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  1. TIZ ZE 20th OV APRIL!(I know I'm a little late in his timezone... sorry mein Fuhrer...)

    I got mein Fuhrer a laptop... which makes his reflection look like Steve Jobs >>


    Aftermath was...
    [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOZKLtIIUZE&feature=related"]YouTube- Hitler phones an Indian call center[/nomedia]

    So post what Hitler would possibly like for his bday and yes this is for shits and giggles! XP
  2. Blair

    Half asleep one eye peeked open and noticed him at the window. Hopefully he wouldn't go roaming around the house. She wasn't worried though. Her computer codes were gone, the closet was locked and her uniform was safely in the wash. Her mind only went to Mortimers room but she drifted off before she could think too much of it
  3. It is on our Furher's BDAY that we remember his khanf.
  4. No gifts for ze Fuhrer? =(
    He vill be very very displeased...
  5. This thread is offensive.

    Expect Dorkness to post here sooner or later.
  6. Ray

    He heard a slight creak of the bed, which meant she had woken up for a second. He wasn't concerned, he didn't mind sharing this thoughts but knew she was about to pass out anyway. 'It's very peaceful, this view of the city. I can't see this view from my office...' He took a deep breath then went over to the bed. He got under the covers and stealthily wrapped his arms around her waist. He carefully turned her to lean on him. He smiled and kissed her forehead, before dozing off.
  7. My leftist comrades will have to resend you back to the reeducation camp for this.
  8. Ray

    "Good. You know, we could, or we could stay in bed a bit longer... nah, you are probably right. We both have work." He smiled and kissed her.


    "It's probable that they know we are together, but I guess there's a slight chance they don't know. If you want, I can sneak in and get all your work and stuff from your classes so you don't end up behind."
  9. Ray

    He smiled and kissed her back. He went downstairs and made them breakfast and started the coffee.
  10. Blair

    She smiled in bliss and got dressed quickly. She threw her hair up in a messy bun and then headed downstairs "I really appreciate what you are doing Ray." She smiled

    (Posted for Gwen up)
  11. Ray

    "Not a problem." They bagels popped out of the toaster. "Perfect." He put them on two plates and slid her plate to her. "Want butter or something?"


    He chuckled. "On the upside, by the time we are able to go back, you'll probably have enough time to finish the heal."
  12. Because I'm a Jew. He hates us automatically, duh.

  14. Didn't some white supremeses or something just have his children removed from the household and the sons name was Adolf Hitler _familyname_?
  15. [​IMG]

    Here you go WMD
  16. oh, and karma for whoever shoops an image of my face onto the devil when he olants the pinapple in little nicky.

    more karma if they use a creepy facial expression.
  17. @Rory: OH... well not if you tell him you big goof! Plus where is Darkness? =(
    We must summon him together, Ror! =D

    @the arrival of the great WMD
    AH! Damnit! Now I have to wait till I get outta work to do that to WMD! and YAY to WMD! He's got the right idea, folks! XD
  18. My sister's birthday is more important and all I did was tell her happy birthday when she called looking for my mom.

    btw lolz hitler's a fagget
  19. Blair

    She scoffed at him "I mean it is dishonest but hey...I'm going to be sick about half way through my shift. Rowdy kids and unkept shelves, how many times do I almost get smoothered?" She grinned


    She nodded "I mean last night was pretty bad. I'm just hoping his death doesn't attract anyone else..."