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  1. Its nice to meet you all. *bows* Im relatively new to rp though I do have some experience with forums I still consider myself a beginner. Even so I look forward to toying...er..*ahem* Writing with you all.

    What nicknames do you like to be called?

    Dont really have any except for whatever character you know me by. *shrugs*

    Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya?
    Boy. 16ish XD.

    What's your favorite genres to roleplay?
    Romance, Fighting, Fantasy, some politics... especially the darker side.

    What kind of characters do you usually play?
    Either calm and calculated or mischievous and fun

    Would you prefer Space Kittens, Angry Marines, Sparkling Vampires or Wolf Packs?
    Wolf packs

    Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~!
    Gomenasai by t.A.T.u.

  2. Welcome! It's awesome to see you here!

    I'm Mitten and I am the (or at least one of them) Iwakuian Cat-Lover. But if you don't like cats then thats fine, I take it you at least like wolves enough to pick Wolf Pack ^^

    Anyways, it's pretty cool here and the staff is really helpful. I'm sure if you have any questions at all anyone would be glad to help ^^

    See you around!
  3. Hey! I'm Rubix, your friendly, neighborhood cube, and its nice to meet you! :D You chose right when choosing Iwaku! The community is absolutely fantastic and very helpful. I hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions, then feel free to send me a message. I recommend you check out the cbox whenever you have time. Its a great way to get to know several of the active members of the community. I hope to see you there! :D
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! It seems as if everyone has already been helpful... soo =P
  5. Wolf pack kind of dude eh? Same here!

    Welcome to the Community! I am Doxa, hello!, and pleasure to meet you!
    Please if you need any help, let us know!
  6. I see what you did there...

    *eyes strangely*

    Welcome...! Enjoy your stay in rping paradise! If you need something, give us blue named people a ring! We're here to help ya! :D
  7. Good day, year twin, welcome to Iwaku , enjoy your stay.
  8. Pres! You finally made it!

    Took you long enough D:<

    I mean, c'mon man! We've been waiting forever for you to join in! That's so mean, keeping me waiting like that.


    ... X3