Tintagel Academy {PB}

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    Oh hello there, I almost didn't see you. Welcome. I'm Hermes, yes, that Hermes, god of messengers and thieves. All that's well and good, and we can talk about it later. Now, I want to talk about this wonderful school, my school; I'm sure you've heard of it:

    Tintagel Academy.

    Yes, Tintagel Academy, school for all the great myths and legends. We boast one of the most impressive student bodies this side of, well, anywhere. Here, you can learn math from Gandalf the White, take cooking classes from Snow White, or study the thespian arts from Loki (yes, that Loki). Yes, this is where all those people you hear about in myth and legend go to school, and where they become legend.

    Well, there is the whole survival thing. And the armies. And the occasional poison apple. There was that one incident involving the purple flying dragon, but we solved that easily enough. This school is perfectly safe. Trust me.

    So what are you waiting for? Enroll. Find out if you're the stuff legends are made of.

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