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    You remember little.

    A flash of colour, a terrible sensation. Maybe you remember a familiar place, before it all happened. The treasured face of a loved one, now viewed through broken, disjointed glass.

    You remember little.

    This house is unfamiliar, mysterious; as are the people you awaken amongst. Its surrounding countryside is foreign, alien, with the promise of dark mysteries and half-chances for answers as to where you are and how you all got here.

    You remember little.

    But there is one thing you do recall. A recollection that fills you with dread.

    Something came for you before you found yourself in this place. Something terrifying and unknowable, a nightmare made manifest. What it wants with you, you do not know.

    What you do know is that it will return for you.

    Now you and your allies must gather your resources, learn your surroundings and prepare for the thing’s reappearance. How will you defend yourselves? Flee and search for civilisation? Barricade the house and hide?

    Or make a final stand as the sun sets, and hope that you survive?​

    ‘Tithe’ is a Horror Chat RP I hope to run at some point. Set in an isolated house in the middle of nowhere, players take the role of a group of strangers who awaken in the house with their memories hazy and vague, save for one.

    Something snatched them out of their ordinary lives and led to them winding up here. And it is coming back for them.

    How the characters prepare for the confrontation with this entity rests with the players, an exercise in collaborative storytelling as the characters’ personalities and back-stories are constructed through play.

    If this strikes you as something you'd be interesting in taking part in, please let me know. I'd like to gauge how much of an audience this game is likely to have before setting things in motion.

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  3. Interested. Definitely interested.
  4. I'll be there to provide character-developing action scenes that allow ample opportunity for adrenal intimacy.
  5. Ooooo~ O: This looks like fun!
  6. Sounds like a good time! :D