'Tis the season... FOR LOVE!!!1!

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  1. There's something I've been wanting to tell someone for a very long time, but it's hard to say... There's a person who's been my friend for so long, always standing by my side when things were rough. She is the sun who brightens my day, and the thought of her keeps me comfortable at night. In truth, I love this person, not only in a platonic way. This person is you, @Merry Berry!!
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  2. Merry Berry sucks and has stupid hair. And I saw her kissing Grumpy in the Cbox.
  3. I am in love with my bed.. I'm in very good relation with my Bed. Yeah..^^ heard it right!

    \ Suuuup' people!:) |

    Oh my God!! My bed talks !!*runs in circle and gives Hi Five to the phone!* Crap.. My hand is jelly now.=]
  4. Everybody but me sucks. Love sucks. Krypton sucks.
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  5. No way..! XD

    Gives you a jar full with hearts.~ *these should help for a while *
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  6. [​IMG]
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  8. Wait what.


    What is going on?

    And how can you deny our relationship, Grumpy? T^T

    Nah but seriously

    What the hell is happening

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  10. " Where is The Love?~ ( black eyes peas) xD

    Ahh.. Love. Hate. Such fine lines.
  11. Compassion and Friendship are the better options.
  12. Merry Berry, mayhaps you should just take your glompings. XD
  13. ....You're all insane....and quite possibly have been eating too many of the brownies if ya know what I mean.
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  14. I don't recall eating anything BUT the Oreo Biscuits xD

    Also for the record.. My mom got me tested. I am not Insane.
    I'm perfectly Fine ^^
  15. Since we're all confessing here, I love you @Dawn

    LOVE ME! e [] e

  16. Why has no one posted this yet? Tsk, tsk.
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  17. Because that would have been too easy :P
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