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  1. With the advent of titanfall 2 on the horizon I figured now might be a good time to recreate my old titanfall rp. The premise would be that a mercenary group has just hired a new batch of pilots and will send them on a mission to combat a new shadowy and nefarious threat. There will be 3 classes of titans. Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each will have its own unique equipment standards and rules. The pilots should also loosely resemble their titans in a way that makes them recognizable.

    If anyone has ideas, questions, or suggestions. Feel free to let me know.
  2. *Raises hand*

    I think its a rather good idea!

    Always thought the game could use a good roleplay, let the universe be explored by those who are willing to do so.

    I do like this Merc thing you have going.

    Never thought about the possibilities that Pirates in Titan suits could have. *shivers* I'd be up to join if wanted.
  3. Hey Dunruffle, since you checked out my Interest-y Check-y thingy, I saw this; I enjoy thinking about the idea of a Titanfall RP, so count me in if you get one set up.
  4. @Delov @Akumulosis

    How would you guys feel about a 3 person rp? Since nobody else has voiced interest I figure it could just ve the three of us.
  5. I don't see any reason why we wouldn't, so that sounds good :3
  6. I'm sorry if this is late. However I am curious- is this going to be a heavy action rp? I've never played the game or anything, but I really like military Sci fi... if you're looking for people with knowledge of the games, that's cool... if not- and this is a self contained kinda story, I'm interested!

  7. @Spectre
    Feel free to join. You dont really need to know about the storyline of the game. (since there is almost none.) Maybe just look up some of the facts about titans. Also yes there will be action. So with that I will make the OOC thread now and tag you all when it is up
  8. Sorry can I join too?
  9. sure, i will have the OOC up tomorrow
  10. I would like to join as well. The blade and teleporting wielding titan looks sweet, really looking forward to the game release.
  11. Hey guys, sorry for the delay. Classes have been taking up my time. But I will have the OOC thread up on friday
  12. okay guys i managed to whip up an OOC. I might/might not add stuff later. Also I have yet to post my characters so if you want to start thinking of a CS go ahead. But please wait for me to post my CS so you can have an idea of what I want.
    Thanks for waiting guys! Sorry about the time delay I usually have an OOC up a day after enough people show interest. >.<;;

    OPEN SIGNUPS - Soldiers of Steel (Titanfall OOC)
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