing a careful hand on her shoulder.
    He walked past her towards the kitchen, pushing a hand through his dark locks. "What do you feel like?" He asked, opening the fridge. There was never really any shortage of food in his house. He always believed that having food in the house was important. He never wanted his daughter to go hungry.
  6. "Oh...All right," she smiled back to him still feeling a bit bad about it. But she was grateful, nonetheless. She followed him in the kitchen. "Oh..I'll have whatever you're having." Tori whispered. "Need me to help with anything?" asked her, smiling pleasantly to Thorn.
  7. Thorn thought for a moment and pulled out various vegetables. "Can you cut up some vegetables for salad?" He asked her, placing the vegetables on a nearby cutting board. He closed the fridge and then opened the freezer door above. He then pulled out chicken breasts and then grabbed a frying pan in a nearby cupboard.
  8. Tori grinned. She liked chicken and salad a lot. Tori agreed to cut the vegetables and got the knife and went away to cutting. She glances over to Thorn every now and then just to see what he'd be doing. "Hm...~"
  9. He heard her 'Hum' and glanced over at her with a smile. "What?" He asked. He put a lid on the pan that the chicken was in and let it sit for a bit as it defrosted in the pan. "Was she terrible today? Are you quitting?" He joked with a light laugh.
  10. "Pffft! There's no way I'm quitting.~" she said with a wink and then she lightly chuckled with him as she cut the vegetables. Tori finished cutting the vegetables and sat the knife down carefully. "There we go.~ The vegetables are cut," she declared whilst stretching.
  11. "Fabulous!" He exclaimed with a grin. "I really don't know what I would do without you. Freya completely adores you." He walked to where the young woman was standing and reached around her, grabbing a bowl from the cupboard behind her. He put the bowl down and began putting the vegetables in the bowl. Smiling softly at Tori, he turned on his heel, moving away from her again towards the pan the chicken was in.
  12. Tori began to blush a tiny bit. All she could do was chuckle a little bit and say thank you. She began to watch Thorn work in the kitchen. Tori looked at him more and thought him to be a pretty good cook. In fact, it was fun watching Thorn walk from place to place, making food. It was very cute in her opinion. "Heheh.~"
  13. He turned to look at her over his shoulder with a smile. "What? You're laughing." He said with a smirk. Turning the chicken over in the pan, he decided that the chicken was almost ready. Reaching up into the cupboard above the stove, he grabbed some seasoning salt and dashed a small amount over the chicken breasts before opening the fridge and grabbing lemon juice.
  14. Tori grinned. "It's because it's fun watching you jump around like that," she said whilst smiling. "How long have you been cooking?" Yes, It seemed like a dumb question, being he was the only one there at the house to take care of Freya, but the cooking had to come from somewhere, no? She walked more to him to watch what was doing.
  15. Thorn hesitated before answering. "My mother... She... She taught me a lot. After she passed away, I really got into it. I felt like it was a way of keeping her close to me." He said with a nod. Thorn took the chicken off of the heat and grabbed two plates from the cupboard. He slid one piece of chicken on one plate and the other on the other plate. "Grab some silverwear?" He asked her gently as he took the plates to the dining room.
  16. Tori's smile dissolved. "Oh wow...I see," she nodded. Goodness Tori thought, A lot has happened to him for a guy this young... As a 26 year old woman, she hasn't experienced things like what Tom has had just yet. She snapped out of her thought and nodded, getting the silver wear and following him to the dining room.
  17. He shot her a crooked smile as if telling her it was alright. He wandered back into the kitchen and grabbed the bowl of salad. He placed the bowl on the table and then took a place at the table with a sigh. It was nice to finally sit. It felt like he had been working all day. "So, she was good, right?" He asked Tori with another crooked grin.
  18. Tori saw his smile and smiled faintly back. She sat down across from him. Upon his question, she nodded happily. "A pure angel," she said. And she meant it. With an eventful day of playing with blocks, watching The Wiggles, and taking her outside to play, Tori would say that she behaved quite well. Freya even went to take her nap right on time when prompted to.
  19. "Good." He said, looking across the table at the woman. "It's good to hear that she's well behaved with someone." He winked, obviously teasing. He loved Tori's company. She was a wonderful young woman. It could have been why he invited her for dinner. He loved her company and didn't want to be alone. As sad as it sounded, it was true.
  20. Tori giggled softly at him and his teasing. Tori always thought of Thorn as a fun guy to be around. She loved his company just as much as he did her's. She bit into the chicken a little bit. Chewing it, her face lights up as it tastes very good. "It's very good, Thorn!" she said smiling. She thought that he would be a good cook but not this good! She knew that the learning he had as a child payed off for sure.