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  1. Tenth Doctor meets Clara before the proper time ... oops?
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    The days were ending, and his tale was almost over. He only had a couple things to do before he said his final words.
    There was a list of things he had to do, and not much time to do it.
    It was April, summer was abound. The smell of flowers moved through the air.
    He locked the door to his TARDIS, and he walked to Bourbon Street.
    The small bar he went to was cold and dusty. It seemed like no one had been there in years.
    A word to describe it was, bleak. There sat a man in the corner with a tall glass of water looking at the Doctor.
    The Doctor pulled a small red paper from his coat pocket and walked over to the man.
    They exchanged nods and the Doctor gave him the note and he walked out of the bar and back to his TARDIS.
    When he walked in, he saw someone...unexpected.
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    Clara Oswald

    It was still spring time, near ending almost and summer would be arriving soon. Clara loved spring it meant the growth of life. Plants reviving after a chilling winter, it was nice to take walks during the season to admire it all. During one of her walks through the park a strange sound was heard, one she hadn't expected. A wheezing and huffing noise? That was very unusual, at least in her experience. Deciding to go looking for the source of the noise she eventually found it, a big blue police box?

    In the distance within a patch of trees she saw it. It really was a big blue police box, what was it doing here? How on earth did it get here? Why did it look so out of place? Clara wandered around the box after trying to open the door to find it locked. But after three turns around it as she made it to the front once more the door opened on its own which caused the brunette to nearly jump back upon being startled "… that was unexpected.." as she peeked inside she noticed it didn't look like a normal police box.

    Curiosity getting the best of her, Clara walked in, the door closing behind her, the lights turning on "… Oh… well isn't that wizard?" the look on her face was shock, stunned but most of all amazed "oh this is … very .." she couldn't place her words and walked up to the control panel and began to wander about it getting a good look at all the knobs and buttons, levers and cranks. "alien…" just then the doors opened and in walked a man in a suit with some rather fabulously amazing hair "Hello" Clara gave a somewhat sheepish smile as a tint of red rose in her cheeks.
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    It was not true it couldn't be. He was befuddled, he was perplexed! How could someone have just walked in?
    There were times before sure, but he had a lock on the door. This was unusual at least and outright rude.
    "I...I...uh..." The Doctor tried to form words, but nothing came to mind. "How did you get in here!"
    He walked around her examining her. She seemed normal, but so did Donna at first.
    Once he went around her a couple of times he pulled out his screwdriver from his pocket and pointed it at her.
    The sound of the screwdriver echoed inside the TARDIS, and he found nothing.
    "What is your name?"
    The Doctor tucked his screwdriver back in his pants and walked over to the control station of the TARDIS.
    He rested both hands on it, and then sat down.
    Once he sat down, he gave her a quizzical look.
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    Clara's smile faded until a somewhat worried look came over her facial features. Perhaps she shouldn't have just walked into a strange box when the door opened but she just felt drawn toward it, it was something she just couldn't explain. Gulping slightly as he questioned how she got in there and began to pace around her "I heard a noise and found this .. police box that turned out to be … this" her eyes moved to look about the TARDIS' interior at least until she heard the buzzing.

    Bringing her gaze to the man he was pointing some device straight at her, with a blue light glowing at the tip. As he questioned her and put it away his screwdriver she watched his actions before even answering "I'm Clara Oswald" she met his quizzical look with a somewhat saddened look "I'm sorry to have invaded your space, but I saw this box and looked around it .. and the door just .. opened. I supposed curiosity got the best of me" she gave a slight smile that was barely even noticeable at that point. A soft sigh escaped her lips "I am sorry though. I know it was wrong of me but.. I've truly never seen anything like this before" her gazed moved about the TARDIS once more before those deep brown eyes moved to the seated suited man "I.. can leave if you want me to"
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    The Doctor looked at her then rested his head on his hands. He knew she shouldn't be here, but something was different.
    She was not like any of the companions he had before, she was impossible. How did she even get in?
    The Doctor stood up, and closed the door to the TARDIS.
    "I'm never one to deny an adventure."
    The Doctor walked up to Clara with a smile. "I'm the Doctor, miss Oswald."
    He gazed upon her with a kind look, and then he knew there really was something different about her.
    In that moment the TARDIS roared to life and it began to go to a different time!
    The Doctor rushed to the controls and started pushing and pulling what ever he could to stop it.
    Where were they headed?
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    Just the way he was looking at her left Clara's heart rate elevating. Why was she getting nervous? This man seemed nice but there was just something about his eyes that she couldn't seem to tear her own away from. As he stood up and went to close the door, rounding back to her Clara listened to his words, the brunette couldn't help it when a smile graced her lips as she stared up to him. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Doctor" she then took note of his formalities. "Please, no need to be so formal Clara is just fine"

    As the TARDIS hummed to life, Clara turned her attention to the machine ".. does it normally do that?" yet he seemed to answer her question as he rushed to the controls and tried to stop it. Clara gave a gulp as she moved to the control panel, keeping out of the Doctor's way and held on, that was all she could really do right? "How is this happening? You're the captain, aren't you supposed to be the one to .... I don't know .. give it directions?" it was quite the bumpy ride but Clara held on tight. If her heart was racing before it was practically thudding rapidly in her chest at this point. "Doctor, is there any way I can help?"​
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    The TARDIS was out of control. There was nothing he could do about it. He ran around pulling and hammering, but nothing happened.
    "Clara if you want to help, hold on!" Jumping back, the Doctor grabbed onto the rail.
    The TARDIS flung through time and space making it's way to it's destination.
    The Doctor clung to the rail as it moved.
    He didn't know what was going on, or what was to come.
    This impossible girl, a self acting TARDIS, and a Doctor without a clue.
    How would he get out of this one?
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