Time Warp (MxM)

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  1. This idea is not completely fleshed out, but I have the general concept down. I want to do an rp that involves perception and ideas of time. It will seem a little philosophical as I came up with it in my philosophy class. So the general premise that I'm looking at is an established couple, but a the very beginning one of them dies. It's tragic and sad and the living one thinks about how they got together and if he had just gotten on the right train that day he never would have met his dead boyfriend and he never would have fallen in love or gone through that heart break. He wishes that he could redo it. When he wakes up the next morning, he's in a parallel universe where that actually happened. He got on the right train, he was never lost, he was never found by a kind man who saw him crying on the side of the road, he never fell in love with him, and he never had his heart broken. Instead, he is in a less than perfect relationship with someone that he had a crush on in college. He has to figure out if he's just going to live his life as it is or if he's going to find his true love.

    So we can work out more of this plot it's not set in stone or anything. I would be willing to play either character. At the beginning we'll probably have to both be playing two characters since they won't be together at that point, but we can work that out. PM or comment if interested.