To all you high schoolers/college students/university students (Mostly high schoolers)

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  1. It tests my ability to bullshit my way through life.

    Bandaid solutions and vague repetitive nonsense will get me everywhere and more.
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  2. Tests my ability to stay away for long periods of time
  3. I was homeschooled k-12. Mom always added to tests so we could prove we knew the stuff instead of just memorizing pieces. She would converse with us on it to explore the subjects, and working around the house always showed us how our books related to real life. Chemistry was exemplified in the kitchen, geometry and math in her various construction projects. History explained what was happening in the news and why things worked as they do. Economics in grocery shopping, The list goes on.

    School was annoying in that, like any kid, I'd rather have been playing, but I wouldn't ever say I learned nothing except memorization :)
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  4. Actually, everything I learned, I learned in college.

    Then I became a doctor.

    Then I learned how to do Parkour.

    I kind of wish high school taught me Parkour.

    ...I'd be jumping all the things.






  5. High school tests my ability to procrastinate until the last possible moment to do something that is worth 1000% of my final grade.

    High school also tests my ability to read things I'll never read again, write about things I will never write about again, and say things I will never speak about again.
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  6. Middle and high school gave me an appreciation for the musical arts. Of course this is AFTER I did all the shit I had to do in band. I didn't like it much when we were doing push-ups because some other person left a water bottle.
  7. That sounds better than what I go through every weekday... e__e
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  8. Homeschooling is the shit if done right. I've seen it done horribly wrong though; as a stay at home mom, our mom had the time and interest to work WITH us in our studies, whereas some parents just leave the kids with their books and then complain they never study. Mom also took it the step beyond in relating our non-school activities to what we'd learned in study; that's a 24/7 commitment right there. She also had the discipline to make us siddown and study even when we were whiny or evasive about it. Some parents are too much of a softie for it.
  9. That is really something; your mom having a 24/7 commitment to your schooling. You're lucky to have grown up with someone like her! (:
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  10. I'm doing that now, actually. It's midnight of my weekend, and the work was due last week. >_<
  11. School taught me that it's not worth it to choose my life's profession at such an early age.

    I love my job cleaning the schools I used to attend. It's a humble job.