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  1. This RP is a tribute to young heroes of the fictional world, Marvel, DC, or otherwise. Though keeping everything within a superhero style medium just for a solid overall theme. Comic book characters, cartoon characters, manga/anime characters, video game characters, even fictional book characters, if you can get them to fit into the superhero ideal, they're fair game. You can even change their details around to let them fit into the world better or in the sense of Marvel's Ultimate universe (minus nearly everyone getting killed in stupid story lines). The world this takes place in a mish-mash of the DC and Marvel universes. Gotham City is the capital of New Jersey, serving almost as New York City's darker counterpart, across from San Francisco exists San Fransokyo, an Asian inspired counterpart, while Metropolis is located in Delaware. A beacon of modern know how with classic feel.

    The goal is to have plenty of interacting between characters, so solo adventures are highly discouraged but not completely banned. The RP is set to take place during the fall of 2016.

    To give an idea what I mean with the concept, here's some characters that have been discussed or used in a previous run of this RP.

    Young Marvel/DC heroes from Young Avengers, Young Justice, Teen Titans, Runaways, and others
    Scott Pilgrim
    Ken Masters from Street Fighter
    Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising
    Ben 10
    Generator Rex
    Peter Pan
    Danny Phantom
    Kim Possible
    Cyborg 009


    Obey your GM at all times, GM's word is law.
    Keep the amount of characters you wish to join with at 2 maximum.
    Don't be a dick.
    There is no calling dibs on a character. If more than one person wants to make a character they will be asked to provide a sample post of said character on top of a character sheet. With GM and peers deciding which is better.
    No time traveling, it complicates stuff.
    Don't be a dick.
    No killing ICs or godmodding unless you get permission either from the GM or the person playing the character. Unnamed NPCs however, are much more fair game.
    Do not post an incomplete character sheet. If you have questions or want the GM to review it send a private message first.


    The Avengers: SHIELD's pride and joy, the legendary superhero team that operates out of the Avengers Mansion in New York City. A team that has completely given up their private lives in the name of protecting the public, the team is beloved by the general public thanks to their routine good deeds and strong public image. Even if said public image has gained the ire of Daily Planet's CEO J. Jonah Jameson. The team have SHIELD not only providing them comfortable living conditions and pay, but help to clean up any damages the team inadvertently cause during battle.
    Leader: Captain America – Steve Rogers
    Iron Man – Anthony 'Tony' Stark
    Quicksilver – Pietro Maximoff
    Hulk – Bruce Banner
    Ant-Man – Hank Pym
    Wasp – Janet Van Dyne
    Green Arrow – Oliver 'Ollie' Queen
    Power Girl – Kara Zor-L
    Aquaman – Arthur Curry
    Elongated Man – Ralph Dibny
    Barbara Gordon – Oracle (Doesn't go on missions, works from base providing intel and hacking assistance)

    Justice League: A group of superheroes who became privately funded through Wayne Industries CEO Bruce Wayne. With their headquarters both in a secret base in Washington DC, as well as a base located out in space. They operate in secret even to SHIELD with secret identities. Though SHEILD does label them as an illegal terrorist organization for this. They know the team has no ill intent, as they're just as beloved in many circles as The Avengers. Still Avengers members have been warned about interacting with this group of rouge heroes. Leading to seeing any interaction between the two very rare. Still the Justice League continue to do good work, though because they don't have the kind of backing the Avengers do, they are much more cautious about causing any destruction when they are at work.

    Leader: Superman – Clark Kent/Kal-El
    Batman – Bruce Wayne
    Wonder Woman – Diana Prince/Diana of Themyscira
    The Flash – Barry Allen
    Plastic Man – Patrick O' Brian
    Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner
    Thor – Thor Odinson
    Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers
    Spider-Man – Peter Parker
    Hawkeye – Clint Barton
    Scarlet Witch – Wanda Maximoff
    Amadeus Cho (Doesn't go on missions, works from base providing intel and hacking assistance)

    Teen Titans: Batman for a while had a young man who he trained and worked with named Dick Grayson. The two had a kinship that was stronger than even the Justice League itself to them. However recently Dick Grayson wanted to finally rid himself of the 'sidekick' demeanor that had plagued him. With Bruce's blessing and assistance Dick Grayson began Project Teen Titans as a means not only to give himself distance from the Justice League. But a means to mentor young heroes just like Bruce Wayne had done for him. The team has been given a base in San Francisco and adhere to secrecy of their identities but don't have the same level of regulations put on them as their young hero counterparts in the Young Avengers. By and large though they are considered separate from the Justice League.

    Roster: (The prople in the RP)

    Nightwing - Richard 'Dick' Grayson (Leader) (Drewvonawesome)
    Loki (Drewvonawesome)
    Blossom Utonium (Gowi)

    Character Sheet:

    Full name:
    Brief Bio:
    Abilities: (Powers, skills, training, and knowledge)
    Appearance: (Both picture and description would be preferred)
    Affiliations: (Mentors, close friends, if the character isn't 'well known' a brief bio would be nice, if the character is a PC please contact the role player playing as said character first about it)
    Notes: (Anything extra things you'd like to add)
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  2. Profile (open)

    Full name:
    Blossom Utonium

    Brief Bio:
    Blossom Utonium is one of three daughters of Professor Kenneth Utonium, one of the world leaders of genetic science and a former scientific asset to the United States government under the SHIELD initiative. However such involvement was unknown to Blossom and her sisters for many years as the professor would dodge inquiries about their mother and especially his past as he would come up with hackneyed explanations to the children about their origins such as “sugar, spice, and everything nice” which as Blossom grew older became suspicious of the explanation he had given her and her sisters when they were six-years old. It was during this same year that it was realized the chemical formula Professor Utonium had used had birthed some abstract form of a metagene which dawned the girl’s abilities that began to develop at an exponential rate. This was of course the birth of “The Powerpuff Girls” and due to the influence of superheroes like Wonder Woman and Superman it was here that Blossom’s crime-fighting career began with her sisters Buttercup and Bubbles.

    For the equivalent of five more years, it all seemed that the guardianship of Townsville was something the Powerpuff Girls could count on themselves doing for a long time despite minor disputes and challenges by their rogue’s gallery that varied from scientists to mutants. But as the girls got older the times began to change and more devastating dangers seemed to crawl out from the criminal underbelly. What happened between when Blossom turned ten years old and when she awoke in the hospital ward of a neighboring town is unknown and as a result Blossom’s memory found itself checkered and mired in vague ideas.

    Following her apparent partial memory loss, Blossom found herself particularly darkened as she began to struggle with the evidence presented in front of her that Townsville was gone. It was an overwhelming fact that she realized at ten years old as her uncle, Eugene Utonium, took her from her recovery to the entrance of Townsville but despite all attempts at answers all she got was questions as the site of the metropolitan city was absent and without evidence of ruin—almost like it didn’t exist in the first place. Months began to pass and Blossom found herself situated with her uncle Eugene despite the absenteeism of the family that were now lacking existence in her life beyond of the blame and fear Blossom shifted upon herself, her sisters and her father were shadows of what once was.

    In time, Blossom found herself able to distract herself as she “officially” retired from superhero vigilantism and focused on her studies. Given her great intellect, once applied the young girl found herself alongside child prodigies of the world; one of which she met during her time at Empire State University—Dexter McPherson. Such friendship continued to help Blossom as a coping mechanism as the years began to pile on and no answer about what happened to her or her family seemed to pop up despite her inquiries to experts of scientific and arcane nature. Despite her idolization of such experts it didn’t bring her any closer to having any answers. Garnering academic degrees in various fields including chemistry, biology, physics, and language.

    It was then in the previous year when all of her reservations about her former vigilantism changed as a supervillain group launched an attack whilst the organizations devoted to defending the city were unapproachable due to activity on other missions elsewhere—a rare occurrence, for sure. Dexter McPherson would be the one who would gather Blossom and appeal to her sense of pragmatism and thus began the fight back which ultimately gathered “official” attention to both Blossom and Dexter for their efforts during this “crisis”. Attention that would lead to a recommendation for service on a group of similarly aged youths. Encouraged by others to be who she has to be to protect others as well as Dexter’s pursuit for answers for Townsville’s “disappearance” it was here that the sixteen year old girl joined this incarnation of heroes…

    As the byproduct of Professor Kenneth Utonium’s chemical formula known as “X”, Blossom’s metagene has evolved to a high level that facilitates a variety of powers that grants her superhuman abilities that have likely yet to reach their threshold. Such abilities include buy may not be limited to: superhuman strength and durability, control of her personal gravitational field that allows flight, ice breath, microscopic vision, and perhaps a small healing factor. Blossom also holds a tenth to eleventh level intellect and has since she was six years old. With the admission of psychological damage and personal restraint the full effectiveness of these powers are not at one-hundred percent.

    The aftermath of Townsville’s apparent destruction has left Blossom less decisive, emotionally distraught, and enigmatically confused. This of course puts Blossom at odds with her greatest benefit which is and has been her lawful, logical, and tactical mindset that has allowed her to be quick to a problem and efficient in dealing with it. However, her ability to be as tactical as she used to be is significantly compromised considering the large sense of turmoil with the city she grew up being wiped off the map, her sisters nowhere to be found over the course of entire years, and no memory to account for either of these events. Even amongst new friends and allies, the lingering questions remain in Blossom’s mind as she struggles with finding the answers. Conscripted amongst a new “team”, she finds herself doubting everything around her despite being in the company of heroes and helping the world as those who she idolized as a child would. When Blossom leaves her problems at the table as best as she can she still exhumes a sense of superiority which can lend her to act condescending, “bossy”, and dismissive. But between keeping herself in check and new friends like Dexter McPherson she believes it is all a step in the right direction.

    Through the turmoil of time, not much has changed with Blossom outside of perhaps attire and the wear and tear of the events Blossom has had to deal with. Her eyes, once a bright and perhaps optimistic pink have now dulled to the cynical consequences of the world around her which says much about the girl’s demeanor in the present day. Clothing choice is still partial to her childhood, which can be related to a nostalgic sense that she holds; she has coats of pink and purple with scarfs of red and pink.

    Dexter McPherson – The “boy genius” who has been compared to the likes of Tony Stark and Lex Luthor, Dexter comes from a small city in the Midwest of which he likes to keep quiet about. He doesn’t speak often about his family or his life as one of the brightest minds in the world. Initially he worked with Blossom during a crisis whilst the Titans and other hero groups were unavailable to aid. Such crisis defense made both Blossom and Dexter recruited to the Titans after the event was over. Dexter is quiet, dense, and over-analytical which can make him frustrating to talk with.

    XJ-9, Jenny Wakeman – One of Blossom’s friends and occasional allies. Not a member of the Titans. Dexter considers her an asset.

    Eugene Utonium – Blossom’s caretaker, uncle, and legal guardian after her father’s death.

    To be determined.

    So this was my CS, and so I don't lose it and all that...
  3. Full name: Richard 'Dick' Grayson
    Alias: Nightwing
    Brief Bio: Richard's family were already another part of a grand legacy by the time he was born. Known the world over as The Flying Graysons, the family was considered by many one of, if not the premier acrobatic performers in the world of the circus. Dating back to the 19th century the family branched out from not just tight rope walking, to motorcycle ball of death, being shot out of cannons, and other kinds of performances over the years.

    Richard immediately took to the high wire act. Almost to an unhealthy degree as when he wasn't up there performing he was dreaming of doing so. Even as it meant daydreaming through his schoolings on the road. Life was grand for Dick regardless though as he was always around family and traveling the world. It was one night though in Gotham City that everything changed. It was a charity show put on by Wayne Industries. Things were going swimmingly until the show was attacked by Joker. The city's most feared villain who was hell bent on robbery and destruction. Activating a giant bomb Dick leapt to action, trying to deactivate the bomb before getting it rolled out to the nearby river where it activated with no one getting hurt. However he was able to return to the show in time to watch his parents get shot and killed by Joker.
    All alone and with nothing except adoption and foster home Hell as far as he could see.

    Dick Grayson was surprised when a certain individual came and visited him at the adoption center. The man was none other than Bruce Wayne. As much as he adored Mr. Wayne and enjoyed the things that came with it. Grayson's heart burned from what had happened to him. He would go out at night, even for his young age, and would prawl looking for thugs to beat up. Not only getting the thrills he used too but giving himself therapy for the short comings in his life. When Batman found him Grayson assumed he was going to be something horrible for his actions. Only to realize that Batman and Bruce Wayne were the same people. After spending ages trying to convince his father to give him a chance. Dick Grayson trained and practiced vigorious for a year before being able to don the red and black of Robin. Fast forward to now, and the Robin of old has wanted to branch out on his own. Getting his mentor's permission Dick Grayson traveled out to San Francisco. Where his challenge of starting a team of young superheroes begins.

    Abilities: While not possessing any particular superpowers technically, Nightwing is simply put ungodly athletic. Thanks to not only training from Batman in all things combat since he was little, Nightwing also has a long history with circus acrobatics, something his been able to hone and perfect as well. Able to move, leap, and strike with peak human performance levels (some would even suggest more so) Nightwing is possibly one of the strongest hand to hand fighters in the world. Having the resources and means to create technological items to help further his skill and take down ability. Nightwing possesses a special bo staff that can also snap into a pair of escrima sticks, both with tasers at their far ends from the connecting point, and also the entire thing comes with a fail safe on Nightwing's suit which electrocutes anyone foolish to try and take his weapon from him. Add to this smoke bombs, goggles that provide both night vision and heat signatures, as well as wingshots, his own version of Batman's baterangs. He has a complete arsenal on him at all times for combat. The only other thing of note is his night rider (not to be confused with that show from the 80's). A heavily modified motocross bike with strong body work, a heavy duty engine, and highly durable tires that provide self sealing capabilities when punctured.

    Personality: Dick Grayson's attitude could be very surprising considering how one moment, Dick comes off as chill, relaxed, self-confident, and certainly brash in some ways. However Nightwing is fearless, almost too fearless for his own good. Never seeing a fight he thought twice about, or a dangerous situation he even paused on. This has always been Nightwing's style, battle evil like he was playing with house money. Batman has had problems with it in the past, and the two have argued over it more than once. For Nightwing though its more than just saving lives. All his life Dick Grayson sought the next thrill. The thing that would get his blood pumping. From his circus acrobatics, to skateboarding, to motocross, to skydiving. Dick has done it all and in some cases sucked the thrill out of it. Of course for him being Nightwing isn't just a thrill, its to fight back the evils of the world that almost took everything from him. Although that isn't to say he won't talk an ungodly amount of crap at any criminal who crosses him. While proceeding to beat the living crap out of them.

    Appearance (open)


    Standing at around 6'1 Dick Grayson is a stunning specimen of man. Toned to borderline perfection in muscle mass and his muscle to fat ratio.

    Leader of the Teen Titans, team liaison for Teen Titans with Justice League.
    Batman – adopted father, mentor
    Barbara Gordon – long time friend, former girlfriend
    Wally West (Kid Flash) – Best friend
    Notes: Nightwing has been for the last few months not only working privately getting the Titans HQ built out of an originally abandoned apartment complex, but privately visiting and recruiting the young heroes for the team.

    Full name: Loki Laufeyson
    Alias: God of Mischief, Prince of Lies
    Brief Bio: Born to the soon after killed Laufey, the Frost Giant and former king of the Ice Realm of Asgard. Loki was adopted by Odin and raised in the King's castle. Growing up Loki was mischievous and a bit of a smartass, something that didn't earn him much favor with those around him. Still Thor loved his adopted brother, and for a little while growing up Thor and Loki enjoyed one another's company quite a bit. Soon though Loki began to be feel neglected by Odin, especially when the King announced on Thor's 8th birthday that he would someday be in possession of Mjolnir, the most powerful magical hammer ever made. Fueling his simmering anger with an almost pinpoint focus studying of Asgard magic and science. His knowledge fueling his rage, and his rage fueling his ever growing knowledge until it all boiled over in a plot to kill Thor and Odin, claiming Mjolnir and all of Asgard for his own.

    Though the plan failed it didn't stop Loki. Repeatedly Loki put himself at odds over Thor in a varieties of plans and battles. Almost to a point of Loki's sole reason for life was tormenting Thor. However it all came to a head in a battle on Asgard. When Loki found himself in prime position to kill Odin with Thor unable to stop him preoccupied with a mysteriously giant fire golem. As Loki loomed in for the kill he hadn't expected what he saw next, a lone tear going down Odin's cheek. Almost in an instant Loki's anger had ceased and slowly clear thoughts formed in his clouded mind. Stunned into dropping to a knee and unable to even move. Loki slowly saw his life of madness in front of him. His hands, caked in metaphorical blood from all the harm he did, for what? Petty vengeance? Loki's heart broke, and in an instant he retreated from his father, never to be seen again by him. Thor meanwhile found himself cornered when Loki came to his rescue. Sacrificing himself to save Thor with his final words being “Forgive me, brother...”

    Years later Loki was reincarnated into a Persian boy name Serrure. Growing up eventually Serrure's visions came to reveal his past as Loki. Only now with a clear mind and a resolve to amend past sins. The newly re-crowned Loki sought his brother's attention only to be repeatedly stopped by other heroes who simply did not trust Loki's motives at all. Eventually though Loki and Thor met, and the two disappeared for three months, Thor only sending letters to his teammates at the Justice League to assure them he was fine. Finally Thor returned, convinced of his brother's change of heart and eagerly wished to put him into the new Teen Titans project. The other heroes, though still quite skeptical, hesitantly accept. Loki is eager to begin, but knows everyone's going to be keeping a close eye on him. After all, his not exactly been the most truthful person in the past.

    Abilities: Intellectually brilliant in Asgard magic, Loki specializes in magic that can confuse. Particularly spell that can change his appearance, make phony images appear to others, and make people believe his words. He has many many other spells in his arsenal though, as well as a few magical artifacts including many old spell books that he can resort too. Being of frost giant bloodline Loki also has superhuman strength of up too 30 tons, as well as a very superhuman endurance and surviving incredible amounts of punishment.

    Personality: Always believing he is the smartest person in the room (and to his credit he's usually right), Loki even in his changed ways still has an air of arrogance to him. His proud of his own mind and gift of magic skills. Though he realizes he's not exactly captain popular with his teammates, he does want to prove his worth and that he is a changed man. Although he is usually quick to make snips about his own brother Thor, he is quick to defend the man. Loki tends to prefer being alone a lot of his spare time, studying magic or just doing small things to pass the time.

    Appearance (open)


    Standing at around 6'4 Loki surprisingly weighs 525 pounds, though this is due to his unique characteristics. Not one for wearing much, Loki has taken to making sure he looks like all the time when out in public and not working, but still generally just keeps to his Asgardian clothes usually.

    Thor Odinson – Thor – Older step-brother
    Odin – Adoptive father
    Laufey – Loki's father (deceased)
    Enchantress – Former college and lover
    Notes: (Anything extra things you'd like to add)
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  4. Full name: Raven Arella Roth
    Alias: Rachel Arella Roth

    Brief Bio:
    Raven is the half-human and half-demon daughter of an Azarathian human mother named Arella and the inter dimensional demon Trigon. Raven was conceived as the result of Trigon's rape of Arella. Raven grew up in an alternate dimension called Azarath, with pacifistic inhabitants whose spiritual leader was the mystic Azar. She was taught to "control her emotions" by Azar, in order to suppress her inherited demonic powers. Initially it was feared that if Raven were ever to feel any strong emotion, she could then become possessed by her father's evil demonic energy inside of her.

    During this time, Raven rarely saw her mother and grew detached from her. Upon Azar's death, Arella began the task of raising and teaching Raven. Around this same time, she met her father face to face for the first time. Soon after her 16th birthday, Raven learned that Trigon planned to come to her dimension; she vowed to stop him.

    She came to Earth in order to stop her father. Before she joined the Titans she hanged around jump city being more of the girl in the back ground who did what she could trying not to really be noticed. She meet Dicky in an alley way when he was stopping a thief in the night. Then many events a cured eventually making her introduce her self and finally was asked if she wished to join a Team. Which this team eventually became known as the Teen Titans.


    Show Spoiler
    Animal Control
    Astral Projection/Soul Self
    Attractive Female
    Blast Power
    Blood Control
    Cosmic Awareness
    Darkness Manipulation
    Divine Powers
    Electricity Control
    Energy Based Constructs
    Fire Control
    Force Field
    Phasing / Ghost
    Shape Shifter
    Siphon Abilities
    Size Manipulation
    Time Manipulation
    Weather Control
    Willpower-Based Constructs

    Personality: Intelligent, Great Listener, Hopeful, she doesn't show emotion for the most part so this makes Raven come of as dark, slightly Gothic, secretive, and non-emotional, as Raven begins to open up and has friends well she does her best to protect them and if something bad happens to them she will usually blame herself but not share that she blames herself with anyone.

    Appearance: [​IMG] Purple Eyes, Long wavy Black/Blue/Purpleish hair, athletic body type *Let me know if I need to add anything to this*
    Affiliations: Friends The Titans (Garfield/Beastboy, Victor/Cyborg, Dicky/Nightwing, Kori/Starfire) Mother (Arella Roth) Father (Trigon/Scath) Those she grew up with and are close (The people of Azreath, Azar) Followers (Trigon worshipers AKA St. Sebastien/The Church) *I can name more if you'd like*
    Notes: (Anything extra things you'd like to add)
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  5. I just realized there are some underused characters from The Movement I might want to try.
  6. This looks neat. So...i had to drop by and say so. I'm much more of an OC kind of guy, so I'm not sure if I'd join in if that's not an expectation.
  7. Full name: Princess Diana of Themyscira

    Alias: Diana Prince

    Brief Bio: The fierce warrior-princess of a mystical race of Grecian warriors known as the Amazons, an island of only women who live in isolation from the outside world. Made of the earth and blessings of ancient Greek Gods, she is the first child of the Queen Hippolyta. She left her island home after years of isolation to what she calls "Man's World" or our world, with the purpose of making peace, and fighting for justice, equality, and love.

    She went into Man's World with absolutely no idea how anything worked. And is often impressed by things others would know, like about TV, or about the refrigerator. She is practically a F.O.B. (fresh off the boat) when it comes to anything that has to do with anything about the Man's World. Considering she lived in an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, with absolutely no communication to the outside world, she's had to improvise a bit. To compensate she tries to learn everything she can so that she doesn't have to hinder anyone with anything that she wants to know or learn to do.

    After a rather horrid magical encounter with Circe, the League has informed her that it would be best if she didn't work with them for a while. Instead of letting that stop her, she ended up going to the Teen Titans, requesting to work with them. If only for the fact that she doesn't want to stop helping people, just because of an accident.

    Abilities: Super strength, Speed, Agility, Reflexes, Senses, Stamina, and Endurance; Flight, Superior Hand-to-Hand combat, Healing Factor. As well as having magical weaponry, such as Indestructible Bracelets, the infamous Lasso of Truth, a Weaponized Tiara, and a Magical Sword.

    Personality: Diana is a sort of bleeding heart, often very considerate of others, and very new to any and all environment that is not her home of Themyscira. She's very motherly towards friends, hard-nosed and all business with enemies, and on a regular basis. She lives the part of the warrior to a tee, and oftentimes is more concerned with the battle in front of her and winning than others. Not to say that she isn't a team player, just not a very good one.

    Appearance: 1404161899000-WONDER-WOMAN-36-COMICS-JY-665--65511024.JPG
    She has long dark Onyx Black hair, Azure blue eyes, and is somewhat muscular. She has an olive skin tone, and is often wearing her iconic "American Flag" swimsuit, though the pattern has nothing to do with the flag at all. She wears her magical silver tiara, and is always sporting beautiful black boots.

    Justice League (co-founder)
    Amazons (leader)
    Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons (mother)
    Donna Troy/WonderGirl (sister/partner)
    Cassandra Sansmark (partner)

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  8. Hmm I am going to ask for more out of the Wonder Woman profile, like how she is going from Justice League to Teen Titans, maybe something about her life on man's world. That kind of thing would help since there isn't much to it as is.

    Same goes to Raven's profile, not quite as bad a problem but neither profile really feels like you guys have an idea or feel with the character for this...
  9. Okay I'll edit it I was still waking up for the day I guess.
  10. Okay I edited it going off of what you told was needed for Diana.
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