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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.
Places I've worked.

McDonald's Surprisingly not that bad of a gig. My boss was my friend's mom, and her second in command was a total douchebag, but EVERYBODY in that store just fucking adored me.

Albertson's Worst fucking place to work ever. ever. ever. Everyone was a douchebag. everyone.

Dairy Queen Before the owner became a complete waste of fucking space (doing various illegal things that we tagged her for in court) it was an alright job. Pretty much did whatever I wanted, because I was having sex with my other boss, the General Manager of the store (we're married now lol) and was a supervisor there. Oddly enough the two things were unrelated.

Gust Hauf's A pizza place here in town. Gaaaaaay. Pizza was good though, and free if you fucked it up.

Loaf 'n' Jug I can't really say anything negative about them cause they stalk keep an eye on their employees, so let me just say it's a marvelous experience, ect. ect. ect. what a pile of garbage.
I've only really had one job:

Rite Aid Pharmacy: I fill scripts, answer phones, count pills, sell the drugs and such, answer some questions, and direct people to the pharmacist! 4 years...first experience was simply customer service aka waiting on customers (first day = HATE drive thru....DRIVE THRU PHARMACY IS ANNOYING AS HELL!!). I dunno if I really have a worst experience...just really bitchy customers. We have had the cops come in a few times...though haven't seen anyone arrested.
@ Fel: McD wasn't so bad? That's good. One of my brother's friends is a manager of one of the Albertson's down here. Dairy Queen is understandable, and the last two, I've never heard of, but COOL!

@ Mommy: Sounds like a fun time...That job sounds tedious.
My jobsss
Random Acres~ A garden shop/ huge barn place...Best job ever! Hardly any customers. I was a cashier and the register was a computer so I usually just went online. I worked with a few of my friends and had the coolest boss ever, she was in her 40's but partied at all the colleges, very free spirited woman! During winter I was paid to make decorations and decorate the store (shweetness)! We did get hit with a tornado once, and it was a barn, not a good mix!

Marshalls~ Retail store...that explains it all! It sucked! The employees made it one big drama-fest. Bosses (except one) sucked monkey balls! Worst experience was when I got yelled at for 30 minutes by a foriegn language speaking woman who said I stole her cart, and all of her things, all while I was trying to walk to the bathroom! She complained to my boss ( after we found her cart right where she left it) and I got in trouble for it! Ugh I hated that place soooo much!
@ Tabbo: Actually, your jobs were as I thought they might be when I read the names! Yay! The first one sounds awesome, and the second one sounds annoying as hell.
The only REAL job I had was as follows::

Continental Lanes - This place, above all other alleys, had no real reason why it was so large, or even when it remained open after every year. In comparison to other bowling businesses, Continental Lanes was a dump. Their employees reflected this. Most notably, the managerial staff. The Secretary was sleeping around on her husband with a Floorboy (basically a combination janitor/pin-jockey/barback/slave) that was fired. The Accountant complained about saving money when she owned a brand new custom-painted Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The Owner and his Sons (the actual managers) did absolutely nothing for the place. Every profit that came in just as quickly left in the pocket of the family that owned it. None of it was sunk into upkeep, updates, or even necessary repairs.

I hated it there, very thoroughly. I was a Floorboy. I worked my ass off and was scolded every moment for not staying busy the entire shift (imagine working at an unpopular bowling alley for 9 hours with the expectation of remaining busy, when the night shift the previous night made sure everything was spotless anyway). I was blamed for ANYTHING that went wrong - keys being lost, buckets being overturned, things just not being where they're supposed to, etc. - and no one took responsibility or even thought twice about their sentences. I wasn't even fired from that job! They simply didn't schedule me one week, then refused to speak to me once I started asking questions!

These same people couldn't even spell my name right on my paychecks! I asked them thousands of times, and that ACCOUNTANT just couldn't be bothered!

All I can say from experience, TK, is this: Make SURE you pay attention to how the place operates before you ask to be hired there, if you want to be satisfied with being around. Not every job will be rainbows, but that's just fact.

I hope it all works out! =3
I'm good friends with the manager of the place, and I've talked to some of the barristers and he's even let me sit in on a employee meeting.

The have a serious meeting every first Wednesday to talk about anything that needs improvement, or anything that needs to be repaired, or to talk about customer responses.

Beyond that, every Wednesday, they play games, improv, and some mornings, try to learn how to knit, and such other things. The most we'd have to deal with is defending the manager from gaybashers, and I already do that.

And that job does not sound fun, KJ. It sounds like it needs a swift kick. In the crotch.
Let's see

Blockbuster Video: Was a shithole, I basically got paid to listen to people bitch about a dvd not working, then made them feel like a dumbass because they actually did something wrong, And I remember at one time we got a call from this bitch saying how we've ruined her kids lives because 1 dvd didn't work, and get this, she didn't want to come get a new one, Just Bitch at me for an hour.

Manager Basically told her to choke on it though...which made me lol.

ConRev: Stands for Condom Revolution...yes I've worked at a porn shop, and yes I made use of my employee discount...Moving on now, I was the only dude that work there, and the only heterosexual person there as well. We got Prank Called daily but I always just fucked with them, and now can do a gay voice about as well as dorky

U.S. Army: Current Job, Has it's ups and downs. I just wish that everyone would get their heads out of their ass and actually work together on shit, or realize that there isn't shit to do half the time and stop bitching.
@ GMK: interesting experiences you have there. The employees at the blockbuster near my house have always been saints, I've watched them deal with so much, I sunno how they're sane through all of it. Hmmmm..... did you ever have a problem with anyone jerking off in the store?.... and I understand you on the military bit, totally.
Yeah, the people in California are fucking pricks, I'll never work in customer service again.

We never caught anyone jerking off, but there was never anywhere you could effectively hide, all the shelves were about belly button height. we did have to keep kicking the highschoolers out though...fookin kids

and yeah....
Well, I haven't really worked a lot, but I will be getting a job in about a month at a Telemarketing agency, Charlton.

As far as I can tell, it's a super easy job, and I can't wait to start. Everyone is chill and probably high most of the time. lol
Jobs eh?

Toys R Us This was my high school job and yes, it's as awful as you'd expect. For those of you that are like "I love kids, that'd be awesome, there's TOYS" Yeah, I thought that too... It wasn't really the kids that got to me and the minimal discount wasn't that awful but it's the PARENTS that you come to loathe. I wanted to backhand just about every grouchy mother and father that wanted to complain to me that their kid's favorite toy wasn't in during the holiday season! I effectively quit

Pet World Pet Supply store: Worked there for a month in squalid conditions and was mistreated then fired because my pants had a rip in them where it was really unimportant.

Shopko Retail store: I worked there for three years of my life, hitting every area of the building except the pharmacy. I ended up as a supervisor then effectively quit because my managers became a raging c u next tuesday D:<

Walgreens I was hired to work in photo, they never put me in the lab so I quit

Barnes and Noble I did everything from Cafe to Music/Movies. Probably my favorite job I had, just got laid off recently. D:
I once got paid to scare off some kids from some dude's store.

That was the only time I got paid for doing a death grunt.
only real job ever: - call center agent for 2 weeks, but then they noticed that I fixed all their shit so they promoted(with raises :D) me to IT. Quit after a couple of months coz I HATE HATE HATE working with middle eastern peoples :E the CEO is awesome, though; he let me smoke his personal stash of shisha/hookah while at work, but the manager yells at whenever he catches me(wut). There was this kid there that's only job is to make us tea and buy food for us(lolwut), I let him watch porn on the units so he won't get bored.


freelance webdesigner/blogger - pay depends on how active you are, but I'm a lazy fuck and don't post often

freelance modeling coordinator - I get to touch the models :D and sometimes pose if we don't have enough peoples or take pics if we don't have enough photographers~ again, pay sucks but it's hella fun :D

bartender at house parties - I don't even get paid sometimes, but I get to bring home all the leftover booze(that they paid for) and drunk chicks so it's all good :D

Man, I need to find real income.
@ Patty: Good luck! Tell us how it goes!

@ Zyph: Whoa, sounds like a lot of headache causing jobs, but one good one.

@ Darkness:..... Does this need commentary?

@ Oro: Sounds like a lot of interesting experiences!
Alright so I've only had two jobs and here is the basic summary on both of them.

1. KFC - The job itself was not bad at all, the only thing I had to do was learn what goes with what meal, memorize some prices, and know where those things were on the cash register. The only real problem I had constantly was the whole deal with making people understand that our chicken was not ready yet. They thought fast food means prepared asap well not exactly when it comes to chicken. 16 minutes in the friers and giving away the last of any chicken puts a strain on the people up front.

The best parts of this job was the talk my co-workers and I had. Because we were only really busy approximately 3 times of the day we managed to get a lot of conversations in. Those are pretty enjoyable and when your working food prep anybody that comes back there for more than 5 seconds is a viable conversationalist.

The worst part of the job was when we got this manager that I did not coincide with. He was basically the closest thing to an Office Space stereo type I had. (He was kinda one of the three reasons I quit.) The one conversation I remember the best was when he came over to tell me that my working abilities were alright but could be better. So I tried to shorten our talk and asked "So I should work better." Then he says "No [insert talk about the Flair here only modified to chicken]" Yeah really ticked me off that night.

2. Casey's General Store – This is the job I currently have and after 3 weeks I have had no problems with it. In fact it is almost a spa compared to KFC. Not a ton of customers during the day and when you do get them they are easy to please. Most of our customers are people in town so we usually know them. All in all a great place and my co-workers are pretty awesome too.

Now getting back to the differences between these two.

Well KFC was more corporate and business like. There were a lot of rules and guidelines to follow and not doing them right was probably the most annoying thing you could do. It was a one road type of thing where everything worked in one way and if someone did not do it right the others would suffer.

As for Casey's it has more of a "Hello. Here ya go." Feel to it. Not exactly the Mom and Pop Shop but a step above. And the largest amount of Customer to Employee contact we have in the kitchen is doing subs or answering the phone for pizza.

Some inhuman cons to both places.

First thing I noticed when I went from KFC to Casey's was the change in tech level. At KFC we were operating off command prompt green monitors while Casey's has a register with touch screen and a friendly button interface. It is a lot easier to change things on the newer stuff than it is on the older.

The problem with Casey's is just the sheer lack of things to do. You may think it might be awesome to sit on your ass and get paid but we don't get a chance to sit unless we are on break. So standing up and not having something to do to ignore that constantly growing pain in your feet is one of the worst things there.

Which brings me to probably one of the biggest things for you TK. And that is the first few days after training will be difficult physically. But just remember that eventually our bodies adapt to our new environments quick enough. Hang in there and you'll develop your work calices soon.

That's all I got to offer.
I used to be a yard boy in a building and Garden supplies place for a few years (read, about 15-16 to about 17-18-19)

basically my job consisted of going into work for four hours on a saturday, filling bags with dirt/sand/rocks. water plants and basically do grunt work.

do fuck all job for fuck all money basically. except when uncle mmax was watching, then its bust your balls or go home.
hehe, fun times.

then i was a Laborer for a Dam Lining and industrial plumbing company.
working full time then, 7-3/4 or more if the job required it.
demanding work, but it made me less of a butterball.
only time i ever hurt myself, i slipped on a liner, slammed my shoulder and head onto concrete, strained the AC joint in my shoulder, which made moving my arm hard and lifitng things impossible.
was on anti inflammatries and had to visit a physio for a week or so but then i was back and working, though that shoulder plauged me for some time after that with jolts of pain now and again.

at present, im looking for a job. unemployment sucks ten thousand dicks, and dont let anyone tell you differently.
asking my folks for petrol money or going out money, sending off resumes for no reply, calling people only to hear "sorry the positions been filled" or "sorry, you alck the nessessary experience" grates on you.

so yeah, thats my employment history.
My first and only legit job was at Fred's "Pharmacy". It was actually just a slightly better quality than "dollar" store stuff, and our Fred's didn't even HAVE a pharmacy. Isaboo was already working there, and it was technically illegal for her to hire me. But my brother worked hard, she needed more people, and was counting on me to work hard too. XD My boss was kind of scary, but I liked her. She was one of those people who really bust your balls, but you could earn her respect just by being reliable. >:D

I enjoyed working and hated it at the same time. I worked both as Cashier and a Stocker. Cashier only sucked cause our register was ancient. You needed a manager's key to do EVERYTHING. So if someone decided they didn't want something, or a discount wouldn't show up, or if you screwed up, you had to call one of the key-keepers to come fix it for you. Post-Holiday sales SUCKED.

Stocking, I loved. >:D Shit was heavy and the store was HOT, but I much prefer busy work of putting stuff up compared to those damned registers. >>

My best memory was when a customer told my boss that I was really friendly and a pleasure cause everytime she came in I would always smile and say hello. t___t She ended up being a friend of the boss and told her while I was standing right there, so it was embarrassing, but gave me warm fuzzies.

What I HATED is when they shut down our store, so we had to work 12 hours EVERY DAY until all the merchandise was packed up, the shelves taken down and the store cleared out. We didn't have a car then, so it was 30 minutes walk there, 12 hours of working, then 30 minute walk home. When you're dead tired, sore, and starving. Me and Isaboo were the only two "lower" employees that actually stuck it out until the end. (there was the boss and the two assistant managers that stayed!) c__c The others bailed on us and the people had to hire some temps just to help get everything done.

I enjoyed it anyway, aside from the inconsistent hours and the long walk home. I am proud cause the bosslady said me and Isaboo were some of the best workers she ever had. u_____u Gave me precious egobits.
Marriott Hotel - restaurant monkey treated like a bitch by everyone and no one could ever hear what I was saying cos it was too noisy. Got all the worst jobs and ended every day with my hands bleeding from too much hot and cold water. It was my first job so I thought it was normal for workers to feel suicidal and have no sleep.

Royal Logistics Corps - in my continuing sado-masochistic effort to hate myself I went through basic training then opted for officer training. Spent three years trying to believe in something and find out who I was, but in the end I didn't fit in with the other officer-types and was incapable of connecting with anyone on a human level.

IT consultancy - helped run a small company that was designed to provide work for people with autism. My job was to get the funding and deal with the media, but I couldn't convince anyone to get on board with project. We ran out of money and I had to leave.

Care Home - 2 years cleaning up shit and being attacked. Fear and depression every day, spiralling into a desperate crusade on behalf of one of the kids which eventually got me fired for gross misconduct.

Camping Shop - 4 months working on a website and being frowned at by the rest of the office who didn't understand a word I said.

Mobility Centre - current job. Manager who kinda understands me. Not too much hassle. Still get blank stares all the time but at least I'm not sucked in. Steady 9-to-5 work and gives me time to whinge about how I don't have a girlfriend and no one wants to publish my novel.

It all depends what "work" is for you.