Timeline (with Copper)

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  1. Name: Maya Brown
    Age: 23
    Personality: She is quiet but that doesn't mean her mind is quiet too, in fact, just the opposite, her mind is always racing and thinking and extremely passionate about her work. Her humor is a bit dry and straight forward and she is a calm person that can rationalize anything with the way she thinks. She doesn't really know how to talk to people, so she tends to keep conversations limited to what she's studying.
    Bio: Maya grew up in an average, middle-class home and was the middle child with an older brother and younger sister. Her parents could sometimes be a bit overprotective which is why she left home as soon as she could, she enjoys independence and new experiences and was eager to grab the abroad study and looking forward to what she could learn.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  2. Name: John Malik (Most people call him Malik)
    Age: 24
    Appearance: (The picture won't show so I'll describe it instead)
    Brown hair falls to his shoulders in a mass of messy curls, framing Malik's olive-skinned face with it straight narrow noseand lips always set in wide grin. Slashes for brows shadow slightly his dark brown eyes that radiate a warm light- almost a smile- most of the time. He is tall with a slender frame devoid of any fat due to years spent grovelling in the dirt digging and hiking.
    Personality: An archaeologist at heart, Malik loves discovering new artifacts whether it's a bone or two or piece of poterry and will be eager to show it around. His personality is a very chirpy one, genearally being in high spirits and a in-your-face guy, but not in a bad way. His friendliness is contagious and clear to see but he has a slightly darker side of him; if friend or family is being treated harshlyor unfairly he will become defensive and reckless, not caring whathe says so long as the person being an ass stops, well, being an ass. This can get him in trouble but he won't stop speaking his mind no matter what but despite this he is overall a friendly person.
    Bio: The reason why Malik has such a love for archaeology is because of his parents. His mother was a historain and his father an archaeologist and Malik inherited his love of history through them but wanted to be an archaeologist like his father than a historian like his mother- when he was younger his dad would take him to some digs ans sometimes his lab where he 'helped' his father analyse the artifacts.
    Because of this Malik has always had a close bond with his parents despite their absent mindedness but couldn't wait to go out on his own to explore the secrets of the past the world was hiding.
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    Maya stood in the Alexander Palace staring at the exhibition hall that showed some of the old documents at the time. She had only been in Russia for a few days now, but as soon as she got off the plane, she was eager to get right to work. She had read up on a lot of her Russian history and was glad that she and her fellow students were granted access to sectioned off parts of the grand palace. For now though, she was in the regular museum part of the place looking at some of the things left behind by the last Tsar himself and those before him. She couldn't help but feel fascinated at this part of the history, curious to see what the rest of the place had to offer.
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    The walls, gleaming gold in the sunlight, loomed before John. He shaded his eyes with his hand and looked up at them with a stupified expression.
    He couldn't believe it- how could he? He was finally here, not only in Russia but standing outside the Alexander Palace. Just a few steps forwards and he would be inside.
    His footsteps made little thuds against the floor as he made his way along the corridor. He would stop now and again to study a object that had caught his eye; when he looked at each one he wondered at their past, trying to imagine them as they originally were.
    The ceilings caught his eyes too, with their detail and amazing architecture.
    Soon he found himself in the regular museum part of the palace. It was probably best- and easier- if he started in the public parts and then to the parts where the public was restricted from going.
    Deeply absorbed in the artifacts on display he didn't notice the girl until he'd nearly bumped into her. He glanced up and studied her with an expression much like he had the artifacts. A dark haired girl stood looking at some of the Tsar's things that he had just been about to look at. John couldn't help but smile at the fascination showing on her face- it was probably how he'd looked a few seconds earlier.
    "It's all so-" he stumbled for the right word to describe how he felt- "great, isn't it?"
    He plowed on without waiting for the girl to answer,
    "You know, the objects, the furniture, even the palace itself. It makes me wish I could stay here forever- but even then I mightn't understand everything that happened here."