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  1. I just want someone who can actively reply to my RP as I usually reply fast like almost every a few minutes or so. I do Fantasy, High School, Angels or Supernatural, and I'm hoping to try some Mature RPs.

    And no one-liners please. I'm willing to do brainstorm and discuss whatever plot you're interested to RP. The character must be a male, though. Thanks!
  2. Would be up for a high school Fantasy or angel RP mature is fine :3 Message me if you have any preferences about which one so we can think of a plot, I can usually reply quick.
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  3. Sure. I'll let you know once I'm able. Thanks.
  4. Okay :3 I will leave you a message once I am not at school anymore, currently its tough to write from school~
  5. It's fine. I'll wait. X3
  6. If you want to discuss earlier or anything feel free to message me :3 untill then~
  7. I'd be interested in starting something with you, PM to to discuss ideas :)
  8. Sorry. I forgot to change the prefix. I've found one already. Sorry.
Thread Status:
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