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    The chantry teaches us that it is the ignorance of men that brought the Darkspawn into our world. The Mages sought to uncover the glories heaven, but instead; they destroyed it.
    They were cast out, twisted and cursed by their own corruption.
    Returning as monsters- the first of the Darkspawn.
    They became a blight upon the land, unstoppable and relentless.

    Since that time, Ostagar has become a booming camp for King Caillen's forces, keeping the nasty creatures at bay and waiting for the day that they will rise up with all they've got in an attempt to overcome them. New members, willing and not, are briefed on the current Darkspawn situation, as well as any required news in camp, before being assigned a group and sent out on their first missions. Today, of all days, was a blessing to the dwindling numbers at Ostagar, fresh blood is being brought in by the scouts. These members will be crucial in the Kings plans to extinguish the Darkspawn threat.

    Three large caravans brought both capable men and women to aid in the ever going battle. Among new supplies and weaponry, they were going to be the key in achieving the goals set by Caillen and his wide spread intelligence.

    Let me know if you're interested and what type of character you would be interested in playing.
    Here are the races and classes available:

    Human, Elf, Dwarf
    Arcane Warrior, Blood Mage, Shapeshifter & Spirit Healer

    Berserker, Champion, Reaver & Templar

    Assassin, Bard, Duelist & Ranger

    Current players:

    Zaigou "Requiem" Mortalis- Elf Rogue/Duelist (Male)

    Hibce Stormstout- Dwarf Warrior/Beserker (Male)

    Samira- Human Mage/Shapeshifter (Female)

    Freyja Mac Tir- Human Warrior/Templar (Female)

    Garth Straton- Human Mage/Blood Mage (Male)

    Ser Dáinn Temerate- Human Warrior/Templar (Male)

    Varric "Shade" LeMour- Human/Elven Rogue/Ranger (Male)
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  2. Geography to know: Dividing Ferelden from Orlais to the west are the Frostback Mountains. The southeast holds the Brecilian Forest, where the Dalish elves can be found. To the far south are the forbidding forests, swamps and eventually tundra of the Korcari Wilds. To the north of the Wilds lie the Southron Hills and the Hinterlands. The central region of Ferelden contains Lake Calenhad and The Bannorn. In the far northern region are The Coastlands, which include more swamps and forests.

    Notes to know:

    *Ferelden's coastline faces the Waking Sea to the north and the Amaranthine Ocean to the east.

    *In the west are Lake Calenhad, the arling of Redcliffe, and the entrance to the dwarven kingdom of Orzammar. Orlais lies beyond mountain passes further west.

    *The Bannorn is effectively the "bread-basket" of Ferelden, containing the most arable land.

    *The cities of Highever and Amaranthine sit on Ferelden's northern coast.

    *In the northeast is the capital Denerim, at the base of Dragon's Peak.

    *The east is dominated by the Brecilian Forest, with the coastal city of Gwaren to the far southeast, connected by the Brecilian Passage.

    *To the south, beyond the ruins of Ostagar, lie the Korcari Wilds. A vast region beyond the Wilds remains uncharted.

    *Ferelden has two islands off its northeast coast: one containing the city of Alamar and another named Brandel's Reach. Alamar is considered rather independent of Fereldan politics. This could be explained by the rocky Brandel's Reach reputedly being a haven for raiders, making Alamar an unpopular place to live or visit.

    The beginning:
    Recruited for whatever reason (I will leave this up to you), your character is brought to Ostagar. In this game, there is no such thing as a Grey Warden and there is no "joining ritual". You will simply be briefed on your current mission and sent out into the Korcari Wilds.
  3. Didn't know if I should just write a bio or just the basic description, so I decided I'd write the bio as it would have the description parts in it anyway.

    Name: Zaigou "Requiem" Mortalis

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Race: Elf

    Appearance (open)

    Black Coat

    Class/Specialisation: Rogue/Dualist

    Weapon Style: Dual Wielding

    Origin: Orphaned in the ruins of Blackmarsh, Zaigou grew up in stealth and seclusion, keeping hidden from the beasts and terrors that dwelled within, while simultaneously working as a small-time highwayman when people occasionally passed by by acting as one of the creatures he'd seen. Eventually though, it was getting to be too dangerous to stay in Blackmarsh, and Zaigou went south, finding his way to the Dalish Elves of the Brecilian forest, where he was taken in and cared for, after a period of severe distrust. He left for Denerim once was able, and though he could have stayed in the Alienage there, the lack of freedom and mistreatment didn't sit right with him. Instead, he went to the docks and booked passage on a ship, eventually becoming renowned as The Pirate Lord Requiem. It was while he was docked in old Amaranthine that he was first approached by the people not quite yet known as Grey Wardens but haven't been named yet. He was informed that he could either join up with them, or he would be put to death for his crimes. Sent to fight sounded a lot better, so he signed on.

    Yeah, I dunno, seemed like a fun idea
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  4. Sorry! I was going to post the C.Sheet layout when I got home, but I got distracted by stupid life things XD. That is pretty much what I'm looking for :3
    so, good job reading my mind!!
  5. Name: Hibce Stormstout
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dwarf
    Class/specialization: Warrior/beserker
    Age: 50
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personal bio: Hibce is a very generic dwarf. He loves booze, women, beards and battle-though not in that order. Sometimes, Hibce can be described as a bit of a letch, though it is always in good fun and he never remains serious for long. In battle, the dwarf becomes a machine of rage and power, swinging his double sided axe until all enemies are laid out.

    How did you get recruited?
    Hibce was one of the first to sign up to assist King Callen's army in the reacquisition of Ostegar. He has been working with many different groups, trying to quell the Darkspawn threat, though, it has not been working well.

    Name:Neviha (neh-vey-ah) Zathrian
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Race: Dalish Elf
    Class/specialization: Rogue Ranger
    With pointed ears and a small line of tribal dots tattoo'd under her right eye.
    The hawk is Eio, a trained messanger and attack hawk.
    She also has a Mabari wardog, named Essesar.
    Neviha is an expert with a bow and arrow, though she is physically weak and untrailed with blades.

    Personal Bio: Neviha was second to the keeper of her village, training to take his place when the time would come. After the death of both her parents, she was less inclined to take over the keepers business and became more focused on revenge. Much to her keepers dissapointment, Neviha moved out of the caravan and sought help from shemlans to fight the darkspawn. She is very brave and proud of her culture, trying to keep an open mind to other races simply because she knows they are up against a common foe.

    How did you get recruited?
    Neviha sought out the military in order to fight the darkspawn and avenge her parents deaths.
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  6. Still thinking on what exactly to make, but I'll try to put something together tonight.
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  7. I'll get to thinking on a character asap! I love me a good dragon age RP.
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  8. I'm hoping that it will be good! lol
  9. Just so you know Estha, I'm almost definitely gonna play a base class rogue lady.
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  10. Rogues are awesome
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  11. This is true.
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  12. This is very true! Once we get a nice balanced team, I will close the thread and start working on the intro post! :)
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  13. ACTUALLY. I might make her a mage instead. I wanna do that whole apostate biz.
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  14. Heeyyy Esthy.

    Do you still remember me? Haha, either way I'm joining.

    (And surprisingly enough I just finished my third playthrough DA:O)
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  15. I'm going for a mage, once I figure everything out. I can't decide between Arcane warrior or secret blood mage though.
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  16. Name: Samira
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Class/Specialization: Mage/Shapeshifter
    Age: 24
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personal Bio: The phrase "Old enough to know better, but young enough to not care" describes Samira pretty well. She's been taught to control her magical abilities and warned countless times not to use them in public, but she often does it anyway to simplify every day tasks, amuse her small group of friends in Dennerim's Alienage, and just alleviate her own boredom.. Usually by starting trouble using one of the few animal forms she can take on. Well, really just the one. Despite her careless use of magic, she's yet to be caught and shipped off to the circle somehow. Samira has been called mischevious, childish, sneaky, and at times the tiniest bit manipulative. It's also been said, quite regularly, that there isn't a serious bone in her body, but she is in fact very serious about doing her part to quell this "Darkspawn" threat she's been hearing so much about. More or less.

    How did you get recruited?
    Not much of a story. One day she noticed a gathering of warriors, got curious and listened in to a few conversations with the help of a clever disguise, decided she was going to help. She'd followed the group in secret for a while using that same disguise, but ended up getting tired and reverting to her normal form to convince someone to let her ride on their horse as a passenger. When asked where she'd come from, she said she'd been there the whole time, and when asked what a civilian was doing with this group in the first place, she claimed she was a circle mage who'd ruined her robe and borrowed clothes from a kind stranger in Dennerim. Despite the vast lack of details in her story, she somehow convinced the group. She figures if her luck sours and someone catches on, she'll play the innocent little girl. If that doesn't work, she figures she can always just change her form and sneak away.
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  17. So if I counted correctly we have 2 mages, a rouge and now 2 warriors. yay. :D

    Name: Freyja Mac Tir
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Class/specialization: Warrior/Templar (Sword and board to be specific~)
    Age: 24

    Freyja is a stunning woman when need to be. With her olive skin tone and honey-silk blonde hair as well as her amber-hue irises most would find her attractive. However she hardly flaunts her assets openly, preferring to be covered (The photo would say otherwise but eh. haha) and reserved. Normally her golden locks are tied into a messy braid and her body heavily armored.

    Personal bio:
    Freyja grew up rather accommodated with her surname being one rather well-known, though she was only second degree cousins with her Uncle's daughter, Anora. She was born to stiff and unloving nobles and Freyja unsurprisingly fell into the cracks of the shadow her name casted on her. Her parents wanted a daughter capable of becoming the perfect wife for the king, they knew Freyja had the looks but Freyja was an odd girl. Her socially awkward, blushing ridden personality was an obstacle and so was her horrible footing.

    Her awkward and clumsy young-self eventually brought embarrassment to her family during an important dinner with the Arl of Amaranthine where she spilled the food she offered on the Arl's lap. Her family eventually sent her off to the Chantry where they hoped the training and learning regiments would iron out the wrinkles out of her personality that hindered her to becoming the noble woman her parents wanted. In a sense it actually did. She learned of discipline and fighting and her clumsiness eventually faded. She was still awkward however, it was something Freyja though would never leave her. And after ten years in the chantry she managed to become a respected member of the Templar order due to her surprising ability with her shield and her natural holding of templar magic.

    How did you get recruited?

    Freyja was sent by the chantry in Amaranthine as the war down south became more of a threat. She was to fight with the army yes, but her main priority was to keep track and leash the circle mages that were also being sent towards Ostagar. She didn't exactly enjoy thinking about having to watch the mages before they do something stupid. As she was always taught that they would, eventually.

    Photo is the courtesy of NathaliaGomes
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  18. Name: Garth Straton

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Race: Human

    Class/Specialization: Mage/Blood Mage


    Personal Bio: Garth was sent off to Ferelden's Circle of Magi at the young age of six, when he accidentally burned down his home with a stray bolt of lightning magic that caught his mother's brand new curtains. Since then he has been studying and practicing his craft within the tower.

    Though he was far from a prodigy, he became quite skilled with the elemental school of magic; Lightning and Fire magic in particular as they seemed to come almost naturally to the young mage. In time he learned to conjure and manipulate the elements of water and earth as well. Garth had little ability in using the Creation magics. Particularly healing; it's gifts eluded him but that didn't slow down his studies. He had never been known to cause trouble and was actually on good terms with a few of the Templars. Or rather, as good as terms got between a templar and a mage, as the young man had a clear sense of justice and where he fit into the world at that age. He passed his harrowing and was on his way to becoming a respected member of the circle when the plot of an elder branded him as their scapegoat. Through the magic of a dark ritual he was branded as a blood mage, cursed to the existence of a malificar.

    Left with no other option aside from execution, Garth successfully fled the tower and sought refuge among the Dalish. Initially skeptical of him, the elves eventually came to trust the "shem". He had hoped their own experience with magic could find a way to remove his "curse". There turned out to be none, so instead he worked to learn to keep the darkness in check. In his few years with the Dalish he helped repel an attack by the werewolves, donning the beast's fur in his armor as a trophy and earning an ironbark staff to call his own by the clan's craftsman.

    How did you get recruited?:
    Garth was recruited to the cause when the news of darkspawn appearing in increased numbers in the South reached the clan he had been staying with. Feeling ready to keep his magic in check, he risked heading to Ostagar to help with the war effort, bidding his new family farewell. Deliberately exposing himself to a traveling caravan, he convinced those in charge to lead him to the King so he could serve his country. They couldn't afford to be picky with a threat like the darkspawn awaiting them. His long-term goal was to earn himself some reprieve for aiding King Caillen and attempt to prove himself to the templars; even if he really was a blood mage.
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  19. We outnumber the templar two to one! We'll be okay until Basil makes a character.
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  20. I probably should have mentioned the fact that Garth actually being a blood mage was never officially proven. The simple fact it is such a serious accusation that he felt the need to escape for fear of death. That alone was enough to convince most people, he hopes to keep the truth hidden. He is ready to accept punishment for fleeing and becoming an apostate, believing that helping King Cailan with the war will lessen the consequences.
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