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    "I pronounce the king... dead." Jarod, keeper of the dead, called out. Some broke out in tears, others ignited and subsequently extinguished. "We all know, of course, that the eldest son, Aldis, is now the new king." Said a small voice, Llian, truth-teller.

    There were murmurs, nodding heads, and excited whispers. Aldis was popular, and a benevolent prince. Many were excited to see what he could do as king. But the second son, Traxis, had other plans.

    Traxis was pretty much the opposite of Aldis. Unpopular, malevolent, Traxis was jealous of Aldis and yearned to be king. So he and a few of his most loyal allies attacked the palace in the middle of the night and kidnapped Aldis.

    They were successful, and people had thought Aldis had run away, mourning his father. Traxis was made king, and for two years ruled. Then, one night, a group of demigods and minor gods found and freed Aldis, several of them sacrificing their lives to get him out of his cage.

    Aldis returned, and though tired, he and many who had been under Traxis's iron fist for two years fought and defeated Traxis. And so Traxis retreated, to a stronghold hidden in the depths of Night, and licked his wounds.

    Aldis ruled afterwards, and Traxis was put into eternal shame. Another two years went by. Traxis returned, in a fury, and enlisted those gods and demigods that would help him, and enslaved those who would not. Aldis did the only thing he could. He declared war, and put upon himself the Mark of the Unforgiving, which bound him to kill Traxis or suffer in the deepest prisons of Chaos.

    The world of the mythical needs a hero, and a hero it shall have. Gods and Demigods flock to one side or another, and those who try to remain neutral are soon forced into joining a side. For a year now, brutal warfare has ensnared the world of Myth.​

    ŁΛω øƒ Ŧɦ£ ŁΛהƊ​

    1: There is no super-overpowered-stuff or metagaming allowed.

    2: You are a god. You are supposed to be perfect, in whatever way accords with your sphere of influence.

    3: Everything in your character sheet should reflect your sphere of influence. You cannot have a person who loves death and suffering have the sphere of healing, nor a person who is generous, polite, and otherwise a nice person to be around have the sphere of suffering.

    4: Yes, you are allowed to kill and have little wars with other gods on the same side as you. Like godly feudalism. When a god dies, their sphere of influence is opened up, and the first to claim it gets all powers, property, and some of the former gods' personality.

    5: I will assign factions, just to make sure that not everyone goes to one side and I have to do everything pertaining to the other side. While your sphere of influence will usually decide what faction you are assigned to, sometimes I will mix things up or if there is a large number of players on one side, a character normally assigned to one side may be given to the other.

    6: This is essentially a free-roam, except for PvP. Put "Mythic" in Other. If PvP occurs, I will use logic and dice to determine the outcome of an action.​


    Myth: The world where all gods and demigods reside.

    Night: The underworld, basically. A place of eternal darkness, where only gods and demigods with permission may roam unharmed.

    Chaos: The level below Night. An endless pit, nothing can escape from it, not even a god.

    The Quarterlands: Mostly lush green fields, and the occasional forest here and there, this is where most middle- and high-class gods and their servants reside. A beautiful place, it is filled with farms and mansions for the gods.

    The Lowlands: Mostly marshs, with a dry patch of desert here and there, this is where many low-class gods and many demigods must live. A hostile area, it is nevertheless valuable because of its seemingly endless fresh water and livestock fields.

    The Terrace: A mountainous region, the highest-class gods, immortal heroes, and the royal family itself reside here. Hostile in some places, but beautiful and shining white in others. The royal palace is nested in a valley surrounded by seven mountains, a pass in where an eighth mountain may have once been.​

    CħλરλȻτεર Sħεετ

    Name(No last name required, but include a title):

    Gender(Yes, you can be both, or neither):

    Sphere of Influence(Basically, what you represent as a god):

    Personality(Should coincide with your sphere of Influence):

    Appearance(Crazy as you like, be a blob of energy for all I care):

    Bio(What happened around you over the five years of all this?):

    Other(Anything else?):

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