To be a Millionaire

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  1. Simple.
    Tell us if you would do a certain task for $1,000,000.
    Then ask the person after you what they would do.

    Me 1st!

    Would you kill a random person... for a million dollars?
  2. Nope

    Would you have sex with the world's largest (wo)man for a million dollars?
  3. AHEM well maybe....<.< yes.

    Would you hold it in (not go to the bathroom) for a week for a million dollars?
  4. I would try.

    Would you change into the opposite gender for a month for a million dollars?
  5. That would be a dream come true! So yes.

    Would you fight Chuck Norris for a million dollars?
  6. Nope :[

    Would hurt too much to enjoy the million. That or it would all go to medical bills afterwards.

    Would you leave your life behind and assume a new identity for a million dollars? This means no contact with old friends or family.
  7. Yes! I want to do that anyway, so....

    Would you try to survive in the wilderness with no help for a month...for a million dollars?
  8. That sounds like fun so yes.

    Would you be willing to be considered medically dead for 48 hours if they could bring you back to life with no ill effects?
  9. Yes I would.

    Would you be part of a hentai movie for a million dollars?
  10. hmm... hmm... yyyyyyeeee... NO, I CAN'T DO IT D''X UUUh I want the money but I can't do such things!

    Would you eat the food you hate the most for the rest of your life (That and nothing else) for one million dollars?