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  1. My husband just sent me this trailer, and I thought I'd share. It looks pretty decent.

    I'm normally not a big fan of time travel shows, but I am a bit interested, just a bit.

    Anyone else think they'll give it a watch?
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  2. This looks good! Actually good!
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  3. I feel like I already saw it just from the trailer.

    Them giving away stuff like the villains plot and a character death right there. :/
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  4. Ooh this looks cool :D
  5. The black guy seems particulary good. Very expressive and with good delivery.
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  6. You have no faith in time bullshit, my friend. If it's a time story worth it's salt, it has some Bruce-Willis-is-[REDACTED] Sixth Sense bullshit going on, and it's only sharing the stuff that you can assume is going to be in the show anyways.

    Perhaps the villains are actually the good guys, but they went back in time to fix something they fucked up?

    What if the entire plot revolves around the main character trying to prevent their own death, as shown in the trailer?

    What if it's all just a dream, if this is not real life, if it's just fantasy? If they were caught in a landslide, to escape from reality.
  7. Disclaimer before people jump going "Emragawd! Why are you being Negative! Go away! WAAAAAAGH!".

    I'm not saying the show's going to be bad, it could be pretty good and I do see the potential of that in the trailer.
    I'm just voicing concerns/critiques is all. A practice I find is the most helpful with the stuff you like, because then you can try to make make it better.
    *Looks at the Master in his Avatar, and Sig Rotation*

    I get time bullshit. :P
    That becomes a tricky line with time travel. Cause if they make that stuff common then you basically have a excuse to fuck over any continuity with the show, at all. Which hurts harder if they're going for a serious show, which this trailer seems to be suggesting it is.
    It's possible, I still think it's bad practice to give away plot leads like that in the opening trailer though. :/
    Then the show is LOST in the world of awfulness. :3
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  8. Dr Who doesn't try to be consisntent with Time travel. So it is a terrible example.
  9. But it doesn't claim to try either.

    This show seems to have a more serious approach to it, in which case it does matter quite a bit. :P
  10. Ehh might check it out, if I remember. It seems interesting. I'm quite fond of the actor Goran Visnjic, his work. A little more of a slight reason to get me to watch, that, and to see where they take it with the story.
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