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  1. Disclaimer: Because of the lack of an actual story campaign or therefore background knowledge or history too the titanfall game, I decided It would be a fun "Idea" to make a sort of side story to the half assed lame excuse they call a campaign. The following ideas are built off of the Titanfall campaign.​

    We are Marauders. We're called war criminals. We're called terrorists. We're called monsters. But that's only partially true. We may be Marauders. But we are not terrorists. Oh no. We are merely the things that go bump in the night and scare the IMC. We are the shadow platoon. We are the best that there is to offer. We alone will move headlong into the dangers that wait ahead, without fear. We will give no quarter to those IMC dogs, and when we are through with them. They'll wish they'd never started this war . . .

    . . . Twenty three years ago within the Hades cluster. The IMC began there first raid on the colony's. With valuable resources waning within IMC territory, they branched out and began to take what they "needed" from the colonies. Food, fuel, metals. They extracted everything. By force. The colonists fought back at first. They tried to protect what was there's. But those who rose against the IMC were quickly snuffed out. Now the colonies are dying. With no natural resources to get them off world, they are forced to lie and wait for there inevitable deaths. One by one colonies went dark. One by one, they died out. Now, as twenty years have passed, a new uprising is beginning within the IMC's own ranks. Pilot's abandoning the IMC to save the colonies. Pilots turning there backs and being branded traitors. With the help of these traitors the Marauders are making there final stand. This is there story.

    Who Are You . . .


    You are a pilot. A physically augmented soldier with the best training in the galaxy. your faster. Smarter, stronger, and better equipped. As a pilot, you have undergone many physical augmentations including muscle weaves, designed to increase your natural strength. Your legs have been enhanced with cybernetics increasing your run speed, and your jump height allowing you to easily jump over a full sized man, or jump from rooftop to rooftop. Cybernetic eye implants allow you too see further and with better clarity, eliminating glare from the sun, and compensating for weather problems.

    As a pilot you come equipped with the best gear possible. Among your gear there is nothing more important then these two. The first, is your thruster packs. Mounted to your hips and conforming with your body seamlessly your thruster backs allow you to run on walls, Jump further distances, and survive almost certainly deadly falls. Your thruster pack used a isothermal fuel source that can replenish even after depleted. All it needs is time. Because of this, you can use it Two ways to really help. The first, is with a slow burn. A slow burn, accompanied by momentum, can be used to run long distances along walls without touching the ground. Or can be used to slow down re-entry to avoid costly injuries on the battlefield. The second use is a full thrust. A full thrust utilizes your full fuel capacity in one hard thrust. This sudden burst of momentum can be used in multiple scenarios. You can either use it to amplify a jump increasing your distance or height. Or you can use it as an escape plan. Many pilots have been known to activate a full thrust in close calls to avoid what would be a sure death. An example. On Arcturus five, an unnamed pilot manged to use a full thrust at the last second to avoid an incoming Titan round, causing it to miss and hit one of it's own pilots.

    Link for all Titan Information

    Your final and most important gear as a Pilot . . . Is your Titan. Titans are mobile mech suits that can be called down from orbit at any point once your Titan is ready. While there are multiple models of titans the most frequently used is the Atlas Titan. A simple well balanced titan with good armor, and good mobility. The difference between a good pilot, and a great pilot, is all in how they utilize there titan. While in combat your titan will be in the middle of construction. When it is finished, you can call it in, in which you'll have a five second delay from call in and strike down. Be warned. A titans strike down is very dangerous. anyone standing near the titans landing zone will be killed including friendly's. So be careful. When in a titan keep an eye on all your gauges, make sure your ammo is good, your armor isn't too low, your shields are up, and keep an eye on the proximity scanner. It will tell you when an enemy pilot has boarded you, and if your titan takes critical damage and enters it's doomed state. You won't have long to eject. When you eject you'll be sent sky high giving you a good vantage point of the field, make sure to take that time to plan your next move. Now titans helpfull that is true, but in the hands of a trully skilled pilot it can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

    I'll keep them simple ^__^
    1. Be kind to other players in the OOC

    2. What I say goes, If I say don't do that . . . Don't do that . . . -_- I might have to cutchooup if you disobey

    3. Sex is a no no. What I mean is, while sex is something that may happen, please don't string it out in the thread. Take it to PM or fade to black. This isn't the mature section, be smart people.

    4. Have fun. That's why we are here isn't it?

    Character sheet:







    Personality: [optional, but appreciated]
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  2. Ok so I didn't get the chance to finish it last night so I just finished updating everything you need to know. I gave a basic rundown on what you need to know. What is a Pilot exactly? What is a Titan? the usual. If anyone has any questions let me know!

    Name: Hera "Hero" Burrow

    Age: 38

    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 201

    Show Spoiler

    Callsign: Hero

    Personality: Hera is is the leader of the Marauder Forces and was the first pilot to switch sides 13 years ago. He seems a little rough around the edges, but when it comes down to it he cares for everyone under his command and see's them as his family. He has a tendency to get reckless on the battlefield leading to his subordinates to get mad at him. Even though he has fought the IMC for 13 years he still feels guilty about helping to start this war, and even though he's been publicly forgiven by the colonies, he still refuses to except there forgiveness. Not until he wins them there freedom.
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  3. Hey, reserve a spot for me. I made a mech rp as well but nobody seems to like it. So I figured I might as well jump into this one to hopefully generate some interest for you. ^^
  4. Oh btw. Are there restrictions on weapons? Because I was thinking of going with a stryder class titan equipped with an anti-titan sniper rifle
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  5. No restrictions. If it's oin the wiki you can use it . . . ^__^

  6. I'm really looking forward to the Idea of a super nimble titan with a anti titan sniper. That's just going to be cool! ^__^
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  7. I'm new to the site, but I'd definitely be up for this. Can't do character sheet yet, but I'll get that done soon. Most likely going to pilot an ogre with a 40mm. This is just what I need for a roleplay =)
  8. I will make a Character Sheet soon when I get the chance. I love Titanfall, though I agree, it's campaign is a sorry excuse.


    Name: Josh Brinx

    Age: 29

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 192 lbs

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Callsign: "Ōkami (Wolf)"

    Personality: Is kind to his allies, but cold towards the civilians and the IMC. He joined Hera's Marauders 8 Years ago and his attitude is slightly getting better.

    Gear: Pilots an Atlas class with an XO-16 Chaingun, Vortex Shield, and Multi-Target Missile System equipped. His gear consisted of an R-101C Carbine, B3 Wingman, Arc Grenades and a Mag Launcher.
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  9. Character Sheet:

    Name: Ryan Tanden

    Age: 26
    Height: 6‛2"

    Weight: 195


    Callsign: "Frosty"

    Personality: A quiet man, Ryan is someone who lets actions do his talking. An old hand in the marauders, he's surprisingly loyal to all of his comrades, being one of those people that'd take a bullet for his buddies without a regret. Most of the time, though, he has a chilly outer layer that earned him his callsign.

    Gear: Dressed in the armor and helmet of most rifleman, Ryan uses the Hemlok BF-R as his weapon of choice. His preferred titan configuration is an ogre wielding a 40mm Cannon with a Cluster Missile ordnance package.
  10. What kind of mech's do we have?
  11. Oh alright, Didn't know we had all access to all Titans!
  12. Can't imagine why not.
  13. Your both accepted! ^__^

    And yes all titans and weapons are available for use. We are afterall "The Best, of the best, of the best"
  14. Name: Eric Grey

    Age: 24

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 182 lbs

    eric grey.jpg

    Callsign: Ozone

    Personality: As one of the younger members of the platoon Eric is often relied upon to bring humor and funny jokes to battle. He joined the platoon at the age of 21. Right after he escaped from the IMC labs where he was made into a pilot. He pilots a stryder class titan. While not as armored as the rest of the titans, Eric prefers the stryder for its speed and agility. His main weapon on the styder is the Plasma Railgun. This made Eric the designated sniper of the group. It also earned him his callsign of "ozone". Because after a charged plasma shot the air surrounding his titan smells of burning ozone.
  15. [​IMG]

    Name: James Terentino

    Age: 22

    Height: 5'10

    Weight: 178 lbs

    Call-sign: One-eye

    Personality: Quiet, Calm, Protective of his friends, Due to being probably the weirdest member he has yet to open up to the group but he possibly could be different on the inside. He often looks nervous or just lost in thought when people talk but its his weird focusing talent, even though it looks like at any moment he might just start drooling when he gets stuck in his train of thought.​
  16. and . . . . Your both excepted! ^__^

    I'm looking for ONE MORE player. No more. Six pilots is the maximum I want. Mainly because of the fact that there will be alot of fast paced action and it will get slowed down by having any more.
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  17. Six people. Same amount there is per team in Titanfall... Interesting coincidence.

    Anyway, really looking forward to this. It'll help me get my Mech fix for awhile.
  18. Seems like everyone wanted an Ogre, so I chose the Atlas!!! Though I always use the Ogre in the actual game
  19. @Verin You get a cookie for noticing my second, and partially hidden reason for limiting it to six ^__^

    @Hattori Hanzo Yeah, I was just noticing that. It's a good thing I'd planned on using an Atlas from the get go!

    Attention everyone. I am letting you know that "dunruffle" is now my Co-GM and so if he say's that you need to change something or do something, Please grant him the same respect you would me. I promise Neither of us will abuse our powers as GM's . . . .(too much >__>)
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