Time Travel {SCI-FI STYLE}

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  1. Oh how many countless hours we use wishing, hoping, begging for a chance to go back or forward in time! Maybe it was a mistake we made or if we did something that we regret. Whatever the case may be, things always could've happened differently. For example, if we decided NOT to study that one day and failed the exam which caused us to drop out of high school which caused us to work at a fast food restaurant which caused us to get third degree burns every 3 weeks, we would want to change that, wouldn't we? But if time travel was an option, we would go back and actually study wouldn't we?

    Of course, some people may think everything happened for a reason, and that may be the case! But ever wanted to meet someone dead? A past version of someone? Maybe live in a specific era? Rp's are similar! Maybe something happened to your character that you wish were different or maybe they had an item in the past or future that they needed. What would the scenery look like? Would there be humans? Flying cars? Cavemen?

    Say, in an rp, you encounter a time machine! You can travel back, forward, what have you! :D

    Your Job is To: Write a post going back or forward in time (add a picture if must!)

    You may pick the scenery, location, and add any other people in it as you wish! And remember: Length does not matter! Detail does!

    Lastly, and most importantly, Have fun with this! :D​
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    I wasn’t quite sure what I expected my first experience with a time machine to be. But I can guarantee it wasn’t having a spherical machine that was over eight feet high appear in my chaotic backyard while I was on my hands and knees waging war against the weeds in my garden. I can also assure you I did not imagine it to be a bright hot pink. Then again when you are presented with an opportunity to travel to any time you wish it usually isn’t a good idea to question the Inventor’s choice of colors.

    Before the Inventor could even get the question of where I wanted to go out of his mouth I had already responded with not a single hint of objectivity in my voice.

    “The Mayans.”

    Out of all the different times and places I could have chosen you are probably wondering why I picked Mayans. Well first off let me tell you this, if I was as perturbed by this giant orb of flaming pink I could only imagine what a race of people who believed in a sun god would think of it. I also wondered how it would feel to be thought of as a god…or to get my heart cut out by good old fashioned god fearing people.

    You will all be happy to know that when traveling in a time machine there is no kind of stomach turning sickness that follows with it. I know this because I blacked out as soon as the machine started to warm up. Apparently you aren’t supposed to look at the outside world as you move through time. That information was not deemed important enough to be shared with me. So my first contact with the Mayans was waking up to a dozen frightened warriors surrounding our exposed pod with crude spears and clubs. They were not as astounded by the time machine as I was; in fact I still believe they thought of us as some kind of anti-god.

    Luckily for me though the Inventor while obviously lacking intelligence by his choice of colors was bright enough to have implemented a kind of futuristic energy shield that encased the machine until it was deactivated. And thus my simple time traveling experience ended as we returned to my own time leaving the Mayans as they tried to penetrate the shield with their primitive weapons. To this day I still wonder if my encounter with the Mayans led the Mayans and Aztec to unite and obliterate the Europeans instead of greeting them as gods.

    And thus ends my tale of how I fucked up history that led to no United States. No Canada and no Eskimos. I learned my lesson though after I went to Rome and accidently started a pagan cult.

    (Elyd gets some credit for making me think of a hot pink time machine.)
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    "A Guinea Pig?! What the Hell is wrong with you?!" She screamed, a sickened, disgusted angry voice she held as she vented her frustration at her "brilliant" boyfriend.

    "It's safe Baby I swear! You know I need to be on this end to be able to link the nodes so the Temperal Displacement Vehicle can sled it's way back to the exact second after you leave!" He pleaded, desperately trying to convince her to indulge his hefty request.

    "You're asking me to use a toy that you're completely guessing about! WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WILL HAPPEN!" her voice erupted like a fiery volcano of rage, "WHAT IF I END UP STUCK?!"

    "You won't baby I promise! You trust me right? You know I've been working the Last 5 years on this project, It'll work honey I swear it!" He finished, hoping that this convinced her.

    To his surprise she calmed down and nodded as she stepped closer to her man, wrapping her arms around his neck.

    "I trust you, darling, I'll go, send me to the future." She said smiling as she kissed him, right before she stepped into the TDV, a sleek pod with a aesthetic design inspired by the lightcycles from Tron. Nervously, she strapped herself in, a pistol being dropped into the pod with her,

    "In case you need it, you never know." Her boyfriend stated before walking over to the control panel.

    "I love you." She said, flipping on the power controls and readying the temperal puncher jets. "Magnetic sling waiting for pullback current."

    Sliding the current knob up to give off the extreme magnetic attraction they needed, "I love you too Babydoll, Current enabled, beginning sling loading, Jets to fire in 5"

    All she could do was take a deep sigh as she slid a knob in the cockpit that had "Jet Array Power Up" and the distinctive hiss of the power supplies for the jets over powered anything she could've heard from her boyfriend. The Final Countdown was given to her by the Pod's computerized voice which was designed to match his voice, "5" it started, her finger trembling as it waiting to throw the switch that would plow through the veils of time itself or blow up and kill her, her whole life seemed to flash before her eyes in these final few seconds she had. "4" Her whole body shook now, her eyes clenched shut, she was terrified. With the all the noise and the uncertainty of her success, it was like the climax of a nightmare she'd always wanted to have but never had the guts to imagine. "3" Oh god, 2 more seconds.....she thought, Two more seconds and it could all be over.......her thoughts were focused on how her boyfriend's experiment could end in a complete disaster that would end her life. "2" What would happen if the pod gets damaged on the other side and I'm stuck in the future!? oh Jesus why'd I agree to this?! Her mind began to panic, every little thought was an entirely different terror for her to experience. "1.....Punch it Babydoll!" The computer finished, and with a terrified scream she threw the switch.

    The pod began to pull back while the room seemed to pull forward, and in the whole of a split second, the room filled with a bright blueish white blinding flash and every noise was drowned out by a boom that could've been on par with a bomb going off inside of a bell. He looked around the room once his sight returned and noticed the pod had disappeared, two walls of flame over the sides of the sling track and a huge black scorch mark on the wall where the pod would be busting through the barriers of time. He broke down into tears and fell to his knees as he realized his success, "I...I did it! I DID IT! I MADE TIME TRAVEL A PHYSICAL POSSIBILITY! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS, VERA WENT INTO THE FUTURE!!!!"

    His victory over science was short lived as he soon realized she should've been back by now, and he was completely blocked from giving her help. The exact second after she left she was supposed to return and it had now been over a minute, and all that happened was that he'd extinguished the fires. She was still in the future.....

    The exact second she left, she found herself being ejected by a parachute from the pod as it skidded and flipped around over the ground like a skipping rock. Skidding to her own stop she quickly cut herself loose from the chute and ran over to the pod, the jets completely destroyed, she was trapped in the future, and instead of taking time to see what this future looked like she broke down and cried, cried over the loss of everyone she loved, cared about or even simply were acquainted with, they were all gone. Crying herself out, she stood up and looked around, noticing that not only was the past she knew gone, but everything was gone, she was in a dim desert littered with ruins of a city she couldn't recognize. She'd gone into a future that realized the worst fears of humanity, the collapse of civilization, the end, and now she only had one thing she could do, and that was find help.

    With that, she picked up the pod and started to see if she could use it as a simple bike but it was useless, nothing on it worked anymore, so she grabbed the pistol and set off on foot.

    Three days had passed and she'd become cynical and burnt out quicker than most would, adding the loss of her everything with the realization she'd now survived the apocalypse, it was hard on her to cope. Her hardened personality showed out now, as she came across a couple of ugly thugs who started following her around, calling out things she considered harrassment, and the moment the big uglier one said, "whats yer name pretty ladeh?" She turned and flashed a smile before shooting both of them and saying, "Call me Babydoll......" before again turning her back and walking away.