INTEREST CHECK To Aru Majutsu no Index RP?

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  1. I haven't looked hard enough, but I haven't found anime based roleplays and I want to start up something with or without original characters from the series.

    Basically a conflict between the church systems that each have their own forms of magicians and espers (Psychics) in the city in which these psychics gain their abilities.

    Vague I know, but I have to get the idea out there and maybe I will get a few ayes or nays! Who knows.
  2. Perhaps if I had more information so I won't mess things up to badly... I love the basic idea, though!
  3. Alright, there is a place called Academy city, a place where people who have or want to develop special abilities go. Those who want to develop abilities under go experiments if they pass tests and are dubbed compatible with their programs. All sorts of espers or psychics reside within the city, teachers, students, staff, civilians. Academy city is made of just that, all the top ranking academies in the world, some of the best teachers out there.

    Even schools going from elementary to high schools, all boys or all girls schools and so on. Now each psychic is ranked by their potention initially and these rankings can change, ranging from Level 0 (No potential) to Level 5 (Elite) and sometimes these ratings can be very wrong. There are student police forces known as Judgement where students with a decent rank and ability band together and stop crime solve mysteries (Not like Scooby-Doo), and settle conflicts throughout the city. All this is known as the 'Science Side' of the world.

    On to the 'Magic Side.' Through the church systems, something we can only call magic is passed down from persons to persons willing to follow and believe in those religions, such as the Roman Catholic Church and many other religions. Each has a diverse magical style and variety of spells. Less is really known about this, but they deal in the passing of power between other religious groups and methods of magic. Most of the conflict is over beliefs and securing magical artifacts and even starting wars with the 'Science Side' where they can either wipe out the psychics or get wiped out by them.

    Now no one individual should be capable of the use of both Psychic powers and Magic, because for some reason or another, if that person is in possession of a Psychic power, the magic they use would tear their body apart, more likely to blow each blood vessel apart when they use magic or simply ripping their body apart, wounds forming randomly along the body, tumors or other physical abnormalities.

    The conflict is the corrupt church systems that try to gain power or extinguisher other religious groups. And even waging war against the science side and offsetting the balance. Now even espers have to get involved to stop this from happening.

    Now, we need to decide, whether we should use original characters or replace them with personal characters we've made and would you like to post the profiles here and I can make the thread or what? I would like this to be an open thread because the more the merrier.
  4. I would love to go with personal characters. I had a basic idea for mine the second I read "those who want to develop abilitites"!
  5. I'm glad, though are you going under the Psychic category or the magician category? Or do you have a taste for both and are willing to create separate characters? I have multiple psychic character ideas for the moment, though the powers aren't classified under 'Psychic' persay, but esper in the series is a very generalized term because not all powers originate from the brain.




    Church system:
    Element or specialty:

    And those are the character templates for us and anyone willing to join!
  6. ESPER:

    Name: Katrina Ga'Dul
    Code Name: Double Time (D.T.)
    Age: 18
    Appearance: 5'8', 135 lbs., Shoulder length wavy auburn hair with a gold streak in the left side, deep questioning brown eyes that seem to smile, even when her mouth isn't, she's quiet, but thats just until she understands where you stand in life. If she doesn't like you, she won't bother dealing with you unless necissary.
    Ability: Point Shift (Visibly immediate teleportation os self and objects)
    Ranks: 1-1.5
    History: As a young teen (13), Katrina was cast from her tiny village for being "different". She heard of Academy City through a begger on the highway and made it her life's goal to find her way there and make something of herself, even if it kills her.

  7. ESPER:

    Name: Seth Thompson
    Code Name: Generator
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Towering at a whopping 6', Seth is fairly healthy, not over weight, not too skinny. This young man has brown hair with brown and blue eyes.
    Ability: Generation and manipulation of a mysterious red energy. He is able to manipulate the properties of it, such as energy phase shift and even using it as a medium for regeneration, or even adapting it for use of many other things.
    Rank: 5
    History: Seth was born regularly, two loving parents, an older brother. Everything was normal. He was the only exception to this. He started demonstrating strange abilities pretty early on, around the time he'd turned 4, fairly close to his birthday. A few people had caught wind of it and his parents, fearing for his safety, sent him to Academy city, a place that wouldn't judged him for what he could or would do. They still talk, but it's been a great deal of time since he's lived with his family. He tends to be a loner, but he doesn't outright reject people. Infact, he would go out of his way to help people, he is just sometimes misunderstood. He is a regular American boy who happens to be an esper who's striving in a Japanese established society.

    Name: Gabriel Grey
    Code Name: Psychopath
    Age: 16
    Appearance: He measures in at about 5'6" fairly short for his age. He has dark hair that's a bit longer than most boys usually have and it's normally spiked in every which direction, doesn't seem like he would actually comb it. When he looks at someone, he does it with eyes of sapphire that seem visible even in the dark. You can normally see him in baggy clothes, a trench coat even if it's a scorcher, jeans and normally a sleeveless shirt.
    Ability: Psychokinesis, basically slight ability in the each kinetic skill, but he has a mastery of telekinesis. He is also capable of basic teleportation of himself and objects he has physical contact with.
    Rank: 5
    History: Gabriel was raised normally until he was about six years of age. That's when he discovered them. He was playing outside with some of the kids about his age, they were playing in the woods, hide and seek was the game. He himself had been hiding around the same area as his best friend Andrew. Now it probably wasn't a good idea but some of the kids would hit or run into trees whether it were on purpose or not, but one tree was rather old, and fairly heavy, and it broke down, snapped at the base and fell towards Andrew. Gabriel without a thought tried to push him out of the way... From several feet away. An invisible force burst from his hand and got his friend out of the tree's path... Sadly, he exerted so much force, little Andrew was blown apart from the impact. From that moment, he was shunned, even abused verbally until he was forced to kill again and again. Now he resides in Academy city where he strives to be the strongest, be in control of his powers... So that what happened to Andrew will never happen again.