To all child abuse victims (Please read)

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  1. It's not your fault that this is occurring. I'm sorry if I get religious here, but even though you think you have no one to turn to, but God is with you, and he never leaves you. If you haven't gotten help yet, get help now! The abuse isn't going to end if you keep quiet. Tell your teacher, coach, church pastor, police officer, or guidance councilor. It might take a little bit, but someone will be able to help you. I am sorry if this is happing to you, and my prayers are with you.
    Stay strong, Iwaku members! 0:-)
  2. I don't even know why I'm writing this... Just seek a psychologist when you grow up he/she will not save you in any way but will rather help you explore yourself and that's useful in such a situation. But find someone who knows what they're doing. Seeking help from some deity is only helpful if you actually believe that it's really helping you. Basically the idea you need to have is that that's happening because of the moods other individuals with whom you happen to share a biological connection. Don't hate them, don't look at yourself as a victim and don't let this occupy your thoughts. It just simply is, nothing more. If you don't let it disturb you and materialise in your though patterns it will disappear for there is no reason for it to exist. The point of all this is: let it go, literally, see your emotions, don't try to not feel them and don't hate yourself for feeling them, just relise them for what they are, without thinking much about them and then let it go.