Titan A.E. or Treasure Planet?

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    So. Two science fiction movies, animated and released at the same time. I bet you can guess which one I prefer. Which do you like better, and why? For me, it's Titan A.E. all the way. Combine Don Bluth and Joss Whedon and it is pure love. The script has those awesome Joss Whedon lines, the animation sings, and Akima is gorgeous and competent at the same time, and Korso is just hot. So, yeah. My sort of movie. Maybe a bit predictable, but it definitely just seemed to pull everything, including an awesome soundtrack, together at just the right moments. I love this movie! So. Again I ask. Titan A.E or Treasure Planet, and why?
  2. I'll have to say that I liked Titan A.E. more, too. But let's go over why Treasure Planet was good.

    For those that don't know, Treasure Planet is a Disney film that retells the famous novel 'Treasure Island', but it is instead set in space. It has pretty amazing visuals, and a good soundtrack to boot. It has a rather good cast (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, hnnng. <3), and they were excellent at portraying their characters. The movie did well at making you understand and feel what the characters were feeling, such as Jim's struggle, and Silver's emotions. It is definitely a well done film, although underrated.

    Yep. Still like Titan A.E. more, though. Just by a bit.
  3. Titan A.E. for me for sure. Treasure Planet just didn't click well with me for some reason.
  4. I enjoyed them both a lot! But my favorite was Titan A.E.

    Treasure Planet was okay, but I just couldn't get past the space boats. XD

    But I loved the story and the humor in Titan A.E.!
  5. You know, I always think I saw Treasure Planet but then I go back and rewatch Titan A.E. instead. The thing I know I like about Treasure Planet? John Rzeznik's song "I'm Still Here". I might listen to that now that I'm thinking about it. But did I ever see that movie?? I really don't know.

    Titan A.E. was Don Bluth and Joss Whedon? No wonder I've seen it multiple times.
  6. Treasure Planet all the way for me. They had great characters that were portraied well and Disney did a great take on an old pirate style story, the music was great and really fitted what was happening. All the characters are good and it is hard to just choose some favourite but I love Morph and Ben the robot, they are both hilarious and morph is the cutest<3, together with Dr. Doppler they really made the movie funny while still keeping it serious at times. I also really liked the space boats and the space whales, that's something that would be cool to see:)
  7. I liked both movies. Titian A.E. just looked visually stunning to me and it looked like a movie that I would enjoy even as an adult. Treasure Planet fulfilled a good sci-fi movied based off a really good book and the kid in me. I have watched Treasure Planet recently because the Disney channel does have moments where it shows good movies. It was not as appealing to me as it used to be but I still enjoyed the soundtrack and there were still good moments.
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    Me no likey either, but Titan A.E. annoyed me more and this review above explains why.
  9. I need to find both movies on DVD and rewatch both to make a definite answer.

    One thing I will say though is that I love the visual style of Treasure Planet. The sailing ships in space always gets my imagination going, and I've always wanted to do an RP or story where that was my visual inspiration, just because I love it so much and found it so incredibly different. That's why Treasure Planet is on my list of inspirations for my dream sci-fi/fantasy story.
  10. I've never seen Titan but I loved Treasure Planet as a kid! I don't know if I could turn my back on that one.
  11. Choice:

    Treasure Planet


    Because it involves finding treasure and IT HAS SPACE PIRATES! Nuff Said. >:]
  12. I like Jim hawkin best of the characters in the two movies but I like Titan A.E better. I saw treasure planet when it came out but I saw Titan A.E just a year ago, I don't know why I like that one better but I do anyways xD I think it is because of the plot. There is so many versions of Treasure island so it wasn't really a knew plot when treasure planet came but when I saw Titan A.E there weren't anything (that I know off) that it is a rip off from, so for me the plot were completely knew because I haven't seen anything else with that plot and that could have made it more interesting for me than treasure planet. Don't get me wrong, I love both movies a lot xD
  13. Totally Treasure Planet. Looooove me some Jim Hawkins. Mmmm MMM! :D

    Also, I love the original Treasure Island story, so I was all OVER Disney making a movie based on it. It's kind of odd, actually, because a couple of days ago before even seeing this thread I was trying to find my copy of the movie to watch again. Even downloaded the soundtrack. :3
  14. Titan A.E. was one of those things that made my childhood, alongside vidya gaems like Homeworld (which the movie reminded me of, somehow).

    I watched it again recently, too. The CGI may be dated, but it is still as cool as I used to see it.
  15. treasure planet. i was touched by the john silver - hawkins father-son interaction
  16. Titan A.E.

    I liked it, i liked it. It was also released first; Treasure Planet was out one year after, as IMDB says. I thought it was actually two years difference, but, I am no-one to argue against the wisdom of Internet.

    When I saw Treasure Planet I found it, how can I explain, not-as-cool. Like the characters were sort of watered down compared with Titan's. Same thing with the storyline. Overall, I get the feeling that Titan is much more action-centered and characters were not as 'dumb' as in Treasure Planet. Probably dumb is not the right word. I am dumb, so don't take me too literally.