INTEREST CHECK 'Tis the season!



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Soooo it's the holidays and families tend to come together for the holidays. I know this has probably been done... several times, but it can be good to just kick back with a simple roleplay.

Picture it! BIG log cabinView attachment 6898 something like that. The WHOLE family comes together for Christmas. Grandpa and his young girlfriend. Rebellious teenager. Teenage mom/dad. Just divorced parents. Friends coming on vacation. Whatever strikes your fancy =] A whole couple weeks filled with family drama, drunk escapades, blooming relationships, arguments, and whatever else happens at family get togethers.
I dig it :]
What if there was a young married couple in the family, and the wife is meeting her husband's brother for the first time cause they don't get along, and then wife and brother end up having an affair in le cabin.
Mmmmmsogubsnidf. Scandal ;]