Tis the season......already

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    Since everyone else is throwing Christmas in our faces, I will too!
    What is some or your Christmas traditions? Do you put your tree up after Thanksgiving? Do you use the Elf on the shelf or... or the Pickle in the tree?

    My family and I set up the tree after Thanksgiving. We start a fire in the chimney and have hot chocolate <3 It is all so wonderful. My favorite Christmas decoration we have is like this carousel thing that plays different Christmas song.
  2. My family, since last year, have, instead of a pine tree, began putting up a palm tree. Though we can only fit a few decorations on it, it still has a 'christmas-y' feel to it. We don't put it up till maybe a week before christmas, and then leave it for months afterwards. But I might be going to my grandparent's for christmas, which is much more 'normal'...
  3. We set up a week after Thanksgiving every year. Also, we have a secret santa system where we randomly pick names of counsins, aunts, uncles, even very distant cousins, and that person is who we give a present to, as well as our immediate family.
  4. I work.
  5. I personally try to have my holiday celebration on Winter Solstice, because I'm not religious and I like being able to give/receive gifts a few days earlier than the 25th. Haven't been able to do that for a while, though because of having to live with family. They celebrate the Christmas day, so I accommodate. We put up a fake tree because I'm severely allergic to pine. (Also, easier maintenance.)

    This holiday, for me, gets celebrated at least 3 times, in different ways. One is spent with my mom, my siblings, and her husband. One is spent with my dad [and sometimes my grandma]. And the other is spent with my mom's mom. It's exhausting, but worth the while. :] I'll probably have one or two more get togethers added to that because of my boyfriend's family. There are... "Complications" involved with a lot of my family, so that's why it gets divided up so much.

    I don't know if it'll be the same this year since I'll be visiting my folks much before the date of Christmas. But usually, we wake up early to the rude shouting and shaking of my siblings... We make cinnamon rolls and my mom's delicious oven omlette for breakfast, with juice and coffee to drink. Then we begin the rotation of opening gifts! It's a long, long process because there are um... *counts of fingers* ...8 of us, counting in myself and my manfriend. And every one of us are spoiled. =__=

    So yeah. There you have it. <3
  6. We put up out tree the day after thanksgiving! 8D We would do that at my grandmas house, cause she lived in another state and it gave us a chance to help put up the tree before we left back home. (And partly because we'd have a family fight right before Christmas and end up missing it. XD yaaay religious warfare.) And it has to come -down- new years eve or on new years. No January trees. ><

    it's become a new tradition for me to TRY and make Sugar plums. I saw TRY because I haven't quite got the recipe to the point of being edible yet. c___c; something always ends up terribly wrong with them. MAYBE THIS YEAR IS THE LUCKY YEAR.

    And then there is my yearly ornaments. My new color of Christmas balls. And my Santa ornament or a snowman ornament.

    As for other traditions. None yet. ._.; Still working on figuring out what our family traditions are. 8D Sometimes we do a family secret santa/white elephant exchange. I want to start building a little christmas village. >> Maybe this will be the year I can buy my first little house!
  7. We usually put the decorations up the first Saturday in December. But I have noticed that a lot of families in Sweden starts to put it up right after Halloween is done o.O

    My mom have hundreds of small Santa clauses, and moose saunta clauses, and snowmen Santa clauses. my mom is obsessed with santa clauses, trolls and clowns.

    I don't care that much about decorations, I just want a Christmas tree then I don't care for the rest.