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  1. Partner @Akumulosis

    Ticking Time It's the year 4000 and children are now born with watches in their arms that count down till they'll meet their soul mate. You honestly think it's stupid and want nothing to do with it, so you purposefully break your watch. You're an outcast for doing such a thing, people at school rarely talk to you, almost as if you have a disease. But what happens if you meet your soul mate and you don't even know it? You see, just because you're broke your clock doesn't mean that you wont find your soul mate. However, there are people called stoppers out in the world. These people didn't break their clocks, but more like their clocks broke on their own. Something happened to their other half before they got a chance to meet them, and now they are forced to be alone. But can that change? Will a ticker and a stopper be able to fall in love? Or will it strictly stay to a ticker and ticker? My dear friends....it's time to break societies rules.

    Extra info
    This can go anyway you would like, just let the drama roll or anything that you would like. The language, I don't really mind, it can be mild or explicit, just go for it.

    Please create a guy and a girl

    Appearance: (Real looks or anime, whatever you're comfortable with)
    Age: (16-19)
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  2. Mark Reaver


    Age: 19
    Personality: Likes to socialize, is a good person to have a conversation with. Generally keeps a cool head in bad situations. Is happy nearly always and is not fast to get angry.
    Bio: Mark was raised by two young teens, who had decided to have him nearly as soon as they found each other. They were both 16 when they met. His father, needing money became a woodcrafter as a desperate attempt to do so, and was barely able to keep a stable amount of income. Due to this, Mark did not have a warm house, or at least, a comfortable one, good food, and many toys, or things to play with. He in turn, blamed it on the was and took a hammer to it, smashing it into pieces. Due to THIS fact, he grew away from much friends but still studied normal people for afar. From this he figured out how to act around others, and took to it like a fish to water. When he was 12, he started helping his father in the job, and was a natural at it, the business began to boom like it had never before.
    Skills: Works well with his hands, As he was taught to be the best craftsmen around by his father. Knows his way with tools, and mechanics
    Likes: Talking with people, Being helpful
    Dislikes: Watch System, Staying still for to long.
    Extra: N/A

    Alexis Tumult


    Age: 17
    Personality: Can not socialize very well, Does not know how to act around others, Short temper.
    Bio: Alexis was born into a rich family, and grew up with all the comforts of life. As she grew she did not fully understand as to why the watch was there, and broke it, not fully understanding what she had done. Due to this, she grew up semi-secluded and alone. She stuck to books, deciding not to be around other kids as they didn't eve care about her, lest notice her.
    Skills: Smart, As growing up distant from others pushed her to reading books for entertainment.
    Likes: Books, Knowledge of the world
    Dislikes: Physical Activities, Watch System
    Extra: N/A

    Ugh, Sorry about the size, still haven't figured how to shrink them down
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