ROLEPLAY Tips on starting (and maintaining) a group roleplay?

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I thought of a nice idea for a group roleplay. Only problem is, I've never done one before. I could use some help, so does anyone have any tips or advice for starting and maintaining a group roleplay? All help is welcome. Thank you in advance.


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I don't have the best track-record when it comes down to running roleplays and maintaining them as a GM, but I do have my experience and learnt my lessons from it.

The most important lesson is: Communication. Communicate with your players, talk to them to gauge their interest, their ideas and how they fit with your ideas, explore possibilities, but keep a hold on your own plan. It is also a good way to keep their interest. Staying involved as a GM will do your own interest and theirs good. Not all conversations have to be roleplay related. Though it is nice if they remember that they are part of your roleplay.

Another tip I can give is to keep the action going and flowing. If you feel that something is just murking on and going nowhere it is time to switch some gears on. This is probably also a good idea for the start of the roleplay that tends to start off with introductions and can be a little slow.

Other than that I think this guide is also a good read if you want to find more tips on how to keep a roleplay floating.


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The one thing I've noticed is that group roleplays with a clear and strongly adhered to schedule do better. My guess is that when you get gaps of weeks between posts people start to lose interest and look elsewhere and don't really come back. It does mean working out what to do if someone doesn't post etc and also making sure you as the GM can keep to the schedule for the long term as well. If you as the Gm can't keep to the schedule that will kill things off.

Personally I find a two week cycle a good balance between giving people a chance to post without having to rush and keeping things moving. That said, it is something you have to work out with your group and change as you go to suit your players needs.