Titans, Mechs, Gundams And a walking city?

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  1. Well the Title says it pretty well, Mecha, Titans, Gundam, Knightmares, Whatever you call em. and a walking city?

    Welcome to Nirvana, Well, thats what we call it, its as far from it as you get. grease smoke, chemical fumes, Machine exhaust and other pollutants cling to the city like a permanent shroud. Even at midday the lower levels are forever in twilight. If your lucky and managed to get a pass to the high spires or viewing balconies you could see Ahead of the city, for there is most definatly a front, and behind it are two more much like it but very different all the same. The one ahead of us glitters like the sun, they call it Avalon, no smog covers that one it runs on some old tech, all clean air and birdsong. The one behind us, They call that one Elysium, is also clouded in smoke and pollutants, but those ones are different they stink of burning fat and rotting corpses, they say Elysium runs on evil technology that requires the sacrifice of living creatures. and on we still move, Nirvana rolling on its huge treads, Avalon on its wheels, and Elysium skittering on its 12 spider like legs. There are more like us ahead and behind.
    Why do we travel like this you ask? Because we are being harried and chased. we run across this blasted wasteland of our own making, from monsters of our own making.
    Long ago, something terrible happened, Something people call The Rift, Reality and Fantasy mixed. or at-least that's what they say, Long ago the beasts that roam our lands were only fairy tails or that's what they call them. As an attempt to seal the rift the governments of the world tried to nuke its source, which failed, The Rift itself, or whatever created the rift retaliated, obliterating huge swathes of the earth reducing it to a wasteland, cities were wiped off the map, oceans were dried up. The world was left a barren waste land. Then the rift spat forth everything, Technology we couldn't understand, monsters we couldn't even dream of. So we did what we could, we took anything we could use and we moved entire cities. And its continued ever since. Every few dozen years the Rift appears some where else and spits out more Monsters and more Technology.

    Why do we keep moving do you ask? Because of the things the the Rift unleashed, Things that we can fight, but are in such numbers we could never survive. So we run from rift to rift collecting technology and avoiding death.
    How do we fight them? The Mercenary Armies. Groups of Merc's who fight for money, The Coalition of Cities pays them a 'standing' rate, a small amount that lets them get by, however they get a large bonus each time they take one of the creatures down. These Merc's pilot the 'God Machines' weapons of war that are made from the Rift Tech that are strange as they are lethal, When you look at them you'd never guess they were capable of what they do, rag tag bunch of random machines. but when you see them fight, you understand why they are called "God Machines." they look like they could take on a god.
    What requires such things to fight them you ask? Monsters, Monsters of such horrific nightmares that any man or woman in their right mind would run screaming.

    Everyone will be playing a Merc and his or her Mecha, These mech can be of any design you so chose, be it a Scifi mecha with laser blasters and anti matter guns, or a grimy semi-modern mech with massive calibur machine guns and tactical nuke missiles. They can be of any style, 2 legs, 4 legs, wings, lots of guns, only a few guns. So feel free to go wild.
    I will however state, Mech weapon power will be plateaued, So, a laser cannon will do as much damaged as a high callibur cannon. To do this Weapons will be 'classed' With higher classes doing higher damage. All classes are Per shot.
    For a few examples.

    Class 1 weapons, Chain gun, Machine gun, Rapid Fire laser pulse gun,
    Class 5 weapons, Plasma cannons, Macro Cannons (Cannons that fire Shells the size of cars/tanks),
    Class 10 Weapons, Nukes, large Anti-Matter Weapons, Plasma Oblitorators (Plasma guns that huge destructive beams of plasma).

    However Clearly each weapon will have unique abilities and stats, That is up tot he player to decide.
    Mecha are also classified in to 4 types.
    Light. Medium. Heavy, and Super-Heavy.
    While this is not a constraint as to weapons or speed, It is a weight classification. The heavier your mech the further up the classification rank it will go. I won't be strict on this, but please do not have 4 class 10 weapons on a light mech.
    Note; Only Light mech's can fly, and even then it is more a rocket assisted jump.

    Other than those limits, mecha can be of any sort you like. from rocket spewing spiders to hovering uber big tanks with a radiation cannon. All Mech are very large, the smallest of them, is 2 or 3 times the size of a 4 bedroom house.

    Like the Mech's, The mercenaries are from alll walks of life, however all share 1 common thing. a innate bond with their God Machine, They know it, to them it is a living creature, it thinks, it feels, It Hungers for battle. no one else can sense this from that machine, but all the other Merc's understand it, since they feel it to in their own mecha. Merc's are also of all ages, as God Machines extend a pilots life, as well as enhancing their skills, so Pilots can be from 16 up to 80+ (150 is a realistic limit). These God Machines chose their pilots, calling to them wherever they may be, how they are called to is different, but the result is always the same, The pilot finds the God Machine and will start talking to it, He or She will then decide they want to try and drive it, and thus a Pilot is born. God Machines can lie dormant for Years waiting for the first pilot, upon awakening they hunger for action until they are destroyed.

    as for how our char's will meet up, We all are on the same city, other than that, its up to you guys.

    CS Skelleton;

    Apperance; (Picture or Description)
    Piloting style; (Are they agressive, supportive, a solo fighter, a team player, do they prefer to shell from long range, or get up in the foes face?)
    History/Bio; (Minimum 1 paragraph please)

    Mech Data Sheet;
    Weight Class:
    Offensive Equipment: (Remember to class each one)
    Defensive Equipment: (A comparitive weapon class would be nice)
    Support/Mobility Equipment:
    Any Additional Info:

    As for what city we are starting on, That's up for Debate, there are more than just the 3 I put in the Intro.

    My CS;

    Name; James Thompson
    Age; Unclear, (He dosn't remember, but he's been piloting Augmenautus Rex for longer than most other Pilots have been alive)
    James is a strange one to say the least, The body of a young man in a casket of bullet proof glass and reinforced metals, His eyes forever closed, as if sleeping, wires connecting his body to the casket. He speaks only through the speakers on the Casket, he sees through its cameras, One would assume he was only in there because it was comfy, that was except for the fact huge parts of his chest and lower body were missing. almost half of his right side of his chest, his left leg under the knee, most of his right arm, and even one of his eyes seem to be gone. Though the right eye socket is open, wires going in to it in such dense bundles it is impossible to see part of his face. It is unclear as to weather he was put in the because he got the wounds, or because it was needed to Pilot The Augmenautus Rex.

    Personality; James is warm and friendly when off the battle field. He loves to talk to people and tease them, it was as if whenever his body was entombed in this liquid/gel life support system he ceased ageing in his mind, he acts like a young adult, impatient and care free. However on the battle field he shows his age and expirance, Piloting Augmenautus Rex with precision and control. Easily helping his fellow Mercs and guiding them. However this often gains him the ire of some of the younger, fresher Pilots as he will snap orders without warning or politeness.

    Piloting style; Jame's piloting style often involves closing on the foe while unloading salvo after salvo of fire, before closing for the kill with his close combat weapons.

    History/Bio; James was quite young when he first became a God Machine Pilot, about 18, and while not massively skilled it rapidly became clear that his God Machine was different either that or how he and it interacted was different to normal God Machines, When out of battle he was warm and kind, In battle he hungered for victory and destruction. Due to the strain holding his God Machine in check took on him his skills decreased, resulting in a acident, Not a loss, but he failed to block an attack which almost killed him, Making it back to the Walking City he was put in a Life Casket, a device that would preserve his body and mind and keep him alive, let him continue fighting at a massive cost, He would never walk again, he would never talk with his own mouth, he would never see with is own eyes. His God Machine was modified to support his new form, The change from control panel and command chair to a strange cradle like device that would hold his new form, and let him directly interface with his God Machine and control it with his mind. This not only improved his reaction times and control, but for some reason this calmed its Spirit allowing him to focus more on battle. Weather the God Machine was appeased by this 'sacrifice' of sorts, or if it was simply that James could exert more will over it has never been made clear. but it is clear that the two of them are incredibly Lethal.

    Before He became a Pilot James was a Librarian, he looked after the archives of the first Rift, That was untill one day while transcribing a almost unreadable book he heard something, something that was all at once at the back of his mind and elsewhere, a Whisper and a clarion call. curious, intrested, and enchanted he hunted for the source of this call. It took him several days to find the source, and it took his old masters a week to find him after that. He was standing talking to Augmenautus Rex who's previous Pilot had been killed days before.

    Mech Data Sheet;
    Name; Augmenautus Rex
    Weight Class: Heavy
    Offensive Equipment:
    A High Callibur Macro cannon on the front, where the 'mouth' would be (See images) Class 5
    2 Hellfire cannons under it, Hellfire Cannons spew Molten metal and white hot flames, used when close up and personal Class 1 (Low damage 'per shot' so to speak, but continuous spray of fire)
    The 'tail' (see images) has a "stinger Cannon" Which is a high calibur chain gun that sacrifices hitting power for fire rate, As it is mounted on the tail it has a full 360o firing arc, Class 2
    The Main Armourment of the Augmenautus Rex are the two huge front mounted 'claws' Armed with three bladed chains each they are used to rip foes apart at close range, The chain 'blades' can also extend from the claws for punching attacks, The 'claws' also have a close range fusion cutter built in to increase the damadge done and ease at which they tear through tough targets. Class 7 (Hugely destructive, close combat only)
    Defensive Equipment:
    The Augmenautus Rex has no Defensive 'Equipment' other than its thick armour plating and huge shields on its front claws, These shields can be put together in-front of the Augmenautus and the tail lain flat to protect the entire body, if only from one direction of fire, While the shields themselves are virtually indestructible (Class Nine) They can only protect from one angle and only if James reacts fast enough.
    The armour itself is thick and capable of shrugging of light arms fire without any damage.
    Support/Mobility Equipment:
    The Augmenautus Rex moves on 6 spindle like legs, Each with their own ripping chain 'blade' on both the inside and outside, used for gripping on to targets and clambering up vertical surfaces, these can also be used as a weapon in emergencies, Despite its large size, even for Mech's it is very fast, its six legs propelling it at a rapid pace across the ground. These legs can also allow it to jump, though not very high, but a decent distance forward (2 or 3 times its length forward) which is often used for leaping on to a target before ripping it to shreds with the claws.


    Any Additional Info:
    James's casket is inserted in to the Augmenautus Rex through the underside and lays flat inside of it, though how he controls it, and which way up is yet to be observed, However no one doubts his effectiveness with it.
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  2. WIP

    • [tab=The Crimson Templars]

    • [​IMG]
      (Kindly ignore the purple aura.)

      Rion Solius


      Sharp. Will attempt to take control of the situation no matter what. Charming when he wants to.

      Piloting style:
      Mostly a solo fighter.
      Uses a mix between medium distance and close up.

      Rion Solius was born right into the order of the Crimson Templars. His father had been a founding member and used his infamous reputation to draw in recruits. The order gained momentum, but without as much as a God Machine they would never be respected. Then his father dug something up that would forever change the group. The Relic told Rion's father of a higher being, or so he claims. Nevertheless it brought him to a God Machine, but only so he could realize that he wasn't able to awake it. It went differently for Rion however, who had been dragged along due to the loss of his mother only months earlier. The Relic did something to Rion and was destroyed in the progress. Suddenly Rion felt the God Machine and could control it. Feeling cheated, Rion's father became a bitter man after this. Rion came to grow up like this, until the day his father finally passed away. Now Rion carry the responsibility of being the Crimson Templars frontrunner alone.
    .:Mech Data Sheet:.


    Weight Class:

    Offensive Equipment:
    1x Dual purpose gun.
    1. Close range freeze gun that instantly freeze down anything that comes into contact.
    Vinter will not be affected by it however.
    Class: 7

    2. Long range Plasma Oblitorator. Smaller version.
    Class: 7

    Defensive Equipment:
    1x Powerful claw.
    Class: 10

    Vinter relies on it standard heavy armor for protection. That and its ability to leap to the side, avoiding incoming attacks.

    100x Anti-Project System (Sitting on its back)
    In case of incoming missiles or other, Vinter can launch counter missiles.
    Class: 2

    Support/Mobility Equipment:
    Vinter is not as slow as it looks. It can for a period of time leap forward, allowing the pilot to grab a foe with a huge claw and freeze the enemy before a powerful dash turn the ice cube into pieces.

    Any Additional Info:
    The Crimson Templars claim that the sprite of Vinter, a servant of Endora live within the machine.

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  • Looks good so far, But my only issues are;
    1) How do they rule? the Pilots are only kept active by the cities, and the Mech's don't fit around the city, they only fit inside their hangers.
    2) Who do they rule? Each city has its own police force ect, and if we're all going to be in the same city I can see that causing some issues
    3) What passes as Peace, and what sort of law (details mostly)

    I like the idea of a organized group that sees themselves as 'more than mercs' hell I think its going to be intresting. but I can also see it causing some issues.
    As a suggestion, Maybe they are like you said, A group that have claim to have broken off ect, and while they try to enforce some kind of law it dosn't really stick. Mostly due to the fact that its a symbiotic relationship between the cities and the mercs. Once you become a Pilot you lose everything exept your house. Other than that, loving it so far.
  • @Rion
    Can i send my information to you and have you do it like you did yours?
  • Wait till I get more finished please. ^^
    I only got a small part done compared to what to come.

    The tabs? Just do it like this

    [tab=Character Sheet]
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  • @Rion thanks, I think I can figure out the fonts and crap on my own
  • I made the font/text in paint.NET
    Google medieval fonts for a bunch of free awesome fonts.
  • Interesting. Might put up a cs.
  • Spoiler

    The Bleeding Crows

    "We leave a trail of blood, just never our own"

    Death to the enemy

    These are what it means to be a Bleeding Crow

    The Bleeding Crows are warriors of and old kingdom, each were trained in different styles of fighting from execution to being a soldier for the noble army, We leave a trail of blood, but its never our own. The Bleeding Crows don't worry about just the job, but making sure its done right, and making sure our god weapons make it out of there in one piece, we love our mecha's more than our lives so we refuse to let another man be harmed


    Name; Crow Okatagi
    Age; 16
    Apperance; [​IMG]
    Personality; Easygoing when out of battle, in combat tends to be aggressive but is always supporting his fellow members while being the leader of the bleeding crows.
    Piloting style; Aggressive, Team player, Supportive, All up in a foes face
    History/Bio; He was raised among imperial knights and at a young age joined the knights, he was famous for a while for wielding a legendary sword ((seen in his picture)) a piece of technology known as the gun blade. After the kingdom was taken down by the monsters he ran a merc guild known as the bleeding crows, later on down the road he found his gundam, Rozudoragon.


    Name; Rozudoragon
    Weight Class: Light
    Offensive Equipment: Bladed whip ((Id say this is a level 1 or 2 item)) Lazer pistol ((class 3 or so)) Plasma sword attached to the arm ((Class 2 or 3))
    Defensive Equipment: Tactical shield ((class 1 because it can also deal light knockback damage))
    Support/Mobility Equipment: Health equipment, Transformation mode
    Apperance; [​IMG]
    Any Additional Info: He has the two transformations that you see here gundam mode, and evasive flight mode
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  • Ill finish it tommorow
  • Name: Katrina Ekov
    Age: 20
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Distant, hard to approach. Tends to speak briefly and quickly.
    Piloting style: Defensive, long-range sniper. Uses mobility and heavy, long range weaponry to play keep away and gun the enemy down. Works well with a team despite her personality since having people to help her play keep away is highly beneficial. Capable solo, but not preferred.
    History/Bio: Katrina encountered Jurgandr when she was 12. Her parents had died long ago, leaving her alone in the Walking City. She fought for survival with a bunch of other kids in the same situation. Only she made it through her pre-teen years, finding Jurgandr shortly after their little gang had been killed off. The God Machine accepted her, and the two formed a powerful bond, allowing her to become a capable pilot despite her age and relatively short usage time. Eventually, she joined a mercenary group. With the standing rate and bonuses for killing Rift monsters, she finally managed a more or less stable life, if one counts a life of slaughtering monsters in mechs stable.

    Mech Data Sheet
    Name: Jurgandr
    Weight Class: Light
    Offensive Equipment: Rapid-fire Laser pulses from eyes and shoulders (Class 2) Long-Range Energy Rifle (Class 5) Blade on right arm (Class 6) Long-Range Anti-matter Rifle (Class 10)
    Defensive Equipment: An energy barrier surrounds the mech. (Class 5)
    Support/Mobility Equipment: Energy thrusters on shoulders, arms, and legs. Allows for near instant acceleration in any direction. Has rocket thrusters on wings for more prolonged travel. Has a very far-range radar/scanner.
    Any Additional Info: Utilizes a self-replenishing energy source as its core, allowing it to use this for energy technology fuel. A generator fuels it and absorbs extra energy from the sun, wind movements, and water movements.
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  • So, looking at all your CS's so far, I'm going to just make this clear; While factions do form among pilots they are rare, Mostly because each city has 10 or so God Machines, and even then it is unlikely that all of the pilots are of the same class or group. Cities also jealously guard/try to keep their God machines with them, in-case upper echelon politics means some cities won't help others. So, most 'factions' tend to be city only factions of maybe 5 to 7 God Machines, And even then our pilots will all be in the same city, So lets assume both factions so-far have the minimum that makes 10 god machines that are part of your faction, that is half of the cities entire 'military' force that is under your control, so in our case that's the ENTIRE military force.
    Also, This is happening several centuries after the first Rift, meaning that anyone who was alive then is dead.
    And please note; ANYONE can be a God Machine Pilot, so if your faction is lets say made up of Middle class people, thats a 1/3 chance that each pilot will be capable of joining your faction, resulting in only 3 people. More often than not Teams form, Partnerships or small groups of 3 or so people who work together.
    On the flip side, the Engineers and such are very much factionised and team based around each individual God Machine, and often refuse to let other teams help them, it being a pride thing, and they pride themselves on the fact they are the best team ect.

    I may be ajusting the starting situation to Reduce the impact of factions since I wasn't intending to have them play a big part. I would prefer of you guys focused on getting God Machines and Pilot specs sorted rather than fleshing out factions.
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  • I'll probably just throw my character in one of their factions.
  • My faction part is more background than anything else really. I wasn't planning for it to play a major role and will only RP the pilot.
  • Mine was simply an option, i figured with this being a merc rp we should have one or two guilds the class the mercs into @EddiEddi
  • I know, I'm just saying that they may have a personal code, banner and title. Just that I'd rather not have them have a massive effect on the roleplay, as 'factions' tend to be the cities.
    @CrowOkatagi Just note; You should specify weather the flight you have is a defencive or mobility skill, IE do you have high evasive menouvers, hyper agile ect, or are you fast in a straight line?
  • Can I join?
  • Yes, Yes you can. Max limit I've set is 10 God Machines. and we've only got 4 so far.
    Also I'm enjoying the fact that sofar no one's gone crazy with their mech builds.

  • CS:
    Name: Rafa

    Age: 16
    Personality: Outside of the battlefield, he is friendly, calm and a little kind hearted but inside the battlefield, he is totally focused on his enemies, he don't care for orders of anyone and is loyal with his comrades.
    Piloting style: He's an Aggressive solo mercenary, he like to face his enemies alone and face to face but having someone to help him, he wouldn't mind but he gets angry if his companion get in his way.
    History/Bio: Being born into an rich family of technologists and scientists that were searching more about the rift, he got fascinated by technology and its secrets until the day his parents died in an horrible accident, since that day, he stopped all his studies and fled to the worse part of Nirvana. In Elysium he got involved into a lot of troubles, some involving theft and sometimes murder, but that was his life until the day he received an letter of his grandparents saying that if he wanted a better life he just needed to go to his parents house on Avalon. After an year of troubles, he got tired and went back to his house, when he got there, he remembered of everything that happened but he didn't care and focused on his future. One day, his grandpa died of an unknown decease and left another letter that in it he told him of his father's secret room that was an huge exclusive hangar between some buildings in an part of Avalon and an machine that he used after his father died to gain money. In the hangar, he found an strange machine that came from the Rift, finding the secret room by hearing an strange noise, he saw the machine that his grandpa said to him in the letter, it was that what was calling him, he felt something different, something powerful. Entering in the machine, he felt complete and stronger but unfortunately the machine was missing some parts, reading an book about the Rift that he found inside there, he learned about the Rift and the God Machine, with that he spend almost all his family money to borrow the missing parts. With 16, he found the Mercenary job and with his God Machine named Nevan, he destroyed monsters for the thrill of fighting and, of course, the money.

    Mech Data Sheet:

    Name: Nevan
    Weight Class: Medium
    Offensive Equipment: An Dual Rift-Made P90 (class 3) and an Plasma Heavy Sword that can become two Bastard Swords (class 6)
    Defensive Equipment: It's own armor is thick, not so protective against explosives but light shots deal minimum damage in it (Class 6)
    Support/Mobility Equipment: It have some thrusters on the arms for stronger attacks.

    Any Additional Info: The head is the 'control room'. The chest area is where the weapons are kept, the sword on the back and the guns on the front. Rafa carry an sword on his back just for self protection.

    Changed... Caught a cold and my pc isn't helping too.
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