Titanic RP

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  1. We all know the RMS Titanic, the doomed White Star liner that crashed and sank on its maiden voyage taking 1,178 people with on April 15th 1912. Each person on board had their own reasons and stories aboard the doomed ship, and I figured it'd be fun to play out their stories starting from launch until that fateful night that someone decided that the iceberg scraping along the side wasn't that big of a deal~

    It's a simple plot and wouldn't take much, it'd be heavy on character interaction and lots of mini-plots~

    So is anyone interested?
  2. totally will join as you already know! lol
  3. I won't be able to jump in for awhile, but you have my interest and I have a character ready for this. XD
  4. I totally want to join this!
  5. Interested~