TK is an IDIOT.

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Ok. So guess what. You know that cute little fox I sometimes has as my avatar?

That's a Fennec fox.

I'm getting that. Soon.

I'm getting, one of these.


Looks small, doesn't it? Kinda frail, right?

That. Is $1000 dollars, right there. Oh, scuse me, I'm not doing shipping. $800.

Then there's the fact that their type of housing is $200. You also need to buy a leash, collar, and a harness.

Here's the fun part! You have to get them more than one type of food.

This is what he breeder told me:

Food: Nature's Best Chicken and Brown Rice + Fancy Feast Grilled Chicken in Gravy + Veggies (peas, green beans, corn, carrots, lima beans)

All that is mixed together for the main meal. Throughout the day, just leave out the dog kibble

So I have to buy all of that.

There's also the fact that I'm trying to get a job right now and I'm trying to move out of my parents house right now. I'm planning on getting that fennec within the next two years.

So, easily this is going to cost me about $1500 right from the start at least.

No cute little foxes for YOU! >:D Gotta make a home for the baby first!
I am! I'm aming to tackle that first couple of heart attacks while buying the $300 worth of cage, leash/collar/harness. and the other $200 for food.

Then tackle the motherfucking $1000.

I think you should go for it, TK!
Of course I shall. I'm just bitching about the cost.

I've been studying up and trying to find a breeder for four years.

Yeah, that's right. FOUR. YEARS.

And I've been interested in getting one of these little guys since I found out about them five or six years back.

This is not a "Oh this'll look cute." This is " OMFG, OMFG, OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGG! *prints out pictures and puts up next to bed* I will get you. I promise."
Turtles are cool, but I prefer foxes.

This breeder is really helping me out.

dammit, now ir eally have to visit merika.

domestic fox? sounds awesome!
It really is! This breeder loves me because I'm trying to learn enough about them, ONE YEAR AHEAD OF GETTING ONE.

He's mulling over the idea of giving me more discounts because of it.
I fucking HATE foxes. They're sneaky, high-strung and mean-spirited. They're predators. I hope everyone who buys one gets bit in the goddamn face. Foxes should be out in the wild tearing the throats out of smaller animals, not in someone's house wearing a harness and eating dog kibble >:(

I really don't like it when people get "exotic (WILD)" animals, call it "domesticated" and bitch around afterwards when they're peeing all over their house and tearing things to shreds and then dumping the dumbass things out in the wild, assuming they can just pick up where nature left off. Then said "domesticated" animals wander back into town and get shot in the head because they're biting kids and begging for food on doorsteps.

Sorry to like, be a bump in the 'omfg its so cute!' bandwagon. Actually, no, I'm not sorry. I think it's a stupid idea. :| Nothing against TK or anything, just against the whole domesticated wild animal as pets thing.

Carry on.
Ampy, I've been thinking about this for a long time, and I'm aware of the damages that these animals can cause to a house. And I understand your emotions.

Fennecs are one of the most social of the foxes, no one pulls them from the wild, in Texas, because they already have the 4th or 5th generation of fennecs that were raised, FAR AWAY from their actual intended environment. The fennecs I'm talking about have been in captivity for over five generations, pulled at four days and bottle fed until they are taken to their new home.

These breeders don't give them to yuppies, or people who buy them on a whim. But, this is unlike Japan, who sells them like dogs, complete with manuals and specialized food.

I understand the nature of their bathroom behavior.

I also understand their destructive nature.

They are hyper, and don't calm down with age. If not socialized properly they will not be able to interact with humans well. I understand these things too.

I understand because one of my dreams is to be a sort of "wild/exotic/ animals that their owners dun fucked up" rehabilitation.

I would love to be able to try and take in those animals that other people thought would be cute. "Awwww, this little itty bitty kitty is adorable" eventually turns into "IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING TIGER, WHY DID I FUCKING BUY THIS? IT ATE MY PUREBRED FRENCH BULLDOG! I'M SO DONE WITH IT!"

Also, I don't believe in lumping an entire SPECIES under the words "High-strung", "Mean-spirited", and "sneaky". I believe also, that not only do species matter, but the individual traits and experiences of each animal determines their behavior in life.

Basically, for that last portion, that's practically the "pit-bull" argument, which, by the way, I've worked with those dogs, SWEETEST THINGS IN THE WORLD, but again, life experiences.

Amp, the closest I'd come to trying to come to terms with you is feral foxes. THOSE are devils. Poor Australia.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about:

Regular fox:


Feral fox:



I'm not trying to bash you, Amp, or just senselessly debunk everything you say. There ARE people that just buy the CUTE WITTLE SNOOKIMS only to find Mr. Twinklebutt has a penchant for leaving little brown presents on their most treasured items. There are people who just pluck these creatures from the wild. I'm intending on being very involved with animals, and I've been working at getting a degree in Zoology. I want to help animals.

I actually think I respect you a lot more for holding that opinion.

*Snuggles Amp*

Besides.... I'm unable to get one...

Legislation just changed.

Texas doesn't allow you to buy, sell, or have one in your possession unless you're a fur factory.

The breeder I talked to? He's moving. He's sending his fennec's up with a friend, and then he's going to follow I think.

This just seems wrong, because if you don't relocate your "illegal fur-bearing animal" within the desired time, or are unable to. The euthanize it. Really? Not Rehab. Not relocation. Kill it. Just extirminate it.

Fur factories kill them all the time.

Most owners I know think of these creatures as their children. You'd be murdering their sons and daughters.

I just don't understand how it seems right, when, in good hands, they're great pets with enough socialization and training, but yet, not allowed to be kept as pets, while as, some of the SAME SPECIES are slaughtered for their fur, without even a pet, or a tummy rub, or treated more than just a profit.

I hate the fur industry. I hate Texas. I hate legislation.

Still love foxes though.
Well I'd rather lump all the foxes in with "High-strung", "Mean-spirited", and "sneaky" because I'm not supposed to be touching the damn things anyway. If one comes toddling up I'm going to assume it has rabies or wants to eat one of my cats. The area I live in is still very wide open and wild, so when an animal like that comes that close, that's usually the case.

It's also completely different to "understand" an animal's behavior than it is to be prepared for it. Having a job at a shelter is different than having to live with an animal all the time every day for the rest of your life or until it dies or disappears from your life somehow. I just think that you can be all optimistic and whatever about building your own Animal Heaven or whatever, but at the same time I think you should be as pessimistic as well =\ Just my own opinion though.

LOL I don't like pit-bulls either. Sure, I've heard plenty of people say "OMG SWEETEST THINGS EVER" but I've seen just as many bite people for no reason. Sure, maybe it had bad experiences or whatever. I just still wouldn't be as willing to trust one. I do like Chow Chows though, which I've heard people describe just as badly as they do Pit-bulls. I AM AN ANIMAL RACIST.

As for the fennec legislation; sure, relocation would be the most ideal option, rehab maybe second place. You can think of an animal like a fox as your pet and child, but I'd think you'd have to accept the consequences just as much. Exotic/controversial animals get banned/unbanned all the time. Having one is usually a risk. I'd beat myself up for it, but I think having them euthanized would be better than sending them to a fur factory or setting them free to have them smashed by a car or something as equally terrible.
There is no such thing as a bad domesticated animal just shitty owners.

Let's say I was groped by a guy with brown eyes and black hair, does that mean all guys who look like that will molest me? No. A victim of their up bringing. Some people are easy to manage and so are some animals. Some people are total dicks. Each animal has a personality! :) it's all about personality and upbringing
I was bad about collecting wild turtles.. I had 34 at one point... I let them all go after a wile though..
My head just exploded from cuteness, definintely go for it.
Whatevever floats your boat, TK. Just remember that ultimately whatever happens, or however that animal turns out. It's ultimately going to be reflected on you along with it's natural instincts.

There's no such thing as a bad, or untrustworthy animal. Just bad luck. Any animal can go apeshit, and any animal can be mellow. It depends on the luck of the draw.
Food: Nature's Best Chicken and Brown Rice + Fancy Feast Grilled Chicken in Gravy + Veggies (peas, green beans, corn, carrots, lima beans)

All that is mixed together for the main meal.


IT'S A FOX!!!!
One got trapped in our trashcan once, during the night. When I opened the lid the next day, the poor thing tried to lunge for my face, and it made THE. SCARIEST. NOISE. EVER.

Owls, foxes, bobcats, wolves, coyotes, hawks, etc. don't make great pets, IMO. And they don't taste good, anyway, so just leave them alone.

But I gotta say, that is one cute babeh.