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  1. Hey! Just tossing out the idea of adding a person's timezone to be marked in their resume? I know it's a setting for yourself personally, but maybe add it as an optional field for members to display publicly ^^
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  2. I like this idea!
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  3. I feel like it might even be helpful to display with post alongside Join Date, and messages. Knowing what time it is for other players helps a lot.
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  4. Time zones would help clarify a lot of things.
  5. This would save me from the unending wait. I have a sum of partners who're all in different time zones and most of the time I have to wait till late afternoon to early evening before I get any replies.
  6. Wouldn't "usual posting times" or some variation thereof be even more informative than timezone alone? I know I have a tendency to post at completely random times. Some post mostly in te evening after work or school, others do so mostly in the morning while having their coffee.
    (*Looks at the 02:43 on her computer's clock - AM, for you who use 12-hour days.*)

    (Was also going to suggest incorporating posting speeds, but that question appears to be there already.)
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  7. You'd still need to know someone's time zone so you know when that time of posting is compared to you.
  8. Hence the "alone" in "timezone alone". :-P

    There is also the matter of timezones using slightly different nomenclatures - I am used to GMT+/- or UCT+/- and abbreviations like "EST" don't tell me much unless I look them up. In that regard, region would actually be more telling, since picturing a map is easier...

    Perhaps the most effective combination would be
    "User's local time:" [Clock - either real-time or refresh-based would work.*]
    "Usual posting times:" [Small text field.]
  9. So....

    Posting Schedule
    This user lives in the Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)
    His/Her posting schedule is as follows;
    Sunday: From 11:00 Am To 1:00 Am next morning
    Monday: From 11:00 Am To 1:00 Am next morning
    Tuesday: From 11:00 Am To 1:00 Am next morning
    Wednesday: From 11:00 Am To 1:00 Am next morning
    Thursday: From 11:00 Am To 1:00 Am next morning
    Friday: From 11:00 Am To 1:00 Am next morning
    Saturday: From 11:00 Am To 1:00 Am next morning

    Scheduling is subject to change for various reasons (Holidays, Birthdays, Work, School, Etc.)
  10. I put mine in the 'Random Notes' section of my resume, but this would be more useful.
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  11. I like the idea of a 'user current time' clock too! Really, anything to indicate a users time compared to yours is what I'm seeking. However that's done would be great ^^

    Posting times may not work though, since as you some people noted, many people are a bit scattered doing that. I think that may be best left in the notes field :)
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  12. I will not be able to add a user's timezone clock. O_O (coding issues aside, this can be intrusive to people's privacy, then you have to alter and code with THAT considering and it gets complicated)

    But I believe adding a timezone and timesonline field combo is a good idea! I will make a note to add this for the next time I do a resume update!
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  13. Would it be difficult to make a selection tab in the "Personal Information" section to point out their time zone and whether or not they want it publicly displayed?
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  14. Yes, as that is why I said it would be complicated. c__c Because first I have to find/create a code that will display their timezone, and then I have to add in an extra privacy field and then I have to code in whether or not that displays and how it displays and who it display to.

    It's just simpler to add in the one text field to the resume and have people decide whether or not to use it! Especially since for some people timezone doesn't matter, because they are not online during "normal" hours. A timezone/timesonline combo option in the resume makes me sense.
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  15. Hmm. I find this ironic....

    admins can typo too! ;__;
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    I may have held CTRL+V for too long...
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