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christmas elf
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'tis the season
please send me a pm and do not post here
code by winnie
meet winnie

➳ twenty-three years old
➳ adept/advanced writer
➳ writes a minimum of two-three paragraphs per post/character
➳ loves detail (and christmas!)
➳ loves romance, angst, fluff, drama and action all in one big package roleplay
➳ uses only real people as faceclaims
➳ plays both males and females, though depends on mood.
➳ loves to double up and play up to a maximum of three characters per roleplay
➳ can play any sexuality, but strong preference for [m x f]
➳ engages in smut as long as it isn't the focus of the roleplay and only with fellow redstar members
➳ frequently online and usually always available to reply because #nolife (and christmas is near!)
➳ very friendly and likes to talk ooc
➳ loves loves loves making character sheets and coding
➳ can roleplay on either threads or through pm but nowhere else

her expectations

➳ a partner who is an adept/advanced writer and won't go below two paragraphs or so
➳ a partner with a good grasp over the english language [proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.]
➳ a partner preferably over 18
➳ a partner who contributes to plotting and won't respond with single word answers
➳ a partner who will communicate (spread that christmas cheer)
➳ a partner who is relatively active [real life comes first of course but if there aren't replies in at least two or three days, i tend to lose interest]
➳ a partner who is flexible and doesn't mind playing either gender or any sexuality / can double
➳ a partner who won't ignore the things i say and will hopefully have read all of this through
➳ a partner who loves romance and fluff (because, christmas) but also lots of angst and drama and making our characters hurt

fandoms & pairings

there are a couple of fandoms. always willing do double up for canon x oc, or just do plain ocs. for canon x oc, i've listed my crush in brackets, and am willing to play almost anyone in return. just ask [pm only]

➳ pretty little liars [caleb rivers]
➳ marvel [peter parker]
➳ teen wolf [stiles stilinsky]
➳ stranger things [steve harrington]
➳ the hunger games [finnick odair]
➳ the maze runner [newt]
➳ any modernised/realistic version of disney/dreamworks animated movies
➳ the mortal instruments [jace herondale/simon lewis]

and here are some pairings i'm currently interested in. once again, always open to combining some to make doubling possible. underlined is my preferred role, but i'm willing to change:

good girl x bad boy
jock x nerd
bully x bullied
gang member x innocent bystander
gang member x daughter of rival gang leader
drug addict
x former drug addict
extremely messed up guy x extremely innocent girl
guy x brother's girlfriend
x boyfriend's best friend
former friend x former friend
womanizer x virgin
vampire x human
werewolf x human
werewolf x hunter

plots & stuff

most are not fully fleshed out plots but that's mainly because i like to do that with my partner.

halloween is over and christmas is around the corner, so doing something related to that would be fun! maybe a group of friends doing secret santa that takes a dark turn? (kinda 'pretty little liars-esque' maybe?). or maybe being stuck in a cabin in the woods? bring on the fluff and the drama, and we can also add some thriller elements too if we want to spice things up.

if anyone's seen that movie, i'd love a thing where we play multiple characters experiencing different hard ships and relationships in the big city while all being connected in some way. (and christmas time is perfect for all the fluffiness)

something about old friends reuniting, repressed feelings coming out, maybe a fling or two, or an affair. so much to do with this one if we play multiple characters.

kinda like a movie i've seen where two girls switch places to experience the other's life, with one coming from a wealthy family while the other just barely gets by. they both meet a guy in the town they're temporarily living in (either the other character's significant other/relative/friend etc.) and cue christmas love.

something where these two people decide to date in order to hide something else of theirs like a crush or in order to make someone else jealous, but along the way, fall for each other instead. OR maybe a girl pressured by her parents to get married and she decides to bring a work friend home for christmas to put on a lovey-dovey facade but there's a lot more happening under the mistletoe.

two assistants decide to set up their bosses so they have more time on their hands to do their own work or be with their significant others, but end up falling for one another. honestly so much angst and drama and also potential to double as the bosses (this could be very cute and christmas-y)

and now some tumblr plots (preferred role is underlined; always scope for doubling!)

muse a is a jaded rock-star with a tarnished reputation for drink-driving and bad behaviour. muse b is a small-town female who’s had to move back home after her engagement was called off, where her father is the local parish priest and doesn’t allow a single drop of alcohol in the house. to repair his damaged image, muse a decides to fulfill a child’s ‘dear santa’ christmas wish, which muse b’s sibling enters and wins. now, muse a must spend the whole of december in a small, secluded town and perform in their local christmas show, sleeping in muse b’s spare room.

give me a plot where a boy and girl grow up next to each other and are in love but won’t say it and everyone knows but them. one night, the night before he flies off for a vocal competition or with his band, they hook up. he leaves and she finds out she’s pregnant but she won’t tell him because she wants him to fulfil his dreams.four or five years later he comes home for christmas for the first time and she begins to panic, as their families have always spent christmas together.

unable to afford a plane ticket home this year, muse a resigns to grabbing a TV dinner for one at the local supermarket and flying solo. they don’t expect to bump into their ex’s (muse b) parents in the frozen food section nor do they expect to receive an invitation to spend the holidays at their cabin in the mountains. muse a honestly doesn’t think it’s a good idea to accept, but when muse b’s parents insist that muse b will be happy to see them, muse a agrees to join. muse a packs a bag and drives up the cabin the following afternoon, hopeful for a pleasant reunion with muse b, whom they still have feelings for. only when muse b answers the door in stunned silence, it’s immediately clear that muse a is the last person they expected to see on this family vacation. it doesn’t take long for muse a and muse b to realize that muse b’s parents are scheming to get them back together. but will the parents’ efforts—paired with a romantic atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for cozying up by the fire—do the trick? (gimme all that christmas angst and maybe another boyfriend/girlfriend in the picture)

muse a has taken a well-deserved vacation from work and is on their way home for christmas. presents are wrapped and they’ve packed their bags. muse a is as ready as they’ll ever be to deal with the stress and excitement of joining their family once again, but what they weren’t prepared for was to be stuck at the airport for an undetermined amount of time. a very unexpected ice storm has delayed their flight back to their small town for what the airport estimates to be at least 48 hours. muse b has found themselves in the same predicament, stranded at the airport upon trying to get a last minute flight home to visit their relatives. they make each other’s acquaintance while choosing their holiday meal from the same vending machine. after a bit of small talk, they find out they are both travelling alone, and muse a and muse b decide to keep each other company for the duration of the flight delay.

and that's all i've got for now. please remember to pm me if interested! [please be interested lmao i need partners]



christmas elf
Roleplay Invitations
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Genders You Prefer Playing
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Favorite Genres
fandom, slice of life, modern, fantasy
Genre You DON'T Like
sci fi, anime, anything smut heavy
could use a few more partners!