Time to say goodbye.

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  1. Well, it's been a pleasure. It really has. I've met quite a few good people here on Iwaku and have roleplayed with many great people. But I cannot stay here any longer. I've been feeling like this for weeks now, ever since the break up I've been getting more and more depressed, and a few things going on in real life I can't hurtle over like I thought I would. Normally, i am good at getting back up on my feet, and I can get on with my life. But I can't this time. I miss him so badly, and I am so angry at Katie for ever having done this.

    But I don't have the spirit of a roleplayer anymore, I'm losing interest in many things I used to love to do. I have an unquenchable urge to leave, to run. And I guess that is what I am best at, because I can't stop myself from it anymore. it's the whole reason I am moving. I want Anna to have a better life without fear that Kate will return, or that she'll get picked on by anymore of the bullies in her school. And I also want to go to college.

    Iwaku has helped me without knowing it, and it pains me to say that I'll be leaving and more then likely I will not return. When I move I will not have internet access, and I plan to keep it that way. I'll miss so many of you.

    Parson for the discussions and how level headed he/she is, Drew for his support and kindness, Luvable lil monster for being a great friend; the list goes on.

    But there are things in my life that I can't seem to get over, this time I have to face what I am running from. I will be checking in tomorrow to message a couple of friends, you can contact me at (an since I really don't care who sees my email address) is marcusdean737@yahoo.com.

    Thank you, and know that you'll all be missed by me.
    Email/message me if you want to keep in contact.
  2. Good luck, Phoenix! D:
  3. Bravo.

    Less romance drama bullshit; more roleplaying.

    Iwaku prevails.
  4. Good luck, Tonks! I hope things get back on track for you.
  5. Wow Asmo, that was rude. Fuck off.