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  1. When the war started against the colonies, no one knew how long it would drag out. No one knew the untold amount of destruction that would ravage the planets. No one knew how many people would end up dying. I realize now how wrong I was. I killed so many innocent people, for feul. I gunned down innocent civilians unable to defend themselves, on the orders of my superiors. I'm a mass murderer. There's no changing what I've done. But I can choose what I do now. I am General Hera, of the Militia Ghost Platoon. We are tasked with one purpouse. Win the war. So we fight. I fight. I command the most powerfull frigate in both the Militia and IMC fleets, The Ghost. It was a simple name. But with much power. While my ship may be understaffed out only 1,203 personel. We are still a force to be reconned with. This is the story of the Ghost Platoon, and it's valiant fighters. Prepare . . . . For Titanfall.

    I stared out the window of the bridge eagerly awaiting our arrival. We were headed right into a war zone. Eariun, one of the few remaining neutral colonies, was hit six hours ago by the IMC. They were under the belief that the militia was based there. They were never more mistaken. The deathcount was allready high on the surface, and still rising. Thankfully they managed to get a call for help out. The transmission was hard to understand, but It was clear what had happenned . . .

    Static fills the screen for a moment before it clears revealing a man, blood running down his brow, frantically looking around before turning to look at the camera saying "This is Benjamin Atmos, of the colony Eariun. We are under attack! I repeat! We are under attack!" The screen fills with static again as the sound of an explosion nearby rings out. As the screen clears again the man is holding his side, blood leeking from between his fingers, his face filled with pain as he continued. "If anyone is getting this, We need help!" Suddenly the wall explodes inward from behind the man and through the smoke a volley of bullets come flying out, tearing through the mans torso sending blood splattering onto the screen. Two IMC Pilots quickly emerge from the smoke One heading off screen towards the sound of more gunfire. The other Quickly fires another three rounds into the man Bfore Turning to face the camera. In a flash His gun raises and the screen goes back to static as the signal cuts out.

    Sense that message was broadcasted nothing else has come from the planet. We can only assume they are now blocking all outgoing transmissions from the planet. Gripping the arm of my seat a little tighter I glanced over at the navigater saying "Private! What's our ETA!" The young man glanced up from his screen for a second just long enough to say "Eta twenty minutes general!" I gave him a nod before standing up saying "Alright boys, You have the helm, I expect my ship to stay space worthy!" With that I pressed a button on the arm of my chair and the ship wide comm chimed on with a low ding and I chimed over the ships comms saying "All Pilots report to the Briefing room ASAP! I expect you there in no less then five!" Grabbing my green leather pilots jacket off the back of my chair I slipped it on and made my way off the bridge, The ship was full of both specters and humans alike running through the halls frantically getting to there positions and making sure the ship was absolutely battle ready. We hadn't been in a fight for almost two weeks now, so the crew was more then anxiouse. They were excited. They relished at the chance to bring down the IMC. I couldn't blame them either.
  2. Thud. Thud. Thud. The sound of the small rubber ball striking the plated wall creates a constant beat to the room, as the dull drone of the ship's engines thrumming in the background accompany it unintentionally. As the chime for the announcements sounded throughout the ship, I sat up curiously. The General was speaking... As I listen, a ghost of a smile curves the corners of my mouth up as I inwardly rejoice. Finally, being able to do something, rather than just wait on the ship in hope of something interesting happening. Finally, we'd be back on the ground, doing something.

    Hopping off of my bunk, I begin dragging on my fatigues from their place in the drawer underneath my bed. As I once again don the green uniform, I idly wonder what this mission was about. "Probably going to be told during the briefing. Keep your mind on track, Ryan." I mutter this softly to myself, as I grab my helmet and begin jogging to the briefing room. I inwardly planned to grab my gear on the way out, in order to make sure that I was taking gear suited for the environment.

    My feet pounding against the deck panels as I run to make the briefing, I curse my luck at having drawn lots for one of the furthest quarters from the briefing room. I knew that I would barely have time to slide in their on the tail-end of the group, but it was what it was.
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  3. A sigh escaped my lips as I held the picture up to the light, wishing that I didn't join the IMC and then defect to the Militia. Why couldn't I just be happy without going to war, because I was good at it? I was a good pilot, not as experienced as other people, but it was how I got my nickname 'Wolf' because of apparently how ferocious I was when piloting. Putting the picture down I pushed myself out of the bed, clambering to my feet and grabbing my helmet. I heard the announcement, a job already.

    The door closed behind me as I jogged down towards the briefing room, it sounded really immergent if he needed us under five minutes. My quarters were one of the closest ones to the briefing room, so it allowed a good jog instead of a sprint. Being the first one into the Briefing Room out of his fellow pilots, he just nodded towards the General and waited against the wall.
  4. Eric looked upwards as the announcement came over the intercom. Giving a quite chuckle he pulled on his uniform and boots. With music blaring from his headphones eric casually meandered into the briefing room. "hello boss, hey guys" eric waved casually at the pilots in the room and walked over to hera. "hey boss, that side project you thought up is almost done. Just give the techs a little more time". Nodding to hera, eric flopped into a nearby chair and bobbed his head to his music while he waited.
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  5. Staring at himself in the mirror, with his eye patch actually off staring blankly at himself random flashbacks of what happened to him occurring in his head. He shook his head as the intercom came on summoning him to the meeting room, he is usually the first man to get there but this time he was late. He walked out his room holding the eyepatch in his hand before sliding it onto his head as he attracted looks from people that he didn't want from people and walked into the briefing room and sitting down in a chair silently looking at everyone once and then closing his eyes leaning back in the chair.
  6. I watched as everyone piled into the room and when everyone had taken a seat, I made my way to the center of the room. These men were the best the Militia had to offer. Some greener then others, but they were the best. Looking around the room I folded my arms behind my back, the light's dimmed slightly around the borders of the room, and clearing my voice I said "Allright men. As you all must have heard by now, Eariun has come under attack. The IMC have blockaded the planet and are conducting raids on the surface. They were hit six hours ago. By now the IMC will have set up personal defenses. Our mission,is to evacuate as many civilians as possible from the planet." I stepped closer bringing my hands to my hips making eye contact with each pilot before saying "Once we break through the IMC naval forces we will all drop down in our titans. From there we will split into two teams. Frosty, Okami, your with me, we will make up team one. Ozone, you will be leading, One-Eye, and the rookie. You'll be team two. Our desgnated landing zones will be approxamitly two clicks apart. Upon landing, we will converge on the capital and meat up. . . " My hands slowly curled into fists and my face grew visably more seriouse as I continued. " Now we may not know why they are attacking a neutral colony. But what we do know is that they are showing no quarter. No mercy. So I expect you to do the same. Remember boy's . . . Don't be stupid." The light's slowly returned to normal as I made my way to the exit adding "By the way, Ozone, I'd like to speak with you In my quarters before we drop." With that the door slid open and I left, making my way to my private quarters.
  7. Ozone nodded and looked at everyone with a smile. "alright guys, time for the big show. Maybe when we get this finished we can all have a drink on me." He quickly followed Hera into his room. "you wanted to see me sir?"
  8. (Sorry, I do Third Person, I tried so hard on my First post to be First Person)

    Okami pushed himself out of his chair. Rescuing Civilians? What the hell was the Militia doing, they were suppose to be fighting the IMC and Fuel was already a problem and now they were going to waste it on some poor neutral saps who should of joined the Militia when they had the choice. It wasn't his fault that they didn't believe anyone when told the IMC won't care if they are neutral, they want to put the Frontier under their thumb and staying neutral is exactly what they want. Less of a fight that way, he stalked his way back to his quarters to prepare for the mission.
  9. As the briefing ends, I sigh and stand up. Looking about, I check how the other members of the squadron are taking it. Seeing Okami looking like he wants to bash something, I decide it wouldn't hurt to talk to him, seeing as we are going to be working together shortly. Taking a detour to grab the armor segments for my fatigues and my rifle, I make my way toward whereI know his quarters are. Leaning against the wall beside the door, I wait for him to exit. Beginning to armor up, I wait for the pilot to exit his quarters patiently.
  10. He exited his Quarters, wearing his armor, helmet under his arm while his rifle was slung over his shoulder. He was checking his equipment when he noticed Frosty standing by his door "What is it?" He asked in a light tone, still pissed about the waste of ammo and fuel. He saw this entire thing unnecessary, he doubted the civilians would join their cause.
  11. "Well, firstly, curious about what you think the three of us will be doing down there. Secondly, about your general opinion on the mission." I shrugs, having just finished putting my greaves into place. I grabs my helmet, unthinkingly mimicking the other pilot by putting it under my arm. I make sure my rifle is safed and secured across my back, not wanting it to fire on the way down. Lastly, checking that my sidearm is loaded and ready, I push it into my boot holster as I incline my head slightly toward the hangar.
  12. He grunted as walking down to the hangar "We three probably are going to be fighting the IMC up front while the other team is making sure the civilians get out safely" He didn't even look over at Frosty as he spoke, why else would Hera want these two as part of his team when he was called Okami (Wolf) for a reason on what he does on a battlefield. Guard duty wasn't his specialty and Hera knew that. "My opinion on this mission is...I think it is dumb and a waste. They won't join our cause, we will take more mouths to feed and we are wasting precious fuel that we are always complaining about needing more...but Hera want's to do this so we have no choice but to" He shrugged as the entered the Hangar.
  13. I nod a bit as he speaks, inclining my head in acknowledgement of his opinion. "Well, one way of looking at this is it'll force an end to their neutrality. Secondly, if we succeed, we'll be able to scavenge some left-over fuel from anything we leave wrecked around here. And knowing us, that'll be plenty." Patting him on the shoulder, I say "Don't worry. I'm sure the general has an idea what he's doing, so let's have a bit of faith in him. It's worked for this long, why would it change now?"
  14. One-eye stood up when most had cleared out, and walked out silently no questions nothing to ponder making his way to his quarters he grappled all his gear and easily slid it on one at a time. Looking at his old helmet which sat next to his new helmet he shook his head grabbing his new helmet and placing it on his bed while he tied his longer hair up into a Japanese style ponytail and then slid on his helmet as it locked into place easily. He rolled his shoulders as he grabbed his rifle and put it on his back, checking his pistol and then placing it in its holster he walked out of his room silently making his way towards his Atlas and inspecting it a bit. He rubbed his hand against the metal and nodded his head a bit, good conditioned and ready for battle.
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