Time Warp

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A low whistle let out from the bespectacled young man behind the counter. "Gee lieutenant, pardon my saying so but you look rough"

Jax decided to ignore the comment, staring bleary eyed at the backlit menu above the server's cap. "Shot of caffeine straight" she muttered, sliding her card through the counter gap without waiting to be prompted. The clerk took the hint and turned around to draw her breakfast without another word. His comment had been rude and personal, even if it was with good intentions, but Jax was not, and never had been a morning person, a morning dose of the latest craze - beverages concentrated into shots for people who didn't have time or space for a full-size drink - would get her awake enough to drive once she hit the boarding deck.

The dual twin suns, several thousand lightyears away, sent pale rays through the simulated atmosphere around the station, and one by one, the electrical lights flickered off to give preference to the old fashioned sources. As she walked down the corridor, military boots making unnecessarily loud clompings as she strode, the place became more crowded.

Most of the people she passed were wearing uniforms, not all identical, several of them were the plain, footsoldier variety of dark red crossed with black and gray baldrics, troops had been mustering here for the past while, and many also wore pins along their arms depicting rank. Very few of the multitudes who began to crowd the halls of the space station however, wore the uniform on Jax's back.

The black high-collared shirt made a sharp contrast to her equally bright red hair, chopped off sharply at chin-length as per regulation. Black slacks, and a dark red belt covered her lower body, and the shirt's collar and long cuffs were gray. It was the uniform of the scouter troops, and it always turned heads.

Those who wore the simplistic, but rare uniform had one of the most dangerous, menial, and simultaniously thrilling jobs in the entire military, and considering the military was collossal, that said something. Jax was a pilot, but the crew included several positions, and despite being mostly composed of middle ranks and foot soldiers, those who travelled through time to spy on the enemy's future, and theirs, usually got a few nods in a crowd.

By the time the slim redhead stepped out of the lift to the departure docks, the bloodshot look had disappeared from her grey eyes, and she was walking with her shoulders back, the small breifcase-like pack at her side swinging instead of dragging along the tiles in her early-morning posture.

"Morning, Lieutenant" one of the workers greeted as she approached the vessel that had been mentioned in the breifing, "Your engineer's already on board, just waiting for one more and then you four can head."

Jax nodded, tossing her case ahead of her and then pulling herself up the ladder. "Thanks"

As she got into the shuttle-sized craft, she gave a nod to the engineer, who was performing systems checks in the back from the look of it, and turned to the bridge - which was really the same room as the rest of the shuttle, it being a small craft meant for stealth, but was still rather impressive; the controlls were mostly on the one side - her side, being the pilot, but there was another chair, the panel in front of it was mostly communications equipment and gauges. Sliding into her seat, Lieutenant Hanway slipped her fingers around the controls and let a small sigh of contentment pass her lips. She'd been in love with flying since she first heard of it, and these days, with every planet in every galaxy seeming to want a piece of each other, the military was even hiring from dumb ol' Earth, it was a dream come true. Except, of course, for the people trying to kill you, but every job has its setbacks.
It was quiet out in space, no sounds of explosions, gunshots, or alarms. Peaceful, that's all it was for the time being, peaceful. In Carter's mind a moment of rest was like paradise, there was nothing better.

Carter wasn't the talkative type in large areas, like the mess hall, it made him feel to open to most of the time. He glanced around, watching others move from table to table, spotting their uniforms and identifying their spot in the military. The uniforms determined which soldier had a higher stature among the other Green Horns, from pilots, infantry, to demolitionists, the list went on. The whole facility held men and women wearing either they're special uniforms or foot equipment.

"Major", shouted from one of the dispatches on break, "You're needed for an immediate briefing with the Director on the shuttle, please hurry." He didn't know what it'd be about, but if it was the Director, then it had to be important. As he walked further down the halls, he caught a glance at a red headed woman, wearing a black uniform, like the rest of the higher-ups. From what he could tell she was a pilot, but a pretty damn good one to be wearing that coloured uniform.

Before the doors slid up and he stepped inside, Carter felt he was going to be assigned to something confidential, possibly important to the ship, hopefully not. Carter never perfomed well under too much pressure, as he stood at attention, looking out the window he could see the stars glimmering in the blackness of space. As well the same woman he saw earlier entering a stealth-flight vehicle.

"You wanted to see me sir."