to all you 40k gamers out there

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  1. Got the newsletter in my inbox. Had three words to say after seeing the first picture it contained.


    Nemesis dreadnought looks so fucking badass....
  2. well, another bone to the favored sons.

  3. *Steps on TC in his new DREADKNIGHT* Fuckyeah! It's like riding a carnifex.
  4. can you hear that children? that is the butthurt eldar player at work!

    (you pointy ears just got new dark eldar. also, THAT MOTHERFUCKMING DREADKNIGHT!)
  5. Yo, I heard you like Dreadnoughts, so I put a tactical dreadnought in your dreadnought, so that you can destroy heretics while you destroy heretics.

    Thank the Omnissiah for some good Imperial armor.
  6. I'm not a Warhammer player. Never have, and it's too expensive to start now. BUT GOOD GOD THAT'S AWESOME.
  7. [​IMG]