To all you JoJo's Bizarre adventure fans out there.

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  1. Next year can't come fast enough.


    This year though, Araki is having a JOJO festival, celebrating the 25th anniversary. An OVA is coming out soon.


    If you were a stand user, what stand would you have? I have a minigame that I put up on 4chan's /a/ that was quite funny. (Look up Stardust crusaders on Google if you are unfamiliar with stands.)


    1. Go to This is your stand's name.

    2. (optional) go to and confirm if this name has already been taken by searching for it. If it is, repeat step one.

    3. Go to <- This is your stand's power.

    4. Go to and pick one of the sound effects listed. This is the sound your stand makes upon appearance/attacking.

    5. OPTIONAL : go to and use the app. <- this is the pose you or your stand makes upon appearing.

    In my case, this is my stand:

    My stand's name is :

    It's power is :

    It takes this pose:

    Sound effects:
    - Charging/manifesting artwork: ffffff
    - Appearance : *eek*
    - Attack : ah-ah
  2. Handlebars! Holeeee sheeeeet hahahaha.
  3. Oh god.

    Name: Grace

    Power: Musical Empathic Projection

    Pose: [​IMG]

    Changing: (nip)
    Appearance: snip snip Gargle!
    Attack: GROO-GROO

  4. I know. I fucking love this name.