TMNT Mikey/Leatherhead plots (Alternate Universe) (Top or Switch needed)

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  1. So I know this is an odd rp request with an odd pairing, but I thought it couldn't hurt to see if I got any hits.I'm only familiar with the 2003 an 2012 versions so nothing from the 1980's verse. By alternate universe I mean the turtles live in a world where there are other mutants walking around and it's considered normal. I could also play the rp as humans if you're interested in that and I would also be willing to do one or two rps dealing more directly with the cannon.Also to keep up with the rules Mikey will have to at least be 18 as will Leatherhead. I can write 1-3 paragraphs and will try to write post at least once everyday. I'd like someone who has basic grammar knowledge and as long as you don't post one-lines I'm not picky about length.

    These are just a few ideas for Mikey and Leatherhead. I figured we could work on flushing out the plot in more detail if you're interested. If you have your own idea please let me know.

    1. A simply college romance. Maybe they meet as roommate or take a class together. They could start out as friends or we could get straight to the dating. I'm pretty flexible with what you want to do.

    2. Leatherhead starts taking classes at the dojo Mikey's family owns and they slowly fall in love.

    3. Mikey is a ninja and Leatherhead is a ronin. They meet during a festival and it's love at first site. However, they are pulled in two different directions due to who they are and what they do. Can they make it work or will their work and even Mikey's family break them apart?

    4. Mikey is at a bar and a guy won't leave him alone. Leatherhead scares him off by pretending to be Mikey's boyfriend and the two get to talking. They start dating only Mikey's family don't know he's gay and it puts a strain on their relationship. Can Mikey come out to his family and if he dose how will they react?

    5. Mikey and his brothers are yakuza in a turf war with the Kranng and Foot Clan. Mikey ends up running into a Kraang gang member named Leatherhead. Instead of fighting they end up talking and discover a mutual attraction to each other. They start dating in secret until one of his brothers spots the two. Will the star cross lovers get a happy ending or it end like a tragic play?

    6. The four brothers work with their father to train boxers. Raph trains, Leo Manages, Donny's the medic/nutritionist and Mikey is a personal assistant. When they get a new boxer they at first are worried that he might be too much for them to handle. He's good at fighting, but there are rumors that he has anger issues. He seems to like Mikey though and he follows his training and diet regimens perfectly. As Mikey and Leatherhead start taking steps to becoming more than friends the past he would rather forget comes out of the shadow and might ruin everything.

    Those are all I have for now. Might post some more if I think of any. Again if you have your own idea let me know.
  2. The boys and their father run a ranch and have recently hired a new hand. Mikey develops a crush for him right away. At first he's fine with being just friends until it seems Leatherhead might be interested in more. Mikey needs to deiced if he wants to take a chance that might ruin his friendship with Leatherhead. Even if he is reading all the signs right Mikey's family don't know he's gay and he's not sure he wants to tell them.

    Mikey and his brothers are a group of ninja that secretly work for the American government. Their job is top secret and no one is to know about it. When Mikey meets Leatherhead there is an immediate connection and they start dating. However, soon Mikey's missions are getting in the way of his relationship and Leatherhead is getting tired of the secrets. Will Mikey risk his job and tell Leatherhead what he does and does Leatherhead have a few secrets of his own.
  3. Mikey's family run a tea shop in Japan (modern or feudal/endo era you choose) and is loved by all the customers. This has lead to several men wanting to court Mikey, but Mikey has turned them all down. One day a suitor enters who won't take no for an answer. He eventually leaves, but the Hamoto clan deiced s they need a bodyguard for the shop just in case. Enter a man named Leatherhead. He's perfect because while he looks very tough he's very sweet. He and Mikey strike up a friendship and it turns into something more. Though just when they think they'll never see the angry suitor again he turns up and he'll do anything to get what he wants.
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