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  1. Hello everyone! I'm Tis, I'm new to the site but not to Role-Playing, and certainly not to writing! I've got a few requests for 1x1 partners.

    I prefer a partner who is not going to ambush me everyday with demands to reply as I work a full time job. I try to get on everyday but my busier parts of the week sometimes inhibit my desire to do anything other than sleep for a day or two. Rest assured I am never gone more than two days without a PM. Anyways, comment below if you would like to RP one of the following with me. :)

    Classic RPs:
    • Apollo/Aphrodite​
    • Apollo/Daphnae​
    • Hades/Persephone *In progress with Nica
    • Little Red Riding Hood/Wolf *In progress with UnicornBunny

    Fandom RPs:

    Alice in Wonderland-
    • Alice/Hatter
    • OC-Girl (Alice's Daughter)/OC-Guy (Hatter's Son)
    • OC-Girl (Hatter's Daughter)/OC-Guy (Alice's Son)

    Harry Potter-
    • Remus/OC-Girl
    • Sirius/OC-Girl (Muggle)
    • Sirius/OC-Girl (Voldemort's Daughter)

    Peter Pan-
    • Hook/Wendy
    • Peter Pan/OC-Girl (Hook's Daughter)
    Criminal Minds-
    • Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
    • Derek Morgan/OC-Girl (Reid's Sister) *In progress with Nica
    • Spencer Reid/OC-Girl

    • Claire Bennett/Elle Bishop
    • Claire Bennett/Gretchen Berg
    • Claire Bennett/Peter Petrelli
    • Gabriel Gray/Elle Bishop

    Law & Order: SVU

    • Elliot Stabler/OC-Girl​

    Once Upon A Time-
    • Hook/OC-Girl (Peter's Sister)
    • Peter Pan/OC-Girl (Hook's Daughter)

    Original RPs:
    • Angel/Demon
    • Angel Guy/Human Girl
    • Angel/Mermaid
    • Business Tycoon/Sex Slave *Libertine
    • Demon Guy/Human Girl
    • Ghost/Human
    • Human Master/Neko Slave *Libertine *In progress with Hoyseth
    • Human Slave/Vampire Princess
    • Knight/Princess
    • Knight/Servant
    • Modern Guy/Nymph
    • Native American Warrior/Settler (or Slave) Girl
    • Nurse/Patient's Son
    • Pharaoh (or Heir)/Slave Girl
    • Slave Girl/Viking Warrior (or Chief/Heir)
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  2. I'm interested in that
  3. I like all of the harry potter options.
  4. I'm into litte red riding hood and Wolf. Or Knight and servant.
  5. I'm also into the Red riding hood and Wolf! ^^
  6. @Wizard Justin If you want to play the human slave I'll play the vampire princes- or we can swap it up and you can be a vampire prince and I'll be the human slave girl.

    @bluedragon1200 I really wanna do the Sirius/Voldemort's Daughter or Sirius/Muggle Girl

    @UnicornBunny wanna do the Knight/Servant since @Iona wants to do the red riding hood/ bad wolf?
  7. Once you know which RP you're up for with me just PM me!

    If it makes it easier I am also interested in Persephone/Hades and slave girl/ Viking warrior (heir/chief)
  8. Human/ Mermaid? Or maybe the Modern guy/ Nymph. (:
  9. @DrasaurusTurtle{.-.//} if we do the modern guy/ nymph then I'd rather be the nymph but im fine with either for the human/mermaid. MSG me if u r still interested!
  10. I'm interested in the mermaid and angel.
  11. @~PurpleRose~ that sounds great! When you decide if you'd rather be the angel or mermaid feel free to PM me and we can get started :)
  12. Are you open to doubling?

    I'm very interested in the Derek Morgan x OC, I would prefer to play Derek Morgan. Also the Spencer Reid x OC, if I could play the OC. We could put both in a single role play, if that's alright? Hades and Persephone, my favorite Greek myth. I'd love to play Persephone, if allowed? We could include another pairing for doubling, if that's acceptable?
  13. @Nica id rather just do one doubling. The Greek mythology one sounds easier to do than the criminal minds one but it's up to you :)
  14. I understand. I'd be happier with the Greek roleplay. :)
  15. I'm interested in:
    - Remus/OC-Girl
    - Sirius/Voldemort's Daughter
    - Peter Pan/Hook's Daughter
    - Angel Guy/Human Girl
    - Demon Guy/Human Girl
    - Knight/Princess
    - Pharaoh (or Heir)/Slave Girl
    - Slave Girl/Viking Warrior (or Chief/Heir)

    I mostly prefer the female roles, so if you'd like to roleplay with me, could you please shoot me a PM? Thanks~
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