Titan's Founding [sci-fi, mutant, survival, and frontier]

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  1. I've had the idea kicking about in the back of my head for a bit and began wondering how many would like to try it
    story: the colony ship you're on has just taken massive damage from an odd energy bombardment from the planet titan, ripping through the ship, and before you know it your in an escape pod, rocketing towards the planet's surface. your only equipment; a mesh suit, laser hand cannon (laser pistol), and matter manipulation wrist attachment.


    mutation: optional and the choices are scales, fire breathing, or wings (only one but more are optional at a later date)
    profession: (medic, engineer, or soldier. this will affect your role)
    random skills:
  2. How does the matter manipulation wristband work?
    Where was the colony ship headed?
    Is there any equipment in the shuttle itself?
    What races are allowed? Only human? Or also alien races?
    What is planet titan? Is it a known planet?
    is there a faction that controls the ship? Do we have enemies? Were there passengers?
  3. for the love of god....
    a. it fires a type of weak laser that's used in resource gathering
    b. doesn't matter
    c. in, no. although you could cannibalize the shuttle for it's metal/ parts
    d. only human is allowed
    e. titan is fictional and in a nearby solar system
    f. faction doesn't matter
    g. yes but that'll be revealed once we begin :P
    h. you were a passenger. all chars are passangers
  4. I'm a curious guy.

    So the matter manipulation wristband can only gather resources, and not manipulate matter in any way?
    What happened to the ship itself?
  5. *points at the oc* it's right there... did you even read it?...
  6. I know it was hit by an energy barrage, but I don't know anything else. Did it go into orbit, did it explode, did it move on without us, did it crash to the surface?
  7. you'll just have to find out :3
  8. Alright. You ready for more questions?
  9. *prepares myself visibly* go ahead...
  10. Alright.
    Does the shuttle conatain an engine, or is it a drop shuttle?
    What material is our equipment made out of? Metal, steel, or some form of alloy?
    Are mutations common? And what caused them?
    WTF do you mean by "random" skills?
  11. a. drop shuttle with suborbital jets
    b. nanomites and alloys
    c. common and they're caused by radiation or purposeful bio tinkering (or drinking/ eating mutagenic rescources)
    d. stuff like cooking, licking your elbow, you know... random skills...
  12. Alright. Also, licking your elbow is physically impossible. You'd need a genetic mutation for that to be possible.

    Can the Matter Manipulator break down any material, or is there a limit? And can it break down organic matarials like wood?
  13. false, i've seen people lick their elbows :P
    and the matter manipulator is like a laser knife and can cut through anything under mesh suits...
  14. So the Matter Manipulator works like a laser?
    Do the engines of the shuttle use fuel?
  15. think of them like the wrist blades for dark templars in sc2

    yes but it was used up
  16. Alright. And I didn't know you were a star craft fan.

    Does the atmosphere contiain any harmful chemicals, or have any particular effect upon the human metabolism/respiratory system?
  17. i'm a passive fan and there was an adaptation chem in the ship food that leads to easier mutations
  18. Alright.

    Is "Pilot" allowed as a profession?
  19. it's an extension of "engineer"
  20. Alright. That's all my questions, for the moment. I'll be making a CS soon, unless I think of more questions.
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