Tis the season of Horror and Gore Falalalalaaa

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Hello! It's the perfect season for a gore roleplay and my fingers are itching for it.

What I'm craving:

A senpai inspired story. Obsession that leads to insanity and to murder. Pretty simple.

I want lots of gore and horrible mentally screwed up things. It's the Halloween season and we are playing characters involved in a mental hysteria mindset.

I'll play the crazy person. Guy or girl, doesn't phase me.

Anyone interested? Just comment or shoot me a PM.

Kinda what I'm thinking of for a character:

She licked the flesh, blood flowing between her taste buds, shooting a sensation through her body like sex. It made her gasp, made her claw, made her teeth clinch as she pulled hair and yanked a head back. Her teeth made contact with skin, tearing at it, a hold to center herself as her body shook. This was hers. All hers. And never would it belong to another person. A small laugh bubbled from her throat. Soft and peaceful. Her tongue ran over her bottom lip, removing the splatter of blood on them. He was inside her. She could feel his blood in her body. It was like fire, life, a connection no one else would ever know. She leaned back to look down on dull eyes, void of life.
He wanted to leave her at first, but he grew to love her. And now he was hers forever. She giggled happily and put her head against his chest in a childlike snuggle. The chest was empty, unmoving, cold. But to her, he was the safest place in the world.

Hers. All hers.
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