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  1. Explosions burst around you left and right, the echos of bullet fire ringing in your ears...
    You look at the other pilots in the dropship and nod, then jump off into the battle gun ready.
    You look at the desolate land that you have now made contact with, snow falling at a fast pace over craters
    of dirt and grass. There are many buildings in the area but they are small, with a few doors open. Most of
    them are already blown to bits...
  2. Cynthia knelled down as she hit the ground, and looked around her. Snow was falling fast, causing her helmet to get a bit foggy with the air. She carefully wiped it off, and looked at the other pilots. "Alright, Let's get in and out, Take all three hardpoints so that Bish can pump the Intel up to the fleet. That Intel will give us the model for the new spectres that the IMC are producing. Take it, and we will tilt this war back to our favor." She said over the com so that they could hear her, seeing that they had hopped into an already started battle. "Remember that the entire war might depend on this battle. Fight hard and fast." The pilot told the others, trying to get them a bit inspired so that they might fight even better than normal. It was needed for this fight, as what she said was completely true.

    She looked over to the new pilot, joining her squad since his predecessor had died a week ago. "Val. I expect you to do good. Don't get cocky, and remember the objective." She said. Cynthia didn't want him to die to, and he was needed this fight. She knew he had been in one or two battles before, and both times had been placed in different squads, due to low approval of how he was on the battlefield. She wasn't going to let that get in the way of this though.
  3. Snow. Its just cold. There is no point to it except for being cold. Especially because the suits are only semi heated. Val stood there shaking, not being used to the cold while letting Cynthia do her "motivational" speech. "What a poser. What or who made her cap? I could lead these scrubs as well or better than this kid," vin said semi out loud, but not realizing himself. While Cynthia was finishing her speech, val mouthed her finishing words, not knowing that his visor was still up showing his face.

    As the rest of the pilots rushed off and Val stood there, he said " I will have no problem, every battle I was in I have one!" Giving a thumbs up at Cynthia, showing a clear lie. Every battle he had to be medi-vaced out within the first few firefights. He tried to run off and jet jump out into the battle zone. But before he could get a running start, he turned on his heel and face planted into the snow. Great start. Val thought to himself.
  4. Natasha hit the ground still standing as he would raise her self her LMG over her shulder,as she would hear Cythia give out her speech of Honor and glory...or somthing...as she would tch and say "Roger that...I just Gota go loud and that would be all i need"she says as she would Lower her LMG from her shulder and on to her hands and redy,as she would look around as Hard Point A was the closes...B at the Midle and C far off...thi might be easy or hard but still...just do you work.

    As she was about to walk he would see Mr.Show off face plant on the snow,she Chuckle and said ""Nice going...Hope you dont end up like that In a Fire fight...now Cythia i will go HP B and scout ahead"she says with a Grin under her Helmet as she would begine her Run to HP B as she dint use her Packs for now,as she would reach one of the broken down Buildings that dint have a Roof but had cover.as she Runs inside to take cover if any "Pew pew" happens
  5. Cynthia hear him mumbling while she was talking to the others. She was in charge of this squad, and she would help them when she could. No new blood would stop that. The pilot just didn't know when to quit apparently, as she could blatantly see him mocking her speech. He had a long way to go before he finally understood the meaning of this war, and how to fight. You take orders from your superiors. You only question those if you know they are wrong. But he...he was the kind of guy that would stop at nothing to NOT follow them, no matter what.

    She let out a small grin, seeing Val face plant. Instant Karma. Cynthia looked over at Natasha, and gave her a small nod. She looked at the other pilots before activating her stim, and running off, going to get point A. During battles like this, she normally went for the closest point, then the furthest, seeing that all the enemy pilots would be to concerned with B to notice C.
  6. Groaning, Val pushed himself up as the two went after the two hardpoints. Bushing himself off and closing his visor, he ran towards capture point A with a few other grunts. He could hear gunfire and a few cannon rounds pop off as he approached the door of capture point A. It was a nice little Outpost of sorts. Few repair robots that link to the system there that seem to be idle. While walking in val could also see the actually command point and casually walks up to it. Almost touching the console, a snap rang out and a loud ping pierced val's ears as he stumbled back and took cover behind some boxes that were stacked up near the computer. "Shit. We got a sniper or something here!" Val said to no one in particular. Not daring to look if the person had moved or if he could see were the bullet came from, Val took his rifle off of his back and made sure it was loaded.
  7. His BDU adorned under his armored suit, Alex traversed the cold with his four man squad of grunts undeterred. His mag-boots crushing the sheets of ice with subtle noise, his eyes darted down the sight of his carbine and over the horizon. He held up his rifle with right hand, freeing his left to signal his rear guarding men to cover the left and right flanks. Alex then signaled for his two remaining soldiers to halt, then proceeded forward to an edge up ahead.

    He quickly mannueverd into crawling towards the overlook, using the zoom function in his helmet to see several dropping Malitia forces. "We've got the element of surprise... We can take 'em on your go."

    Alex should his head in disagreement, "Not with our numbers. We're on Recon duty, not assault. Call in to command and tell them we've found them."
  8. Natasha continued running inside the Building,as she reaches a Nother door leading outside seeing Point B Not far...but she was aware she would be meeting some Resistence,as she would ram the door open now being outside taking good glimps around and amidiatly would start seeing Bullets going towards her,she sees Grunts a party of them of 4 or 6,she Tch as they were easy bait but as she soon raises her LMG,she would see a stomping Titan heding towards her,it seem Bulky and armored with a 40mm cannon"FUCK! IMC TITAN AT B!"She yells in Comm as she would AMIDIATLY break a Run for it,using her Pack and Thrusting herself up towards Roof top the safest place from titans and Grunts....But the Home land of the Pilots,as she did this the Titan Opend fire at her but the slow fire of the 40mm Saved her ass...if it was the Auto gun she would have goten Injurde,as she would take Cover seeing the Titan serching for her,as she would say on comm "Enemy Titan at B...Cant risk on Shooting it....anybody have a Titanfall yet?...I cant take this thing By Myself and Grunts down there would make it harder"she says as if there were 2 Pilots here the Titan would be easy to take down but 1 Pilot would be hard as the tinat Could squish her agains a wall and the grunts...shit
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