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  1. TNA:Impact isn't quite the best at staying on it's feet and for the past 6 years, they've been well, a bit crap but despite all the HOAK HOGAN BS and their general money issues, they have managed to pull through. Until last month. Bound for Glory barely managed to happen and now, Billy Corgan seems to be suing TNA and Dixie Carter.

    Godddamnit, Dixie. This can kill the company off and it is only just got back on it's feet. Apparently, there is a massive power struggle in the company and it seems to be about Dixie Carter decieving Billy Corgan or going behind his back to find a third bidder thus invalidating their agreement.

    Either way, TNA is fucked. Double F U C K E D. :( THey literally can't afford a lawsuit and well, the entire roster is said to be behind Corgan. We may see the unglorious deletion of TNA.

    WWE has dropped out of the sale and apparently, it was Bucky Beaver Kevin Dunn's pal that got WWE involved because he was looking to save his own arse. *facepalm*

    This is why TNA is considered a joke.

    So what are your thoughts on TNA's current issues and what do you think will happen?

    Please no WWE buying it just so 2k can use them in the games posts. Tis about TNA's issues.

  2. I'm a bit sad about it, I enjoyed having that wrestling company that said fuck pg. I mean I get why it's going downhill. They tried restoring it with a storyline that wasn't so good and then went a bit crazy with more bizarre ones. Pretty much pulling a dying WCW, I honestly will miss it as it was more risqué with its story and wrestling.
  3. What's worse is, unlike a dying WCW that was pretty much a corpse after HOAK HOGAN and pals turned it into their playground thus losing in the end because they didn't build new stars, TNA built a ton of stars. :( They lost all their originals apart from Abyss and I suspect it's due to Dixie Carter refusing to give them a raise or pay them a fair price for what they had done for the company whilst paying the likes of HOAK HOGAN thousands per episode and other guests thousands per appearance.

    Apparently, Dixie owes Corgan money personally and that messing with the bloke who composed most of the roster's entrance songs was a bad idea. Who would have thought that messing with your composer and co-owner was a bad idea?

    But yeah, TNA literally can't use most of it's entrances if what i've heard is true. I hope Dixie sells to Corgan as he has a good idea of how to delete TNA's bad reputation and reboot it into something wonderful. I think under his leadership, we will get a strong alternative to WWE and one that isn't hampered by PG.(I think). THat and unlike WWE, TNA doesn't need a "woman's revolution." As their knockouts division has always been the strongest in women's wrestling.

    But sadly, I can see Dixie shutting down TNA or finding a way to sell it to Meekman behind everyone's back just to spite Corgan as she is just that petty.
  4. Wrestling, in general, seems to be on the downside. I don't know about other locations, but when I worked at the local venue, the WWE came through with one of the live TV shows. It was the worst selling show for the venue in the history of the WWE. We spent hours covering up all the empty seats with black curtain material so that people watching on TV didn't see all the empty seats.

    People are gravitating more towards MMA and things that are actually real. I think the WWE is shooting itself in the foot. I don't really care to explain why, but with real combat sports gaining more popularity, it seems the WWE is slowly fading.

    Since the WWE is the most widely known wrestling promotion, I'm not really surprised by the downfall of the smaller Promotions.
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  5. Watching the whole TNA thing and this makes me kind of sad and all. Despite I only started watching TNA again for the wacky and bizarre broken matt thing. It was the kind of story that despite it's bizarre, they went through with their fullest and made me care about it.

    I only hope that TNA can survive this without Dixie making a real petty business call.
  6. To be fair, Wrestling barely gets shown to the mainstream audience. Over here, we have TNA as the only free source of wrestling on tv. WWE, you need to buy a sports package and well, it airs early morning thus not really suitable for anyone that has to work etc.. MMA tends to be easier to access and well, WWE kinda is a bit crap at times. Along with being too PG. They push one superstar and try to force him onto the audience thus pushes away the audience. They often do/did stuff like this and I feel that is a major cause. WWE is pretty much the only organisation that gets lots of outlets. ROH, internet only(i think), Lucha Underground, Obscure. TNA is the only other company that is on TV regularly.

    TNA owes a lot of cash to the state of Tennese and their production company is also suing them. Even ECW didn't manage to achieve this amount of debt and if ECW has less debt then you, you are a rubbish person in business.

    Sadly, TNA's main issues are caused by Dixie Carter and her being a wannabe Meekman. Oh and she hired most of the people involved with the death of WCW. Here's a tip: If someone caused the death of WCW, don't hire them. If the freaking network flat out tells you to not hire them or risk being kicked off, don't hire them! Seriously, Vince Russo? The bloke known for "Shocking Swerves, bro." On a pole matches, known for bad ideas and a main cause of WCW going down the drain? Seriously?

    At the rate TNA is going, it won't be the quality(Which they have improved a lot) that ends them but the same thing that killed ECW. Debts. ECW owed millions, i think and it was Paul Heyman that was the main cause of the organisation's issues.

    Only, unlike TNA, ECW did everything it could to try to stay afloat and Paul Heyman was just bad at business. Think he admitted it at some point. TNA, Dixie Carter is bad at business and often regarded as an awful boss who doesn't understand wrestling to the point where it's surprising she hasn't been sued by a lot of talent for screwing them over in various ways.

    If TNA does die, it could end any and all chances of other organisations getting on TV because of TNA. :(
  7. It seems the very fate(again) of TNA will be revealed on Monday.

    What i've heard on Squared Circle Reddit is that Dixie is trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes by trying to claim that Corgan didn't actually have any powers as president of the company and that their agreement of if TNA defaulted on his loan payment, he would get Dixie's 92.5% shares. She is trying to deny that and it seems that her defence is poor. Corgan looks like he won the case but i won't blame him if he decides to go "Fuck this. I'm going home." after getting his cash because of Dixie. It seems that they really don't like each other and apparently, she refuses to sell the company whilst Corgan is still in it. FFS, really?

    You are the damn issue with TNA! Literally most of the bad decisions that has damaged TNA is from her. Selling it to WWE would be the best outcome for her. The other one is getting kicked out by Corgan and TNA slowly being dragged from being OBSELETE into something else other then the only other big company on tv.Apparently, she claimed that the reason why the talent aren't being paid is because of the lawsuit. *facepalms* No, the reason why talent aren't paid is because Dixie thinks she can get away without paying them and this lawsuit is important but it does not mean she, the CEO,majority owner can use it to stop paying everyone.

    Lots of other stuff( i was reading a coverage thread on that reddit i mentioned) was also revealed. I think Dixie may have assumed Corgan would be easy to mess with, get her way and keep TNA alive but turns out that messing with someone who has made his name in the music industry and probably has dealt with bs like this at some point thus him taking off the gloves.

    So yeah, TNA may barely survive after Monday or it will fade away. Or a mcmahon will buy it but not Vince. It is Hunter Helmsey-Mcmahon and it becomes the Triple H wins everything thing. :P
  8. To be honest if Billy Corgan goes "I'm going to salvage TNA" and sticks with it, I see a not so bad future. Corgan knows his shit more than Dixie( and a bunch of others as well, Like Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo.), So I would be really intrigued to see what he does. Corgan has proved himself knowing more about the business than people thought he did.
  9. I am hoping Corgan will get TNA. He plans to restructure it. Get rid of TNA as a brand and give it a new name. TNA's reputation is severely damaged to the point where i've heard that even Banks go "Oh feck that! We ain't touching you!" thus them having to go private loans. He seems to be a passionate guy and cares about TNA, it's talent and knows how to entertain. He is said to be a bit odd but that may be a good thing as well, Vince Meekman is a very bizarre man.

    Unlike HOAK HOGAN and Vince Brosso..... I'm never using that again, Russo, he isn't in it to bury the talent or be WCW 3.0. He wants to help and take it over. Dixie, however, is using it as a toy and is the main source of TNA's issues. Hiring Vince Russo when Spike flat out told her not to after pretty much allowing TNA to do anything was the biggest blow to the organisation. It kicked them from a major network to POP. Over here, they are broadcasted on Challenge and has a major audience not because of the brand(though it is a factor for some folks) but because it is free wrestling. Hiring Eric Bischoff and HOAK HOGAN was the worst decision she made. HOAK only cares about HOAK and TNA's unique stuff was scrapped. 6 sided ring, X division, gone. 4 sided ring, WCW 2.0, Not-NWO etc.. And she paid him thousands per appearance yet TNA champions don't earn that. Heck, AJ Styles literally left because the pay was not good enough for someone on his level. He is one of the few originals left and instead of treating him like how WWE treats the Undertaker, they refused and so he jumped ship.

    I can see Corgan selling off the entire tape library to WWE to cover most of TNA's debts if he gets the company though Dixie has sold part of it off without his permission and he had to get something legal related to prevent her from doing more. Fight Network has offered to pay what he is owed and buy TNA but i think if that does happen, FN would be best off keeping Corgan on. Something like head of creative and having a lot of say over other decisions whilst their guy handles the other stuff.

    Dixie is likely to be kicked out and TNA will be deleted or die. Matt Hardy has vowed to delete TNA.
  10. Anthem looks like they will be taking it over and reducing Dixie's shares to a mere 5% whilst Corgan gets his cash back and probably will be leaving. Get Dixie out! She is the sole thing that holds the damn thing back. Seriously, Corgan was the best option for it. Anthem will just do 3-4 tapings a year and unless it's just 3-4 blocks of taping(they already do mass tapings in advance), it won't be viable for TNA.

    Sadly, for us UK fans, Challenge is no longer broadcasting TNA in 2017. From 1st January, it will be deleted by Challenge. FFS. Really kills any reason to watch it. And TNA was constantly improving! No reason for me to give a damn about it now. :(

    No more wrestling on tv for me. Dixie is still in TNA, Corgan is most likely going to leave as I think, he and Dixie do not get along and TNA has barely dodged another bullet. I hope we get a replacement on Challenge. :(

    So yeah, TNA will go back to being crap because I doubt Dixie is capable of continuing the ideas(The DCC seems to be corgan) that Corgan started and probably be back in trouble by spring.

    FFS. Why does every show I like tend to stop?
  11. Triple post, I know but it's TNA, stuff happens and i'm just updating this.

    Corgan is out. FFS, TNA's last hope at recovering is gone. Dixie only cares about herself and playing at running TNA. Corgan cared about it and wanted to turn it around. if Anthem does turn it in a 4 times a year affair, it will be dead. TNA barely gets enough people to watch it as it is. I wonder how long it will be until TNA starts doing well, bad TNA stuff again?

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