Titan A.E. (The Titan Project)

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  1. Like to be around the same plot scheme and cast occupation....

    The SS vanguard colony was one among the first to escape per the instructions of Hue's good pall Anthony. Anthony was part of a Humanitarian research team and lead on a secret project. Unfortunately this project was secret to Hue and he could never get the details but that was fine. Anthony at least shared that it would better the human race as a whole and that was good enough reason for Hue. He trusted that man with his life just like when they were air buddy's in the first and second encounter's with the race of alien hostiles the Drej. They had contact with other races from far beyond the stars but these assholes meant business; showing up at their front door with nothing but the intent to kill.
    The day when a ship almost the size of their moon came into orbit Hue was already at the base cause Anthony had called him in through a request from the pentagon. Hue should have known it was not going to turn out good after walking through those doors, for as soon as he did the meeting he was there to go to was canceled by sirens and people running everywhere in chaos. He was called by Anthony on his cell and wasted no time delivering the order. Within an hour he had the SS Vanguard in the air along with Anthonys wife Sara. His job was simple. Evacuating the surface and helping get his friends wife out of danger.

    Hue's walked into his office as nothing but papers upon papers of complaints littered his desk. Most of them where of the replenishment of supplies and such that where desperately needed but he knew they were getting by just fine. They would be able to last a year or so till the next support ship came in range. He looked over as a red flash played its constant beat and got to his feet. It was the signal of completed dock. Before he left he scaned one more paper with a gruff laugh, throwing it on the desk before heading out to the door. It was a bill of all the supplies and products that got damaged due to a experimentation by a Nell Urmarty.

    "Are you serious really!?" came a loud feminine voice through the rumble of the large pipes. "Tag A to tag B! its so simple a portable garbage disposal could do it!" As a girls face popped out upside down, face smudged with grease and oil the same with her coal dark hair. The only color that could be seen in the dark boiler room was her cool steel looking blue eyes that looked at a man near the console with as mush annoyance as they could muster.
    "Look kid don't tell me how to do my job!" the tall man stated.
    "I wouldn't have to if you knew how to!" she snapped back. "If you plug that into the wrong port you going to over load it!"
    "Its the same tag Marty!"
    The man was getting red now as the girl climbed down and snatched the fuse from him and put in in his face. "Forget the damn model number look at the plug! Its a inport not an export!!!"
    The man's reddened face changed to one of someone now enlightened looking at the fuse as he took it from her. "Oh i see it now." as he turned away from her and walked off. She stood there with her mouth open. "Oh come on! Not even a thank you!" she made a growl that was unheard from the sounds around her as she stormed off to the next room to pack up and go.
    Open bag on the bench she unlocked her locker only to stare at the rusted wire that hung on a nail. The item on the wire however was a annoying yet precious thing. A light gold tinted ring.
  2. Garrett 'Axel' Bomer followed the female embodiment of fire as she left the motor pool. The woman was something else. Most of the time he thought she was on a chronic period. At twenty-two, he wasn't looked upon to be an expert in his field, but that was the reason he especially loved the saying 'Looks can be deceiving.' He wasn't assigned an mechanic at all, really. It was just a pasttime he begged to indulge in. In actuality, he was a ribbon-garnished commander. One of the best computer technicians, mechanics and his penchant for thinking like a criminal made him a darn good tactician as well.

    It didn't help that he was a tad on the lazy side.

    And a bit vain.

    ...with a monster appetite and a high metabolism rate.

    But he was only human, right?

    Axel glanced over to the man the heated woman had lectured, using his rag to wipe most of the grease and oil from his face. Green eyes caught the other man's and both of them smirked. The commander pat the worker he was helping on the back and headed for the exit. He'd spent three hours in the engines and another four there in the boiler room. There was something about working with his hands that soothed him.

    But right then, his gut needed soothing.

    "To the shower!" he crowed to no one in particular, his smooth tenor strangled by the clinks and hissing that permeated through the boiler room.