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  1. Shay threw the dagger, hitting it spot on the made up target of one of the boy ninja turtles. Shay was much like them along with her sisters. They were all ninja turtles like the boys with the only difference being that they were female. Not to mention they were a bit stealthier and faster. Maybe that is why Shredder decided to take them in, was because of their speed not to mention female charm would get them close to the boy ninja turtles. Close enough to have them believe that they were friends, and then, that would be the time to strike. She had heard this over and over again from Shredder. She had faith in the plan. As she was thinking about this and practicing her agility and speed, Shredder walked in. She stopped immediately, bowing to her master.

    "I'm so sorry master. I didn't see you come in..."

    "Don't worry about my presence. I just came to see you practice and see if it is pushing you to where I want you to go. If not, I will be adjusting it..."

    She bowed once more.

    "Of course Master Shredder. I will continue my practice regimen" she quickly uped the speed and accuracy of her training, trying to show Master Shredder that she didn't need extra added to her already full and very stressful regiment. After 3 hours of practice, Shredder raised his hand. Shay immediately stopped and bowed.

    "Yes Master?"

    "Your Regiment is perfect. Keep up the hard work and you soon will be able to take down the Leader Splinter has trained up"

    She bowed once more as Shredder left. Shay was feeling a bit stressed out. Being the appointed leader over the group of her and her sisters, the pressure to lead was all on her shoulders. To tell the truth, she wasn't fond of her responsibility. She even, sometimes, felt that she wasn't cut out for it. But if Master Shredder believed she was about ready, then she felt a lot better about her training and where it was going. Taking her dagger, she threw it at the cutout of the leader of Splinter's that she had made up, a smirk appearing on her face.

    "This should be easier than I thought!" She then heard footsteps coming back to the training room. She wondered which of her sisters were coming back to use it.
  2. Christy knew the plan perfectly, except her part was slightly altered. She was the most intelligent of her sisters. Not to say that her sisters were stupid, because they weren't. But Master Splinter had told her that she had a gift, that her intelligence was rare and valuable to him. The Kunoichi knew the reasons why he had taken them and and though he had trained them and raised them for the better part of their life time, he wasn't much like a father. He wasn't warm and loving, he was cold and decisive, accurate and had taught her that in her studies, in her training, she should be as well. But he was the closest thing they had to a father, and the closest they would ever have. The reason Master Shredder had taken them in was to get close to the Ninja Turtles, to get to be friends with them, and then take them out. All of them, then they had to help their master full fill his plans. But the one she was supposed to take out was intelligent like her, or that is what she was told. With her double-sided Naginata she left her lab and headed down towards the training area. Christy much preferred her lab, her technology, her inventions and science to fighting. But was good at both. Walking into the training arena she saw her leader and sister, Shay. Seeing Master Shredder wasn't around she smiled and grinned bit.

    "Talk about do know you have been in here for the better part of five hours right?" she asked. "Master Shredder really is pushing you hard. He wouldn't like me saying this but you should relax a bit. Even if you just stop holding your shoulders like that." she reached out and touched her sister's shoulder and smiled. "I understand, you got a lot on your plate. But this will be easy. I will keep you filled in on anything you might miss. I got you back. After I get the smart one close, he is ancient history and then the leader, the hot headed one, and the idiot in orange. Between the four of us, we are going to out smart and over power those boys. All this training wasn't for nothing. "

    She then felt one of the moving targets rushing up behind her and before he sister could say anything she whirled around and spun her weapon, spliting the big target right down the middle in one fluid motion. Turning back to her sister she grinned a bit wider.

    "See? Turtle Sushi. Granted they will be fighting back...but I've made all the calculations. He won't be faster than me and certainly not smarter."
  3. Shay smirked, giving Christi a hug. She always knew what to say to calm her nerves. Being leader was a tough thing, but someone had to take that role on and Master Shredder had said she had a gift for leadership. She wouldn't call it a gift, but she did have a knack for being a strong example to others.

    "Thanks Christi. I know I've been in here for a while. Master Shredder watched me train for 3 hours. Your right. I do need a break and I am very starved. What say you that we go get something to eat? I need some food to get my energy back." Taking out the last moving target with her dagger, she did a few back flips. Out of the ring, she grabbed her daggers which were sticking out of 2 of the targets, she sheathed them and ushered Christi to follow her. Sighing, she popped her shoulders as she walked down the dark halls of the sewers to their living area. Sitting on the couch, she filtered through the phone book to see if there were any good places to go eat or if they would have to dine on leftovers. She handed the book to Christi, sighing.

    "Nothing looks good right now. Does anything look good to you? If not, i can always make something since I've been practicing my cooking skills"
  4. As her sister ushered her to follow her, she trailed just behind her to their underground sewer sanctuary. It was out fitted with all of their needs,the couch was comfortable but old. As per usual Abby, their youngest sister was watching some non-sense TV show that had no substance to it at all. She was quite surprised Master Shredder was letting her watch it at all. Their lives had been carefully structured from the beginning because of what they were being raised for, what they were being raised to do. To kill, to bring their Master's Plan to life. As Shay sat down on the couch, Christi fell back on the third spot next Abbie and took the book from Shay. As she spoke she was flipping though the pages. She saw all of the options and and options as her eyes quickly scanned the pages for something good, and her eyes stopped on the Japanese take out place that she really liked. Closing the book she tossed the book back to Shay.

    "Looks Like were having Japanese Take out!" she said. "I'm going to order. What do you want? I don't know where out other sister is but Master Shredder likely has her for the rest of the night. So I'll just order for you, me, and Abby." she said smiling.

    When she had the orders, she called and placed them and then Ordered Sushi for herself, many different kinds. It was her favorite food. Looking at Shay she smirked and spoke.

    "It is your turn to go get it great and wise leader Shay. It is on the other side of the city. It will be ready in twenty minutes. Better get moving. "

    Shay would have to travel the streets to go and get it, it would be a chance for her to practice her stealth.
  5. Shay sighed and hefted herself up. Her training never stopped it seemed.

    "So much for resting...Ugh..What exactly do you want me to go get it dressed as? I can't go up to the surface without something to disguise myself. Otherwise, the sight of me would make people send other people with guns after me..." She thought about it for a second and sighed. She grabbed her favorite hoodie, the one that was big enough to drown her shell out and she had a scarf she could wrap around her face to make sure only her eyes were showing. Grabbing those, she grabbed the money laid out on the table and headed to the surface. Taking to the streets, she crossed roofs of buildings with ease and as quietly as she could, which was almost complete silence. Her stealth was something she was very proud of, although it wasn't perfected quite yet.

    She easily reached the other side of town in as little as 15 minutes. She had 5 minutes to spare so that when she arrived, their food would be done. Slinking down the side of the Japanese restaurant, she headed in. She looked like a fat woman who just wanted her Japanese food. Waiting in the take out line, she could see another figure kinda like herself, waiting in line. Upon further inspection, she could tell it was a male, but she couldn't make out his face. He was eyeing her though. After waiting in line for about 5 or so minutes, she paid for the food and was about ready to leave when the man that looked oddly a lot like her leaned over and whispered something. At that moment, she caught a glimpse of a purple bandana. What the heck? She was left confused at the words the young man had whispered to her as she made her way out.

    "We are aware of your existence. We will find you again..." What did that even mean? She hurried back home. Setting the food back out on the table, she stripped off the jacket and scarf.
    "Christi, before we eat, I need to tell you something. I need to tell you all something...As I went out to go get the food, I had no choice but to enter the restaurant. I fooled the humans, but there was one that stood out that seemed oddly like myself. Wearing a big hoodie and scarf himself, the only thing I caught a glimpse of was a purple bandana...and he told me 'We are aware of your existence and we will find you again..' Was that one of the boy turtles? I heard from Master Shredder that the boy turtles are wearing bandanas of different colors..."
  6. Christi could smell the food the moment her leader returned with it in hand. She reached for her Sushi boat when Shay spoke, stripping off her disguise. A sigh escaped her lips as the female turtle was hungry. But looking up the words that left her sister's lips caught her a bit off guard. They knew about her and her sisters? How? But logic took over and she spilled the information that Master Shredder had given her since she had never stopped trying to uncover it herself, anyway she had to. One of her plans to uncover information, almost gave them away, so he just told her so she would stop poking her nose where it didn't go too early in his plan.

    "He is the second in command of their little band of brothers. His name is Donatello...he is the smartest of the group. And he is the target Master shredder assigned me. We have to be the most careful around him because like me, He is very observant, he might catch on once we get close. Hot Head Raphael and the Idiot in Orange, Michelangelo, I'm not too worried about right now. Just My target...and yours. The Leader in Blue, Leonardo. And if they say that they will find us again we don't want to risk being found here. We have to do whatever it takes to keep Master Shredder's connection to us hidden. We do have the back story prepared right? All of us know it? Because if they ask who trained us the truth isn't an option...perhaps we will have to leave sooner than we expected. We should tell Master Shredder this..."


    The leader of the band of brothers stood waiting for Donnie's return. He was taking too long for him to return and it made him nervous. Just as he was about to head towards the Japanese take out place where he had sent his brother, he caught sight of the Purple Bandana. A sigh of relief escaped his lips and he smiled for his brother.

    "Cutting it a bit close aren't we Donnie? Glad your back safe but...what was the hold up? And your not allowed to use that ultra long line excuse that Mikey uses to order more Pizza than we need while he picks them up. What's up?"he asked.

    He knew his brother all too well and the look on his face had him slightly confused and concerned.
  7. Shay ran the scenario over and over in her head. If they truly did know who they were, then where they were hiding would be found out fairly soon along with the fact that they were connected to Shredder. That couldn't happen. She couldn't think of the scenario that Shredder had given them over and over again. She tried to think of it, but panic took control and her mind blanked. She breathed in and out slowly, trying to slow her mind down. She looked to Christi who looked like she was hungry and wanted to dig in. She smiled softly.

    "After we are done eating, can you remind me of the backstory we were given? I can't seem to remember it. Maybe it's because I'm hungry, combined with the stress of training for 4 to 5 hours a day...It's making me forget things easily..." She sat down, grabbing the steamed buns and throwing a few into her mouth. That really hit the spot. She sat on the couch, breathing in and out slowly to calm her mind down while her sisters dug into the food that had arrived.


    Donatello sighed and set the food he had gotten on the table.

    "I'm sorry I took so long. I just ran into something you won't believe...There are female turtles out there...I met one in the Japanese food restaurant..." he looked up at Leo who had a look of surprise on his face. He pulled out the news article on his phone that he had just found.

    "I found this article that there was another accident with a dose of the same drug that made us grow...It was stolen and taken to some other place and used on female turtles to see if they would develop like us. But I never thought that they would be so close to home..." He handed the phone to Leo so he could look at the article. It didn't say anything about the turtles mutating, only that there was an accident like their own in Japan.
  8. Christi sat by her computer on the table and took the sushi boat. Sinking into the wooden Kitchen chair that didn't match the table, she picked up a piece and pushed it past her lips. After a few more she began, remember the plan very clearly. The turtle recited it to herself at the very least, once a day, not knowing when this was going to happen.

    "They have probably seen the article online about the accident we were born from in Japan." she said. "But the story is that we were found near the Mutagen spill close to the lab that we escaped from. Then a man and his wife, Japanese Immigrants, home in Japan visiting family found us and took us back home. They lived in upstate New York and our 'father' taught us to fight. But they died in an accident when the house caught fire while we were out and they stayed home. We all fled to the city and hid underground so we wouldn't be seen and have been hiding and training there ever since. It is the Alternate dojo that Master Shredder Showed us. Okay? Got it?" She asked and met Shay's gaze. "I think you should go tell Master Shredder as soon as possible about seeing one of the boys. See what he wants to do."

    She then resumed eating her sushi, and turned to her computer and began browsing the internet.


    "Are you sure about this Donnie?"he asked looked at him in disbelief. "Female Turtles? How many of them do you think there are? The Article mentions four of them...If they all made it that would make...8 of us in total." he eyes scanned the article. It didn't say anything about them mutating. But they had to have, right? It was at least worth looking into. He smiled at his brother and handed him back his phone.

    "You, Raph, and Mikey eat, I'm going to talk to Splinter about this. It is worth looking into if there are more out there like us...and we need to get on this as soon as possible. Walking back he turned and headed back to where his master was. He knocked on the door and respectfully bowed before his master.

    "Master Splinter. There is something I need to speak to you about. Donatello just arrived home and he brings a report of more...more out there that are like us...possibly four more."
  9. Shay sighed. She screwed up and now had to tell Master Shredder about it? She wasn't looking forward to this. Last time she screwed up and had to report it, she almost got a shuriken to the face. She sat up, walking out of the living area and waving to her other sisters as she walked to the area where Master Shredder slept. She knocked on the door, announcing that it was her.

    "Come in" could he heard on the other side of the door. She quickly followed orders, opening and shutting the door as quickly as she could. Bowing, she began explaining herself.

    "Master Shredder. I am terribly sorry for disturbing you before you sleep, but as I went out to get us something to eat, and, sadly, I must say I ran into one of the boy turtles...They may know of our existence now. Our location, however, is still secret, for now...I am terribly sorry..." She knew it. Sure enough, a rain of shuriken flew at her. She dodged them easily, but it was still scary. Shredder glared at her.

    "Jepordizing us like that? What kind of leader are you?" Shredder sighed.
    "Fine, It just means we'll have to start our plan sooner than we expected. No more mistakes though, Shay. Or you will be eliminated and it will be me who does that..." She bowed and opened the door.
    "I understand Master."
    "Tell your sisters to implement the plan! Remember every detail! The moment you forget is the moment you put me and yourselves in danger! Remember that!" She bowed again shutting the door. She walked into the living room.

    "Christi, Abby...Master Shredder wants us to implement the plan..."


    "Others you say? Those poor girls...Leonardo, take your brothers out now and locate these girls. Once you find them, bring them to me. I must speak to them at once..."
  10. Christi began digging around for any other accident like their own that would have given birth to the male turtles roaming the streets. Soon she came across an article from awhile back that raised her suspicions. She scanned it, picking out any information that she needed or thought might be useful. The Kunoichi added to the knowledge she already had about them. There was Leonardo the leader, Donatello the most intelligent and second in command, Raphael the hotheaded one who carried around a short temper, and Michelangelo the free-spirited one, also an idiot. This mission had to be taken care of with care, but that also made it interesting. Just then she snapped back to attention and looked over to Shay as she spoke. A smile came across her face.

    "Alright! Let's get this plan in action!" he said. She rose to her feet. "Lead the way."


    Just as he was told he gathered his brothers and went out. He was thinking of where he should go to try and find these girls. Leonardo hoped his brother was correct about this. Four more of them? If this was true, this would be fantastic! Stopping he looked to Donatello.

    "Let's try heading back the way where you found them. Did you see what way they headed from the Japanese resturaunt? Perhaps we can find them that way."
  11. Shay lead the sisters over the rooftops, trying to lead them away from public eye so they didn't catch anyone's suspicion. She headed back in the direction that she last saw the boy turtle, the japanese restaurant. If the boy turtles had started looking for them, then they would most definitely start there. Taking a short cut, they were there in 10 minutes. Shay stopped her sisters as they waited on the nearby rooftop of the building next to the Japanese Restaurant. Shay ordered her sisters to split up so that they wouldn't all be found, if they were found at all. She waited in the darkness to see if the boy turtles would show up. She went to stand by Christi. She was the sharpest and had night vision goggles to see in the dark. She would know when they showed up. Assuming, that is, that they showed up at all.

    "What's the lowdown? Do you see them yet?"


    Donatello nodded, showing Leo a map as the headed to the restaurant. He pointed at the map and drew the direction he saw her go.

    "She left the restaurant and went left. I didn't see much, but if she continued left, then we can only assume she went farther east...Assuming that they probably hide and live on the other side of town"

    They had arrived to the japanese restaurant rooftop. Sensing some sort of presence, He threw down his night vision goggles. He saw some movement but couldn't pick it up. He stopped Leo.

    "There here. I don't know where, but they are here..."
  12. Donatello nodded, showing Leo a map as the headed to the restaurant. He pointed at the map and drew the direction he saw her go.

    "She left the restaurant and went left. I didn't see much, but if she continued left, then we can only assume she went farther east...Assuming that they probably hide and live on the other side of town"

    They had arrived to the japanese restaurant rooftop. Sensing some sort of presence, He threw down his night vision goggles. He saw some movement but couldn't pick it up. He stopped Leo.

    "There here. I don't know where, but they are here..."