Tint the Void

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  1. "Does courage sometimes come up short for you?"

    "Does the fear of the unknown still run within your veins? Never to be fully tamed?"

    "A fickle fate runs this world, it's calls mild-mannered but with murderous intent."

    "Without your will, you are nothing."

    "Without your will, your own shortcomings manifest. Never for your eyes to see. Never for your mind to regret."
    [BCOLOR=#800000]Tint the Void [/BCOLOR]
    Faint music played at every direction. Cellos slowly strumming.

    Was this an illusion? Was it her mind making up things? Playing tricks? A girl seemingly around the age of 17, simply dressed in a red sailor uniform with crimson leggings could not see anything ahead of her. She had heard from various sources that if the body were cut off from it's six senses that the mind will make up for it by creating whatever it needs. Sounds, sensations, tastes. Was this how this world was as well? Upon deployment into the dimension, she could not see or feel much which bothered her to no end. However, this mission was worth it, she thought. The girl kept stepping forward with her hand out in front of her to make sure she bumped into nothing, her heart racing with every moment within this timeless void. She knew she had to do something to at least allow her to see. She wanted to witness the vast expanse of the darkness which was the dimension. The girl wanted to connect. People, her group, they were around her somewhere. Though she had to be careful.

    Outsider 14, as she was called, mentally chimed. /"Mana cycle."/ The command carried simple words but with a supernatural intent, as everyone born within this wonderful universe had the innate ability to handle the primordial blue energy called Mana. Streams of mana taking shape like a glowing blue hue of smoke cut through the open space around her arm and swirled around her fingers. As such with the nature of energy, the mana being collected from the environment provided some illumination, though Outsider 14 had some second thoughts about cycling mana at this early stage within the void. How would the dimension take it? 14's mind immediately tried to rationalize this brash decision. "Well...if the dimension already has a mana stream....with lots of mana at that, this means it has ley lines. The dimension accepted mana as a part of itself. We /should/ be fine...." 14 took the brief moment to look ahead and as somewhat expected, she was staring down an endless abyss. 14 muttered "...and we have to craft everything..."

    "Mana. Huh, better alternative to a flashlight..." a male voice cut in soon after, having Outsider 14 look back to connect her gaze with a man in his 20s seeming to copy her move and cycle mana around his arm himself. He soon followed while his free hand grazed his chocolate brown hair. "I'm not so sure that a flashlight would even work here. It doesn't exist." a pause. "Yet."

    "Nah.." Outsider 14 assured. "If you want, you can introduce the concept of portable light right now. Hehehe, I doubt mana counts as one hm?" Outsider 14 taps on a gauntlet on her right hand. She along with her team had one as one of their most basic items. It was named a Command Gauntlet, the only item they could use to introduce concepts, items, and things they need to condition the dimension with. Using it's blend of magic and technology, the gauntlet accessed the subconscious of the user to extract the essence of ideals and memories the user had. Using such essence, with a simple command of "Overwrite", as the user would yell, the essence would turn a certain color and then depending on the nature of the thing introduced, would allow the user to create. The male shakes his head after reminding himself about the gauntlet protocol and speaks "I may have to take a group vote on that. Can't have idiots just throwing out concepts without thinking. But enough about it. Firstly..." The male blinks "..Who the hell are you?"

    Outsider 14 gives a light sigh. Duh, introductions were a thing, she remembered. "I'm Outsider 14. The medic." she smiles. "I decided to be the medic myself before entering here, so that's one of the few memories the developers allowed me to keep. How about you? What are your numbers?" she said, briefly looking beyond the man and towards the other recruits.
  2. An endless expanse of nothingness primed with infinite levels of substance. The void Outsider 11 stepped into defied all concepts of logic and welcomed the anomalous state of a patternless paradigm. His shod feet met with a solid ground, or perhaps his subconscious was projecting that idea? There was no existence here after all, except for those aspects that resonated such a concept. It was almost too much for his mind to bare. Instinctively his imagination sought to fill the empty expanse with fleeting images and soft silhouettes; neither of which were truly there save for the impression these fantasies were already imprinting on the young Outsider's mind. It felt as if there were concepts, images, structures, or what have you that should be here; that should belong here; perhaps fragments of his distorted memory? These impressions were beginning to give him a migraine and he instinctively rubbed at the scar that lined across his face.

    All at once his vision came into focus upon a light... a... blue? Ah... he'd almost forgotten about color, a blue light indeed. It seemed to be emanating from a personage- wait, another being like himself? His mind was puzzled at this discovery whilst his heart seemed to recognize the knowledge as familiar, that of course there were others like himself. Perhaps his own existence was not as much of an anomaly as he'd initially thought coming into this expanse? But then, what is existence; what is normal and was is the strange? It was... difficult to follow. Then came sounds, words he told himself without realizing. Ah yes, communication, he remembered that. The act of producing sounds to represent ideas, but what was a sound exactly? Something that felt natural, but this realm of hollow expanse had him questioning even his most instinctive notions. He would need to maintain a record of these notions if he were to discover the variance between reality and falsehood.

    One of the words spoken caught his attention, shooting across his mind like a bolt of lighting in the night sky- ah but there was no such thing in this world as of yet. The word that echoed throughout his being? 'Flashlight.' 11's amber eyes wandered to his open palm. 'Flashlight.' The word echoed through his mind. "Over... write." Dancing blue sparks flickered along the Outsider's hand, accumulating within his palm. Gradually the sparks warped and bent the space, a shape forming as that of a cylinder. The shape expanded somewhat nearing the end, a flat glass film filling the empty cylinder's opening. As the lights faded out, the material object no longer than the man's own forearm rested gently in his hand. "Flashlight..." He tested the light weight in his hand, only half convinced the object was real. As if to test his suspicions, he toggles the small switch on one side, resulting in light producing from its glassy end. Holding the item up for the two who had been speaking to see he simply restates its name. "Flashlight...!"

    "Yes yes, it's a flashlight. We get it, shut up." The speaker was a shorter woman with long hair of a blue color matching the very color of the mana lights. Her attire was quizzical at best, strange patterns along a short-cut dress with no noticeable organization to its design. "This is 11 and he's a half-wit. His job is to log things, though I can't help but wonder why." She looks over the pair of fellow outsiders with a mixture of contempt and pleasantness. "Identified as 27, but as that's a needlessly long 'name' just call me 'Seven' for short." She did a mock curtsy with a grin that displayed a mischievous nature within its owner.

    With her memories having been carefully tailored like the others, it was difficult for Outsider 27 to recall details of even the moments prior to her arrival here. Seven knew she had leaped on this opportunity, and she also recalled being tasked to stay close to 11 as he was... different. Why they even let the nutter in here was a question she was already repeatedly asking herself, but regardless she would at least try to keep him nearby. All that remained for her now was to get started; this world wasn't going to paint itself. Well, actually she had been warned that it would certainly try, but that wasn't the point.
  3. The world started to spin faster and faster, the colors around him all turning white as he was stopped in place, he didn't knew what was happening neither why it was happening with him, the only thing he could do was try to find something to hold on but he couldn't. Nothing around him unless an whitened void, his eyes fixated in the... ground? He couldn't know if he was floating or this was really a ground... but ground existed? This wasn't just an dream of some sort? Was he out of his mind? Suddenly he felt back at his own again, his limbs feeling normal so as his head, it wasn't spinning anymore but something was buzzing in his ears, hearing everything muffed a little, he got up as he slowly got balance again, he could remember little things but everything was coming back, his name was Outsider-0 "Is this really my name?" he thought as he saw others around him, well more like silhouettes of persons as his vision became blurred and slowly focused back almost in a continuous loop, his excessive blinking turned him to move his hands to his eyes bruising slowly to not hurt his face with that 'Command Gauntlet' in his right hand.

    He started to remember, he was there to hunt things, he didn't knew why but just thinking on them made his blood boil with anger, he saw the blue light coming from the hand of one of the persons in front of him, he didn't knew why but that looked familiar to him but as he couldn't hear things well and his vision wasn't helping too much, he let his focus turn on the place around him. White to the left, right, up, down and anywhere he could see, he hoped that this wasn't an cell of some sort or an closed room, he didn't liked of those but he could easily let it go, he was calm anyway like always, he held his head and shook it a little, he could hear less the buzzing and his vision was getting better, he could see and at least hear things that happened closer to him, he slowly looked at his gauntleted hand, why he was with that anyway? It was for him to create things in this Void... "THAT'S IT! I REMEMBER NOW!" he shouted but his voice was still adjusting to the place so it was really low, he slowly closed his hand and thought on something to defend himself. As he looked to his hand, the same blue color that was in that person's hand was in his now, slowly transforming into something big and sharp, he could grab that thing and in a slow but powerful swing of his hand, it turned from the blue colored thing to an big and deadly sword, it was shaped to destroy the things he remembered "Now... I'm ready to get those... Aberrations..." he said in a low voice as he looked ready to track and destroy every abnormal thing he would see.

    He could feel the blood boiling in his veins as he felt better, his vision was normal also he could hear everything normally around him, he took a deep breath, he could feel the air filling his lungs and slowly backing out in a puff, he looked around one more time to see if there wasn't any kind of three, moving slowly as the wind around the place was blowing like an quiet and peaceful day, he slowly moved his bare hand forward feeling like it was floating in the water, he could feel everything around him but nothing was there, just the feeling of being somewhere was making his mind wander in why he wasn't in somewhere, he wanted to go somewhere and do something, everything was boring in that white void with nothing to do. He looked at his sword, it was looking like metal and some letter straps around it, it looked like an medieval sword but with a hi-tech look into it, he didn't knew why but he wanted to change that awesomeness from his sword, he wanted to make it bigger and sharper, he pressed his hands into it and slowly the blue thing around his hand coated the sword making it like he wanted, it looked like a kitchen knife for a giant, he could easily lift it because it didn't looked that heavy and it was easier to put it above his shoulder.

    He looked to the others around him, they were there, talking and doing things he wasn't caring for, he slowly turned his back and started to leave, he wasn't going to anywhere, he just wanted to know if that place had an end or it just kept going and going until he was back to where he was in the first place. He stopped as he felt like letting them without someone that would kill anything in one hit, well not in just one hit, he wasn't that strong but if it was a little creature like an cat, it would be easily to cut it in half, as he was going to turn around, he heard an 'meow' coming from somewhere, he looked down and there was the thing that meowed, an black cat. It was looking at him with red eyes like his own, it slowly passed between his legs as an purr rolled in it's throat "Hey... What you are doing out here? Wait... How did you appeared in here?" he asked to the little cat as he kneeled down and petted it's head as it closed it's eyes in happiness as slowly moving it's head to where the hand was wanting more and more petting, he smiled at that as he felt calmer and happier with that insignificant act.

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  4. The world, or void, lit up only to the slightest touch of a newly constructed flashlight. Illumination by the mana flowing on 14's arm plus the magical flashlight equaled a very worried Outsider 64. The Outsider grabbed his head, literally feeling the world spinning around, just before going off on 11. "I just /SAID/ WE SHOULD TAKE A VOTE! WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Paranoia filled his eyes. He looked left, he looked right, then he spotted Outsider 0 meandering off to meet up with a cat. A...cat? No, there was no time for that. He completely ignores the cat and subconsciously denies it's existence. Outsider 64 pointed his finger at 11. "Don't spawn anything stupid like that without consulting us first. It could mean the end for us."

    64's eyes meet with the cat's again. He seems to be cuddling with Outsider 0, the one who didn't really bother to speak with the rest. He double takes with disbelief and then turns back at 11 again.

    "...See what you did, 11? The dimension spat out a /cat/ for crying out loud!" All the focus of both Outsider 64 and 14 plaster at the cat. Outsider 14 blinked in surprise, more-so at seeing Outsider 0 leaving the group on his own than anything. It wasn't like them to wander off into an abyss of never-ending possibilities. And getting lost would hold a handful of tragedies for the group. There was no direction in the dimension, no start or no end. There must be aberrations pertaining the incomplete environment just running around, waiting to prey upon the lost should they wander. Outsider 14 put her hand on Outsider 64's shoulder, a sign for him to calm down and keep quiet, and waved at Outsider 27 and 11. "Nice meeting you two, but gimmie a second to bring back the other guy. Then we can work up a strategy from there!"

    Ruby eyes kept glancing off at the cat with suspicion as 14 headed towards Outsider 0 in a light jog, but the threat level she felt in her chest like a sinking feeling wasn't enough to prompt her to try anything dangerous towards it. Though...something about the cat did disturb her in the back of her mind.

    "...Hey, um.." Outsider 14 gives a light cough or two and then crouches down next to Outsider 0. There was an aura of mystery and aggression flowing around him, which gave Outsider 14 a hard time to form any words, but she manages. "I think we should stick together in the meantime...In large numbers we could protect ourselves from aberrations...should they attack." Outsider 14 faintly smiles. "You don't have to say a word to us if you don't want to...just...don't wander off, okay?"
  5. "Hey! There's no need to be so mean." 27 snapped in response to 64's rant against 11.

    Outsider 11's flashlight filled hand lowered slowly. Eyes fell downward- or perhaps upward? Alas, what were directions in this realm? A conceptual nightmare fed with fragmented memories of a forgone past. The mind expected certain ideals to just exist; but in this hollow shell there were no such ideals. Perhaps emotions could be equally as nonexistent? Yes, he would submit this idea to his consciousness. Repeatedly he fed his psyche spoonfuls of a false reality until the risk of his eyes secreting moisture was vanquished. There was no call for emotional responses for thus he had rewritten his own being. This world and all that was in it was his to define; and 11 was in it. Nothing could tether his mental faculties but the tethers he accepted the existence of. He was the endless mortal within this finite eternity. But he would tread these mentalities lightly, for despite the malleable essence he was dwelling in, some concepts were concrete, and the dangers of unchallenged arrogance would prove to be such itself.

    With deliberate movements he... what, stepped? Movement of the legs? He had legs? A leg, why such? And two of them? One to move while the other remains, patiently waiting its turn to be the one in movement. Alternate. One leg. The other leg. An amount of steps. Numbers. Patterns. Why such? Perhaps this too was concrete? Must there always be a pattern? One leg. Another leg. With this he could move from one spacial location to another; but then what about time? Those two were connected were they not- time and space? Oh but yes, he was! He was traversing time. One leg carried him from one space to another, passing through the barriers of time into a single instant in the future. One leg, one space, one second. Another leg, another space, another second. Were these patterns inseparable? This must be recorded.

    Outsider 27 watched as 11 started... to... "And... now he's walking in circles. C'mon, 11 wipe that goofy grin off your face and write something down or whatever it is you do." She tugged at the taller man's arm to get his attention, to which she was met with a pause, a glance in her direction, a smile, and then ignored until he'd finished three more circles. "Just great. We have a freak with mental issues." She waves a dismissive hand at 11. "A jerk with anger issues." 64 gets an angry look. "Whatever you are." She gestures with both hands at 14. "A recluse... and a cat. How are we going to get anything done?"
  6. He was petting the cat as he heard something "...Hey, um.." was what someone, a girl said behind him he turned his head slowly waiting for her to say something more but he paused and examined the girl, he knew her, she was Outsider 14, he smiled and nodded but when he was going to ask he saw someone talking with him in a tone that he didn't liked, he thought on going to where the other girl, Outsider 27 was but something happened that made his hand feel strange, he looked at it, the cat was glued in his hand but not like he was biting or he was holding his arm as he depended on it, it was inside the cats head. He widened his eyes and with one wave of his hand he threw that cat away... if distance meant something in that place, he readied his huge weapon and putted a hand in front of 14, for her to back off "STAY SHARP EVERYBODY!!!" he shouted as he saw the cat slowly walking back as his meowing turned into something shrilling that made him grit his teeth in anger and a little of pain, every step of the cat seemed to change the place around him like he was corrupting the place and it was 0's duty to end with that terrifying and somehow exciting view. At least for him it was like that, his focus was totally in the cat, the whiteness around him that be damned, his blood was boiling and his heart was racing while his mind couldn't think right, he shook his big sword to an side in an attack state, he slowly walked some steps forward, not caring if he would fell down or fell up in that place, he just cared that his prey was in front of him and coming slowly. Suddenly the cat stopped and sat in the ground, 0 could still she the waves of a reddish black coming from him, maybe it was his instinct to hunt and kill those things, it started to lick it's paw and tilt his head to the sides and somehow glitching like a game character, he shouted "IT'S AN ABERRATION!!!"
  7. The feline aberration stood motionless in front of it's human rivals with an empty and ever-changing facial form. It's snout glitching and spazzing until being pulled outward, the right side of it's eye socket collapsing and forming strands of light mana. Both it's legs began to suck themselves inside it's chest as it's body grew 4x it's size, then replacing itself with one jagged blade arm and the other a detached black deck made from an unknown metallic material. Various chunks of blurry pieces of metal that composed of 11's flashlight surrounded the deck, supposedly being held up by the mana the being had itself. 14's eyes widened in surprise to the change of events and felt herself being pushed back by 0's sword. The fear. Unknown fear staring her right down with melting eyes and a arachnid/serpentine form looming over the two. This was surreal. The image of the aberration was not right, therefore did not register in her mind.

    This was a Material De-Class (Also known as De-Material Error) Aberration. One of the most unpredictable classes of aberrations one could spawn. The result of a complex item being introduced before it's raw form can be. For the De-Class already knew how to hunt before it could even move. It was great at skipping ahead.

    A gasp was heard. "Z-ZERO!" 14 called out to Outsider 0 out of panic.

    14 felt a tendril of light mana phase right past her face. Naturally the woman rolled to the side and put out her hand. Various blue strands appeared in her palm and moved outwards as her pupils shrunk. As if time were heeding to 14's mental will, everything slowed down for a moment in her eyes. She inspected the beast, saw how it changed so slowly. It's form of metal shifted every moment or so. She saw what nobody else could. "/I can't let it come near us right now! I have to get it off from us!/" A mental command of her power manifests as an outwards pulse that hit the slowly moving aberration, hoping to progressively mess up it's line of vision.

    64 flinched into place and pulled out his own blade. A straight edged wonder with part of it's steel glowing in a sea green hue. The handle was squeezed by the holder in preparation to defend, naturally putting himself in front of 27 and 11 just in case things went south. "Tch!" 64 looked back at 11, then at the De-Class. "It's a cat with blades and yellow tentacles! Write that down and stay close!"

    ....Attack it....

    64 narrowed his eyes, ignoring the unwanted thought while observing any viable weak points for the "beast".
  8. As the transformation was complete, the strange waves that came from the thing stopped, leaving a monstrous and disgusting form, he waved his sword to ready himself again and entered in his battle mode, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he calmed himself and opened his eyes again, with rage in his mind and his blood boiling to defeat that thing, he walked forward slowly. Without any fear, he started to run and then, with a swing of his sword, he tried to cut the thing down in one slash but the Aberration was intelligent and blocked his attack with its yellow tentacles, his luck that it took some effect in its tentacles making it's monstrous and almost painful meow appear, some of it's 'blood' was in his sword as he jumped back not wanting to be held by those tentacles, the color of the blood was light yellow almost illuminating like the light of 11's flashlight. In the same moment he jumped back to his place, the Aberration attacked with it's 'sword-hand' making him almost defenseless, his luck that he moved his giant sword sideways protecting 14 who was stopped and looking to the monster, he couldn't blame her but it was making him worry if it was a good thing to start a fight now "WAKE UP!!!" he shouted trying to get her attention as he was being slowly pushed by the strength of that monster closer to her, he moved his sword to an side making his attack possible which he did attacked with an frontal pierce but the monster defended with a shield of some sort. This battle was going to be difficult if he hadn't help, getting his composure back while evading a tentacle that was coming in his face, he shouted "64!! A LITTLE HELP COULD BE USEFUL HERE!!" he didn't knew why but his mind made him remember who 64 was even if he hadn't knew it before saying it. He continued defending with his sword and then attacking just to meet the defense of that damned thing, his attacks were powerful enough to make heavy metal sounds that echoed in hi mind remembering of his training, a blurry remembering making a voice in his head echo with the sounds of his battle "Destroy it's weapon first..." his eyes widened and he tried to do it but he failed a little as he tried to attack in the same time when the Aberration attacked, making a not big neither small cut in his stomach close to his hip, fortunately he could make a cut close to the Aberration's arm. Pain run through his system making him scream, it was more like a battle-cry then a pain scream, also the Aberration made it's noise which made more drops of the light luminescent yellow blood flow from the wound in it's arm/blade, both got back to the battle as 0's pain started to grow so as a puddle of blood below him, tainting the white of the 'ground' in his own color, he couldn't give up now, he was close to 'delete' that thing, he couldn't let a little cut destroy his first battle, with that in mind he shook his head and continued in the battle like nothing had happened.
  9. 27 watched in a combination of surprise, curiosity and wonder as the seemingly innocent feline began to malform; mutate even. She had been warned of the pseudo-sentient nature of the void; how it would learn from introduced concepts and recreate them to the best of its understanding... but the void was empty with nothing to base its constructs on as of yet. The light the aberration emitted, the nondescript features and the overall hollow feel that emanated from the entity were all reminiscent of what the void new. Despite the danger the creation posed toward the group- it would likely seek to make everything like itself due to the void's lack of learning- 27 couldn't help but admire the peculiar levels of beauty of its creation. It almost pained her to accept it would need to be erased. The void was like a newborn child, acting what it sees from its parents: the Outsiders. So in turn, this was entirely their doing.

    "No, 64, it's more than that. The void is confused- scared even. It's eyes are opening for the first time and now it thinks anything it sees is what it needs to be." Outsider 27 queried over the situation, worrying over both the groups safety and the battle that Outsider 0 had engaged himself in. She had no idea what she could do to help, for fear of her conjuring would further intensify the aberration's mutation.

    A figure stepped up beside 27, an open hand held out as if in greeting while the other clenched fast to the flashlight held within. Outsider 11 tilted his head, examining the aberration as if he were deciding what shirt to wear. Ah but what were clothes? Oh-ho! Clothing, something in which to produce the facade of security. But all were truly naked; in the ultimate schemes of the eternities there was nothing to hide. All had risen in full exposure, all will eventually meet the same at the close. But then what was life? A beginning? And an end? Or perhaps there always was and always will be? There is more, is there not? Or there is not, yet there's more? Ah but then potential would not be achievable for there would be no limit wherein to achieve. An endless cycle.

    A pattern. Always a pattern. There was always a pattern.

    So where was the pattern? A light, followed by the object that produces such, followed by additional life form. Even this sporadic chain of creation followed a pattern. The unexplainable force itself, the object that directs the force, the life that thrives thereupon. With this pattern, there came this product. Ah but there were surely gaps in the format; holes in the pockets of life itself. For where was the act of making? Where were the compounds that formulate thereto? Light? Eternal. Life? Eternal. Material? Finite. Eternal concepts must come first; maintain the pattern and life can expand upon itself. So then, what was the supplier that begins it all? "Compound... boundary... reach..." His hand traced a small pattern: a circle in the air. Over and over and over again. "Ethereal. Space. Light." He spared a single glance from his hand waving. A flutter of hair had caught his eye. 27's hair. 11 smiled. "Over... write."

    Outsider 11 spoke, and it was done. The gauntlet responded to his mental commands and mana swirled about him, rising upward; for of a truth he had defined the path this mana would take as upward. Rising, continually rising at great speed. Ah but was it truly moving quickly? For how much space was there truly between the destined position and his own location? Distances were naught for now, but a subject for a later time. For now, 11 merely watched as the mana melded together at an unknown, but certainly exceedingly great distance. It bound and wove itself together. It shaped into a circular pattern in the hollow excuse of a sky. It formed and it shaped. A sun. The mana had produced a sun, and the sun spat forth its light upon the void. It was blue.

    "Light... precedes life...!"
  10. The aberration's form wavered with the leak of plasmatic light mana it had circulating through some crevasses within it's abnormal metallic material. No reaction of madness or pain manifested itself on it's "face", though this caused the aberration to twist it's spiraling and detached body back and whiplash a jagged black metallic edge towards 0 in retaliation. The Outsider was busy telling 14 to snap out of her paralyzing fear. That was an opening. The dimension processed the information and took note that it's creation was being compromised. It wasn't functioning? It must do more to make it function.

    64 gave an irritated growl under his breath with the order he had just gotten, though Zero had all the reason to yell at him. Instead of just observing the beast, 64 goes right ahead and puts out his arm. Muscles felt like they were being torn by two opposing forces with a shock of pain no man should ever face. But it was but a small price to pay for this. Bones were willed by 64's infinite mind alone to expand and slightly move apart while such force by the expansion stretched his flesh even more. The cracks from the transformation stopped as his arm expanded almost like a rubbery material as 64 grabbed hold of the jagged black edge and used the density of his enhanced bone structure to momentarily crush it with incredible force. "Now now I'm not. Done. Yet!" 64 spits out. The Outsider willed his bones to start shortening again and with a mental magical command he willed his muscles to pull themselves together. The end result was the outsider being whip lashed towards the Aberration with his sword already drawn on his other free hand.

    14 couldn't entirely process the events in her conscious as much as 64 and 0 did with her paralyzing fear holding her back. It was mystifying how anomalous this thing really was. It was pushing all the boundaries of imagination so against what she believed was reality before this moment. Was she to perish under this danger? Zero's voice broke her fixated stare and by reflex her threads shot out in front of her as the force allowed her to jump back and out of harm's way. There wasn't any time to thank for the warning as 14's eyes quickly followed 64's insane stunt and the aberration landing in a blow to Zero. Every slash of 64's blade rung out upon meeting each denial from the beast's metal flimsily held together by light mana. Every time an attack was made, the light mana acted...and acted...and acted.


    14 and 64 both notice the temperature rise followed by a rapidly increasing amount of light illuminating the void. 64 shielded his eyes and is tossed back by an attack from the aberration whereas 14's eyes glowed and switched perspective, causing her line of sight to shift into a grid-like system where every being looked...basic. Though she couldn't help but notice one familiar thing forming in the sky.


    The aberration let out a vibration-- or a yell?-- of protest. Space distorted around it's form with the light mana turning blue, then transparent. The form shifted and vibrated violently with a myriad of colors phasing through it's form like a rave, slowly but surely mutating it's form into that of a cluster of sharp edges held up by a "deflated" feline face with no eyes. All the gauntlets then blinked and showed a message while saying it out loud:

    "Aberration detection: 1 Issue resolved."

    64 rolled back and spat aside, hearing the message and putting his thoughts together. "1 issue resolved...it's light mana is no longer there...because of the sun. " 64 narrowed his eyes upon realization. "...We have to cancel out it's other traits by introducing core concepts, eh?"
  11. The way 64 helped was somehow different and a little insane from what he thought it was happening, his bones and flesh moving like it was something normal, he looked at that with marvel almost forgetting about the battle, 0 was paralyzed seeing 64's destructive attack. That was the help he wanted but something was happening, why it was so good to just stand in that sun... wait... sun? Looking up, 0 saw a yellow bright sun which made him close his eyes and take his focus totally on the light, somehow it was so good to just stand and be bathed by that sun that he just did that, an strange vibration/yell made him open his eyes slowly, the pain of the cut and the sound of the Aberration were horrible but it didn't effected him. Hearing 64's yell and the 'thing' in his arm saying that their first enemy was defeated, he fell in the ground with his knees first, he putted a hand in his wound, it hurt too much even if he tried to stop the bleeding, drops and drops of red painted the ground slowly mixing with the strange light-like 'blood' of the Aberration, he shouted as he raised his weapon up "YEAH!! VICTORY IS OURS!!!!" but his strength wasn't back fully which made him fall in the ground, not because of the sword neither his own strength but because of the cut. Once again, bathed by the sun, he stood, his hands trying to stop the bleeding, was he with clothes? Did he remembered to wear clothes that morning? Wait... It's morning now or just midday? he tried to rise his hand but nothing happened, his eyes weren't opening neither his arms weren't helping, he tried to say something but he could just stood there with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes slowly somehow, he looked to that sun, burning his thoughts and his skin a little, he now knew that the place he thought he was and the feelings he had could now be made by himself, he wanted to live until he see the day non of those Aberrations walked in that place, he was going to secure it, he was going to be the one to create it but maybe his life was slipping between his fingers drowning him in the abyss of death, 0 was bleeding, painting the 'ground' with his red colored mark, he never thought he was going to die so easily.
  12. Azure light bathed the emptiness with a surprising coolness. It was certainly warmth that emanated from the newborn sphere, but not as much as Outsider 11 expected from direct sunlight. But of course, here he was not bound to the laws of solar illumination as he once had been. This hollow world was truly freeing. Ah freedom, the apex of emotions. For truly one can not experience all assets of one's own being without the quality life state known as freedom. Of course there were cautions; universal laws that should not be trifled with; but it was those very boundaries that allowed true freedom. For were there were no law of the cycle; no law of life; no law of existence, he could not truly exist. Ergo, could not be free. This world was experiencing its first taste of existence. It would cling to this freedom. The more 11 wrote in concepts to be obeyed, the more this world would feel the opposing forces of unrestraint and true freedom. It would be crucial the void understood the difference.

    Outsider 27's gaze flickered between the blue sun, the aberration and 11, then back through the list again. This moron might actually be brighter than he seems. Her attention was cut short as her eyes absorbed the image of something red. And liquid. Blood. From 0. 0 was bleeding. Badly. "14! Medic right? Get to helping 0! 64 hold off whatever energy the beast might have left." Without waiting for their reactions, 27 withdrew a pouch from... under her dress? Any onlooker would understandably wonder where she'd been keeping that. "I have a canvas to work." Unclipping the pouch she expertly withdraws a brush and several mini-bottles of colored paints. She was aware, of course, that painting was not how overwriting worked; but the material visualization of her imagined concepts would increase her capacity to focus on the desired result tenfold. She worked fast, spreading streams of color along the empty 'ground' in what any one other than 27 herself would see as a disorganized blob. Reds, greys, browns, oranges, colors of the like melded together in a perfect sphere. This would take time; it needed to be perfect.

    A shadow fell over 27 and she spared the briefest glance and a quick "Your in my light, 11." The shadow's owner responded with just enough motion to remove the silhouette's presence over the work.

    11 watched 27 work in silence, but with the deepest interest and... what, wonder? "No ones... light. Free light." He tilted his head in what looked for all the world like a child who was told he couldn't have his ball. The artist ignored him.
  13. 14 gave a nod at 27 with the order she had been given. Normally within group works, one shouldn't really ask so much to someone else during times of danger and chaos. She was the medic, though. Her mind needed to be sharp and not hesitate to help no matter who or what triggers the order to heal. 14's eyes glance at 0, then at the aberration to check where it was again. 14's concentration maximized so that her form phased out of existence to the aberration's "sight" in order to rush towards 0.The medic's red threads quickly wrapped around his waist as she then forced him out of his pool of blood . Once pulling his bloodied body towards her, the girl grabs him and begins running away from the danger and towards 11. "Don't worry, I got you." she whispers. Line after line, thread after thread, her healing threads began to attach to Zero's open wounds and began sewing them back shut. Though the risk of infection....No-- 14 had no time. Once reaching 11 and the rest, she crouches down and places her hands on his wounds in order to close them faster with her threads, giving a glance towards 64 fighting ahead.

    The young man was flexible and entirely focused all at the same time. The aberration's form fizzled a few times as if the space around it wanted to consume it back to where it came from...within the illogical minds of these invaders. The aberration's myriad of lone blade-like edges parried each and every thrust of 64's blade and reversed it with it's own twirling flurry of circular slashes after each parry designed to strike at 64's sides every time. When 64 flicked his blade to the side, the aberration adapted. It was starting to learn. Thus the young man had no choice but to jump back. "27-- 11-- anyone-- ANYONE! JUST CRAFT ALREADY!" he spat out

    Slowly it stopped. It observed the "ground" it was standing upon. There was a brief moment where the skies above the sun had a flickering bar of white phase in and out of existence, as if the dimension itself were struggling to understand why there was nothing to stand on. This "ground." This "sun". What were these? The memories of each outsider were filled with a concept of a solid they stepped on and the machines they wore constantly filled with the energy necessary to actually create it. The sun was beginning to make sense but why was it hot? Heat? What is that? The dimension must test out these new concepts to see if it's correct. The aberration thrust it's bladed arms down with such brute force, unleashing a red tinge of mana along the "ground" and spawning a flurry of blades stabbing up like spikes. 64 gasped to himself and jumped around, using his blade to slash the blades in half over and over as the aberration began to mutate again.

    This time...the aberration's metal began to form crystals on it as waves of heat emanated from them. However, in 64's eyes they were far from ordinary. A malicious aura was surrounding it now.
  14. Zero saw the sun and then a shadow that was coming fast, it was his end? Maybe not, something or someone pushed him from the abyss and saved him saying "Don't worry, I got you." the voice was familiar, it was 14's? Yes, 14, the medic. He felt something in his wound, suddenly it started to hurt more and more making his eyes bulge and a muffed scream come out of his mouth, he was biting his teeth so strong that he thought he was going to break all of them with just that but suddenly the pain stopped and he was once again moved just for the now painless feeling come to him, he clenched his hands and slowly opened his eyes wide again. He heard 64's and in the moment he opened his eyes, they got a little hurt from the sun, in a way to stop it, he raised his hand slowly up and he thought as his hand blocked the sun from his face "Where are the clouds around here... That's it..." slowly he sent mana to his hand transforming it from blue to white slowly, the white orb in his hand didn't sucked the blood from his hand but it slowly floated closer to the sun. In some seconds it stopped in front of the said sun and started to get darker as Zero's thoughts got darker too, he remembered of the snowstorms which made the fluffy white floating thing expand and expand and cover the whole sun also making a huge shadow above the Outsiders, irrational thinking made the white ground become a grayish color but somehow it started to get white again as the cloud slowly rained snow from above. Zero felt the coldness in the palm of his hand as some snow fell into it, it was freezing and slowly turning into water in the heat of his hand skin, the water washed a little of his own blood in his hand, he closed his eyes slowly and let the snow shower fall above him, cleaning his bed thought with the coolness of the snow, the melted snowflakes that slowly cleaned the bloody ground and the snowflakes that stood cleaned the blood on Zero's wound. It was so peaceful, being in a bed made of ice, he surely liked the cold but not too much like the battle, suddenly he tried to get up but the voice once again said in his mind for him to not worry, the other outsiders were there to help too, just relax and take it easy it will soon end, he laid in the ground again letting the snow cover his body in white.
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  15. With 11 hovering over her, Outsider 27 was growing irritated. Perfectly preparing her for 64's tirade. "Oi! You focus on your job and I'll focus on mine, ok!?" Her brush strokes did hasten, however, and she was nearly ready to execute. Then something cold touched the back of her hand... now her neck... ah, multiple cold things seemed to be falling on her. It was almost like... "Snow? Snow? Ah, literally why? I hate snow!" She would have continued further, but her eyes locked onto to 11... who was trying to catch snowflakes in his mouth like a two-year-old. "You know what? Nevermind." As long as it was keeping the nutter distracted. A few final strokes with the brush and 27 rose to her feet. Her eyes fluttered , then closed altogether as she pushed her imagination to hold the structure of the concepts she would introduce. "Material. Land, stone, dirt, mineral, metal. Conceptualize structure. Continent." Her eyes shot open, a violet hue emanating there from. "Overwrite!"

    The command gauntlet reacted in high gear and swirls of vibrant cerulean mana shot forth, flowing across the 'ground' like a river. As the ethereal fluid washed along, the shapeless emptiness contorted and molded; taking form. Ground, it was becoming real ground. Browns, greys and tans gained identity as dirt, stone and clay took up residence in the realm of existence. It spread outward, as far as the eye could see. But there was far more to it than the surface concepts. Deeper beneath their feet minerals, materials and so forth took shape and form. Metals to be mined, minerals to form and so forth. No living entities had been made, however, no grass, foliage or the like. 27 elected it to be best to have those come in a second wave and not at the same time; best to see how the void responded to things one at a time.

    Outsider 11's eyes seemed incapable of fixating in one direction. First there were white bits of frozen liquid falling from the sky. Oh what a marvel that was! Ah, but where was the water coming from? How did it get up there? What made it decrease in temperature to such a degree it became solid? Oh, but then why does cold cause liquid to turn solid at all? What is cold and how does it function? Questions questions...! Oh but then the marvels didn't cease; for here he was standing! There was... structure! There was direction, and patterns and existence and so much more! His legs moved of their own accord as they tested the substance they now resided upon. How freeing it was to be anchored to something real. 11 smiled as he moved, full of energy and excitement. What wonderful prospects to be had!
  16. The vast expanse of the void was taking shape by the overwhelming command of 27's gauntlet for ground. Massive amounts of mana from both the environment and it's overwriter went into commanding the fabric of reality to make it so-- a myriad of colors and shapes coming as a result of exciting the fabric. The aberration glitched in response and continued it's attacks on 64 with vigor and an empty gaze fixated on the willing target.

    It was as if the world were barely rendering with it's new updated patch of command, expanding wide with dirt and groves of rocks and minerals giving it a lively detail. A certain feeling or stimulus can be felt with anyone who remembered what the ground was, and by prodding the memories of each Outsider, the dimension began to understand and try it out on it's own. Block by block, the world finally felt a little more....linear and stable. 64 slid his foot back and turned his body to the side to let the blade block an incoming attack sizzling towards him, until his eyes spotted the aberration's form melding with the ground rather quickly. 64 smirked and took a jump back, "Ya'damn right you stupid glitch!" he spat with enthusiasm. "Become the ground we step on!"

    Noting that her perception field had been failing for the aberration, 14 kept her focus on it rather warily. There was no use of using her powers for it now. By observation alone she could tell that it's metallic and crystal components were quickly assimilating into the environment itself as a correction, but what about it's heat? The aberration cried out as it shook and had the ground stretch and meld with it's form more. Heat waves that may as well be fire began to slip out of it's increasing number of open rifts within it's body until she felt Zero stir in her arms with a command.


    It was as if a dream itself were materializing. A second time came around when the heavens displayed black and white bars around space once a command was made and strange white specks of cold began to fall. Just as the aberration was nearly done assimilating, the snow began to pile against it's withering form as an assault. Colors just like how the ground was showing began to sizzle on it's form until the aberration had finally vanished.

    It was all complete. The gauntlets soon alerted

    "1 Issue resolved. Mana pools: Low. Please Recharge and Cycle."

    14 was speechless.
  17. As 27 created the ground, the solid structure they were above, he widened his eyes to see better, he could have done that but in his state, he was helpless to the group of now gods of the Void, they had created and destroyed the first Aberration, they were already overlords, beings that could create and destroy at their own want, it was bad to feel unstoppable even when you are hurt? It was a bad to feel like a god? Did the Aberration messed up with his brain? 0 the hunter couldn't know but something was sure, he was feeling good below the slowly falling snow, the cold ground that 27 made was making things even better, the heat that his body was trying to make and failing completely was good. His gauntlet made 0 came back to the group, he was with his head in the clouds like they said, 'Mana pools: Low. Recharge and Cycle', what that meant? it was because their 'power' to create was depleting? He looked at 14 and asked "Hey... Is everyone fine?" he didn't waited for an answer to his question because it seemed that he was the only hurt in there, he was useless in that form, he needed to be careful.

    He endured the pain as he putted a hand in front of his wound and slowly got up, his hands feeling like they were going to fall, his legs were feeling like they were going to melt at any second and his head was going to fall and break in the ground like a vase made of glass. He looked around, he could only see white because of the snow but he could feel that where he was stepping there was a ground and far away there was more and more earth for him to step on. He took an deep breath as smoke flew from his mouth, the heat from inside his lungs were hot and with the contact with the cold atmosphere it became visible because of the heat, the same heat and cold that helped 'killing' the aberration, he closed his eyes from tiredness, he knew that he wanted a place to rest, anything, an bed or even some leaves maybe all the snow could made a good bed? Maybe no, he would wake up frozen or better he wouldn't wake up also it would be bad to let everyone waiting for him to wake up.

    He walked a little forward but fell on his knees, he wasn't fully strong yet but he wasn't giving up easily, he just let his pain got him because he thought that the Aberration had 'died' but it hadn't, he knew that if he had continued the fight with 64 he was going to have more and more injuries maybe some that he wouldn't be able to recover, he stood there as the snowflakes bathed him turning his hair into white, he smiled and remembered of the best time of winter, the Christmas... well from what he could remember the Christmas was on the winter. Oh it was really cool, he loved the way he could stay inside an house around a fireplace eating nothing more then cookies and drinking chocolate milk, his family wasn't the most rich of all the city but he could remember eating something else but he couldn't remember what it was... all the memories were in half almost like they were cut from him, he felt happy with the ones he already have but he wanted to know why he didn't had the rest of his memories? Did it was happening with everyone or it was just him? Maybe the contact with the Aberration made a glitch in his brain that erased almost all his memories? He could only sigh about all that and let his strength come back slowly as he tired to walk again and failing after some steps, some times landing in his face becoming white like the snow and some times in his knees, he wasn't going too far neither he knew where to go now, he just wanted to explore now that the real threat was deleted.

    (Sorry if I made something wrong >.< I'm just feeling in a good mode for Christmas somehow... but I don't know why...)
  18. The world was swirling about like an over-zealous carousal. Outsider 27 staggered somewhat as she clenched her skull with both hands, as if to physically pry out the dizzy sensation. Thankfully it was a brief respite that lasted only but a few seconds, except for the light nausea after effects. They'd pass eventually. Had 27 still retained complete recall to her memories, perhaps she'd be able to remember if there had been a time before now that she'd utilized as much mana as she just had. Granted the gauntlet did nearly all of the work. Perhaps it was just the materializing of her imaginations that had caused the short headache? The high-levels of concentration? Whatever it was, it had passed and she was ready for a more... delicate matter to be addressed.

    "Alright. I'm only going to say this once, so listen up!" Her voice emanated a sense of raw emotion, without being a singular one. Not specifically anger or determination. Just raw emotion. "We've been here for whatever brief amount of time and we've already gotten almost killed. Can we at least think before we start making things?" She shot her gaze at the injured hunter. "Snow? Really? How do you think this void is going to react to weather-made frozen water when it doesn't have weather or water? We're lucky we're not fighting a friggin' snowman!" She didn't wait for a response, her next target was already deadlocked in her gaze. "And 11. You're dumb enough to make a flashlight? Yet you can piece together the need for a sun? The heck is it blue for? Why can't you... just..." Her voice petered out as she recognized something.
    Outsider 11's attention was entirely absorbed by the younger woman as she spoke. She was... producing sounds. With a pattern. Always a pattern. Her mouth would open and close, different frequencies and vocalizations to produce words. Sounds that embodied concepts. But why was it that he could understand her communicatings? Sound was somehow capable of existing in its own sphere of reality. Sound could cross distances, but what was the propulsion? What compelled these waves to move? Ah, and how was it that compounds of flesh on either side of 11's head could receive these waves and translate them? How truly amazing! Without command, without knowledge of its production, he and the other beings like him could produce, propel, receive and translate sounds.

    But wait, there was something else now. No, no these sounds hurt. How could they hurt? Where was the pain being caused? Was there a site of injury? Were whatever it was that translated the sounds being damaged by the very sounds it was receiving? No... no this pain was elsewhere... his chest? The center point of his body? Why did the sounds hurt? Perhaps... perhaps they carried something? 11 watched 27 with earnest confusion, but this seemed only to increase the pain. Was the sound she was emitting... intentionally causing pain? How? Why? He couldn't understand, had he done wrong? But is there a wrong? If there was, how was he to recognize it? Too many questions mixed with the strange pain he'd been experiencing and... was causing liquid... to seep from his eyes? Small, brief droplets of salty liquid. How peculiar.
    With a sigh, Outsider 27 placed a hand on 11's shoulder. "Hey now, I'm sorry. Don't go crying on me. Just... ask before you make something, ok?" 11 didn't seem to show much reaction to her apology; what was wrong with him? He seemed both intelligent and ignorant at the same time. Perhaps some sort of mental disorder? She almost felt helpless around him. Letting her arm fall slack again she steps back and looks over the group as a whole. "Alright alright, I'm a bit flustered. Sorry. But honestly, if we want to stay alive we're going to need to be a bit more tactful from here on out."
  19. 64 groaned to himself. After watching the aberration mutate over and over again, it was natural that one thought clicked in his mind. Their actions were heavy, beyond the limits of what actions normal people could take. Each creation had the potential of making things better or worse, though luckily for him and the rest their recent command seemed to have done the job well. The young man's brow furrowed upon realizing that he was right all along. 64 cuts in for 27 in a tired tone. "What did I tell you." he began, sheathing his blade and then running his hand through his thick brown hair. "I'm all for caution and look at that, this whole fiasco proved my paranoia. We can't be reckless like that."

    A moment of silence ensued as 64 looked around. The entire world was taking shape, but....in the swordsman's mind, the endless expanse of white ground stretching to the point where it looked like the floor was spiraling into something, followed by the empty black void above them spewing out snow gave him an uneasy edge. Every now and then, the void sky would show a brief moment of white bars flicking in and out of existence followed by the sound of a low resonating vibrational hum. The dimension was in the process understanding what had been introduced. But could it take it? It seemed to have been processing the concept of land pretty decently so far. The snow, though. 27 brought up a good point, causing 64 to glance at her for a moment to confirm her worries , then looking down at his gauntlet. It was only a hope that the dimension did not retaliate.

    Looking up, 14 has her attention split between the seemingly injured 64 and the greatly injured 0 staggering away from the group...again. 14's body tensed with her mind immediately putting two and two together-- The hunter, 0, staggering away plus more aberrations that could spawn out of something. This concern only deepens when 27 brings up something interesting.

    There was no atmosphere. It was snowing. 14 felt the snowflakes lightly accumulating on herself and her clothes. 14 gets up and gives a glance at the crying 11 and gives off a soft smile to encourage him "Don't be sad. Without your visionary sense, we wouldn't have such a beautiful blue sun~"

    Her attention tears away to the staggering 0. Immediately her cheeks puff up with some frustration as a few threads from her fingers release and tap 0's shoulders lightly. "Hey...hey Zero..you're injured...! I'm not done with you yet..!"
  20. Something caught Zero's attention, it was something around him, maybe it was the strange noises he was hearing, it was like someone was trying to say something for them, he couldn't know what or who was doing that but it wasn't the Aberration. He looked around slowly, just white snowflakes falling on him and on the ground, he could do an mustache of snowflakes if he wanted but he just continued stopped there and slowly looked up but the noise came clearly for him, it was 27's voice, she was being... funny somehow, it made him laugh and think "It would be fun to fight a friggin' snowman." but he didn't said it, he was feeling a little threatened by her, not fear but a felling of being hurt, it did helped on the end of the aberration somehow, he wasn't a guy that thought much in things anyway and that was his problem.

    He was thinking that a group with him as the real thread of spawning more Aberrations when he tried to make things for their world was going to be destroyed in seconds if he continued in creating something, if he continued creating things without their... blueprints first, was this place becoming a huge Aberration? Is this going to be bad somehow? Maybe... no, totally yes, it was bad for spawning more and more monsters and they weren't just there to do that, they were there to... um... which was their goal? Kill aberrations right? So why they needed to create things for this world? Wait... it was his duty only to kill them and track them, suddenly a hum sound got him, colorful shapes and things appeared in front of his eyes, he was sure it was his 'power' to track those things but he needed to know how he was going to control it, suddenly it stopped.

    He looked around and the snowy white appeared in front of him in a flash, he closed and opened his eyes over and over again, it just happened to him not to the world. He started wondering if they really needed him, he was injured but ready for a battle at no time... maybe no but if he really needed to defend himself, he needed to do it for his life. With an sight, a huge ball of white smoke got out and shaping itself in some kind of invisible form... did this world could create small things like that by itself? or it was just his breath in a gaseous state? whatever it is, he didn't wanted to know, he was worrying that he was going to spawn more and more Aberrations as he started for the small things.

    He didn't noticed but he was walking toward the endless white or what looked like an endless white, could it be having a end? maybe this world wasn't shaped yet so they could fall on the edge of the world, he examined up and down, left and right but couldn't know where he was facing, maybe he was facing north? or it maybe was southeast? Another time something got his attention but this time a little more surprising then the last one, it was 14 again with her threads, why she had threads coming from her fingers? Without thinking much on it, he looked back and smiled as he heard what she said.

    It looked like a thread but it was somehow comforting? She seemed to have a liking to help so the job of medic was the best for her... Maybe they got them here because of theirs likings or gifts? He stopped thinking something that he needed to do now and said "OK... I'm going..." he sighed, the want to explore the void was big and growing inside of him, he wanted to know the geography or if someone could do an map... that's it!.... well... no, making an map without the place first was going to be the worse mistake ever. He slowly walked back closer to the group of Outsiders, they ere different and some were looking equal in the way of thinking but something was bothering him... why there was just them in there? "Hey 14... do you know why there is just us in here? and which is our real goal?" he asked as he got closer to the medic, he didn't spoke loud neither wanted to raise his voice. He waited for her answer as he sat himself in the snowy ground which almost engulfed him in the snowy and cold feeling of all those snowflakes together.
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