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  1. sone of you know I moved to a new city for school; it gets a lot warmer here than im used to - up to +40 C! Back home, +25 is hot, and +30 is close to breaking records

    My apartment has a small AC unit and a fan, but what else can I do to keep from melting??
  2. Be NAKED!

    And if you can do that, be as close to naked as possible! 8D

    And drink lots of water. >>
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  3. Cold showers. Wet towels. Beyond that? Haha, good luck.
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  4. Be anorexic and reach malnutrition stage.
  5. Wet towel draped over a large box fan. Rudimentary air conditioning can bring temperatures down almost ten degrees (F) at the cost of a bit of humidity. Especially if you cut the towel into strips to better let air around them.

    Foil with the shiny side facing out on any Windows that get direct sunlight can do wonders as well.

    Make sure you set any ceiling fans to the summer setting. Counter clockwise or 'forward'. Creates a down draft to keep you cool.

    t. Florida summers
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  6. Die.

    Keep the air moving and drink a lot of cold water-- it cools you down inside-out.
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  7. Actually -

    Wear light clothes. Being naked works best when sleeping, but during the day, light cotton clothes is usually the best especially if you end up sweating a lot.

    No cold showers. It sounds counter-intuitive, I know, but by taking a cold shower, you lower your body temperature, resulting in the "hot" air in the rest of your apartment feeling a lot hotter. Take lukewarm / warm showers instead and you'll feel more refreshed once you go back to your oven.

    Wet towels. On your neck and head, and if you want to tempt fate, on your chest (under the breasts), armpits, inner thighs, knee pit. Those are the primary sweating spots and cooling them will reduce sweating for a bit.

    Drink lots of water. The more you sweat, the less hydrated you are. Drink drink! Caffeine, hot beverages, sweet beverages, and milk are not a good idea. They give you a false impression of being hydrated.

    Create an air current. Depending on the kind of apartment you live in, the best is to create an air current - which means you open window 1, and window 2 at the opposite side of the place. It will significantly improve the stagnant hot air.

    Ice cubes. Eat them!

    I hope this helps :3
    Most of this comes from personal experience and experimentation. I hate being too warm, I love the cold.

    Also, if you have sensitive skin... baby powder is your friend.
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  8. Industrial fans ftw. Our family used to own one that was very large and square; not sure if you can get them anymore. It worked wonders, and you could still breathe into it.

    Other days I spend days in the cold room or in the basement crawlspace to keep cool.
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  9. Be naked, get shower jellies from lush and freeze them. Best shower to cool down !
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  10. Shower jellies? :o
  11. lush store products
  12. A better idea is to keep your windows open during the evening at night when its cool down, so the cool air gets in the house. When it starts getting warmer in the dark, close them up, and then close your curtains or blinds. To keep the cool air in the house. I never once have used an AC in my house. And I have my temperature set as some ridiculous temps.

    My heater doesn't come on unless it goes under 60

    and my AC doesn't come unless its over 90
  13. Carry deodorant everywhere. Drink a lot. Try to rely on windows and shade more than on air conditioning. Especially super cold air conditioning; that will make you sick. Same as cold showers. Seriously avoid anything that's actually cold. The first week is basically going to be one to power through. Gets easier after that.
  14. Cold showers are actually bad when you're hot. They close your pores. Warm showers open your pores up and keep you cooler for longer. Plus, never fully dry off. Give yourself a pat down dry and that helps a lot.

    Lots of water, although don't make it too cold. I made the mistake of drinking a half frozen water bottle when it was nearly 100 degrees in my house (AC broke in the middle of July in Florida....) and made myself sick from it.

    If you have to stay dressed, light colors and materials. (I'd suggest going bra-less, but some people are weird about that.)

    Keep lights and electronics down to a minimum. They generate heat like crazy.

    Keep your feet cool.

    That's about all I can think of. If you need really good advice though, ask a construction worker or someone who works outside in the summer. They have crazy helpful tips.
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  15. Don't be cool, be as hot as possible and get anyone you desire

    Keep the windows open, have fans going, if you can don't let any walls in the walls be black (white is best, absorbs the least amount of heat).
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  16. This is all really helpful, thanks guys!
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